Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Obama and his bloody Rasputin, RAHM EMANUEL, complete their BLOODY, BLUDGEONING MURDER of Public Option Health Care reform...

  At the _core_  of  the Senate Democrat's  newly announced "breakthrough  in health care 'reform' talks" is is this cold, bitter truth:  MILLIONS of Americans will CONTINUE to LIVE IN FEAR of LOSING THEIR HEALTH CARE,  millions more will LOSE the ability to pay their insurance premiums over the coming months,  and MILLIONS MORE will see  DOUBLE DIGIT and  TWENTY-PERCENT  premium  rate hikes in the coming months....  
   AND THAT is EXACTLY the way  bloody RAHM EMANUEL, the Golddam-Sachs gangsters, and their puppet front-man,  Pres. Barack Obama,  want it.
    Their MAY BE a couple of good things in the coming "reform" package as the Big-Finance OWNED  senators hash out their  public-option KILLING  bill, most importantly a  MEDICARE BUY-IN PROVISION for those  55 to 65 - exactly as we here at DemNationUSA urged a week ago!   
["Breakthrough talks"  have]  focused on abandoning or greatly narrowing the public health insurance option. In exchange, people 55-64 would be able to buy in to Medicare and Medicaid eligibility would be expanded to people within 150 percent of the federal poverty line. And people within 300 percent of poverty would be eligible for a program pushed by Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) modeled on her state's Basic Health. Cantwell is not one of the ten in the meetings but has stopped by to brief  negotiators.
     Of course  the full impact of the HCR "reform" is in the bloody details,  and with the administration fully on the side of  insurance PROFITEERS, and the BIG FINANCIALS who profit from the insurance profiteers,  we know that the Emanuel/obama administration is trying to EXTORT consumers to the n'th degree, just as Mr. Obama REFUSES to provide ANY financial FRAUD investigations into the loss of $14 trillion dollars of household wealth in this "all profits lead to Goddamn Sachs & JPMorgan, and ONLY g-s & jpm" economic wreckage Recession.    
  AP reports another angle:
Officials said [the "breakthrough" HCR plan]  included nonprofit national health plans administered by the Office of Personnel Management, which runs the popular federal employees' health plan, as well as opening Medicare to uninsured A mericans beginning at age 55, effective in 2011.
    However,  AP is being vague in not explaining   that the "NONPROFIT national health plans" being administered by the Office of Personnnel Management (OPM)..... USE the PRIVATE, FOR-PROFIT INSURANCE COMPANIES that all this reform is SUPPOSED to  reign in. 
  The key is whether the   Medicare "buy in" option  is viable or merely a sham.  If it is viable, liberal groups and  health care reform activists can start to COMPILE  success stories for those who were dropped by private insurance,  and FORCED to migrate to the Medicare buy-in option,  as the basis for a continued media, PR, and lobbying campaign to  continue to expand such a "Medicare for all" public option from  the for-profit,   cherry-picking,  "go ahead and die" private insurance.

    If millions of Democratic voters  KNEW the  RADICAL RIGHT-WING AGENDA of the Emanuel/GoddamnSachs/Obama White House they would VOCALLY DEMAND  CHANGE,  NOW.
   But since the Emanuel & GoddamnSachs crew are nothing but financial fraudsters and swindlers,  even they will have to THROW A (health care reform)  BONE to the American public,  or their FRAUD  will be exposed.