Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chump Change Obama: Is YEAR ONE the BEGINNING of THE END for his idiotic presidency?!

 new:  We hate to give up our sources!  but has a simple photo essay of previous winners of the Nobel Peace Prize... and Barack Obama comes off as a cheap, lightweight Ivy League poser, a presidential candidate who won high office  EXPLOITING the hopes and dreams of millions of American voters,  but a person who, despite running an effective and disciplined nationwide campaign, has shown stunningly little substance since becoming president -

The sad facts are starting to filter in,  Mr. Obama is a two-faced Janus, a man like "Heckuva Job, Brownie" and "Heckuva Job, Bushie" spectacularly,   morally UNQUALIFIED to hold the office he finds himself in.    As Matt Taibbi's bombshell article laid out (our previous post),  ON DAY ONE after winning the election,  president-elect Obama DITCHED his populist, "throw-the-people some economic growth & financial protection programs," advisors,   and replaced them with INDUSTRY INSIDER BANKERS, the very financial parasites who had driven their own companies, and the ENTIRE  US economy, INTO THE SEWER, by using vast financial fraud and accounting fraud to, well, DEFRAUD consumers.  Leveraging their connections with first the Bush White House, and then to Obama and the Democrats, these FINANCIAL mega-FRAUDSTERS then used SOCIALIZED TAXPAYER DOLLARS - EXTORTED from taxpayers by the BOUGHT, BRIBED, and TERRORIZED Congress - to BAIL THEMSELVES OUT,  nearly TEN DECADES of Right-Wing  "MORAL HAZARD"  "let the losers fail" ideology which THEY had pounded down our throats be damned.  
  When a skilled and talented "liberal" Democratic activists such as's Kirk Anderson starts portraying Mr. Obama as a tool, a shill, and a fraud, one might believe that Mr. Obama's  "EMANUEL/RUBINITE economics and re-election" policies are blowing up in his face.
 THE SIGNATURE issue of Obama's first year - the 'TARP'  bank BAILOUTS which have NOT purchased any "TROUBLED ASSETS"  as they were intended to - 
  •  Availability of credit low
  •  Bank Failures continue at a nearly unprecedented rate
  • TOXIC ASSEST _REMAIN_  on bank balance sheets
  • Foreclosure crisis CONTINUES TO GROW, MORE Americans are OUT of their homes than before Mr. Obama became president. If YOU lost your home AFTER Mr. Obama became president, WHO would YOU blame?
  •  JOB LOSSES CONTINUE to escalate
  •  banks and financial markets REMAIN DEPENDENT on government "bailouts" - while bankers reward themselves as "masters of the universe" with taxpayer-extorted, bailed-out  BONUSES!! 
 (above bullet points compiled by Eric Anderson from the Senate's
 Taking Stock: What Has the Troubled Asset Relief Program Achieved?" Dec. 9, 2009 report)

   Mr. Obama's presidency is DEFINED by his willingness and enthusiasm to hand TRILLIONS of dollars of taxpayer extorted  "bailouts" to his banking buds,  but by a marked LACK of interest and enthusiasm to address the above issues  which are at  the REAL core of America's economy.
    Hmm...  Could Mr. Obama's  "Neo-Conservative"  'economics advisors' have NEO-CONFEDERATES economic goals,  wanting to  take America BACK to the sharecropper, hazardous mining, no unions, child labor,  & no social safety net  days of the 1920s lynch-mob era?
(if not back to the outright chattel slavery of the ante-bellum slave plantations)??