Friday, December 18, 2009

Obama White House Health Care 'reform' OBSRUCTION ally, LANNY DAVIS, exposed as an INDUSTRY SHILL & corporate-lawyer LIAR

 There he is (center) - former Clinton administration White House Counsel,  Corporate lawyer,  and  Right-Wing Shill, POSING as a "Moderate Democrat" Lanny Davis...     (continued after jump) -
...POUNDING the Obama administration's talking points, that "30 million uninsured Americans will now have health _insurance_." 
But, like all of the other Obama administration shills and spokespersons, Davis can NOT point to ANY mechanism that will actually ENFORCE insurance companies against OVERCHARGING customers, or DROPPING customers who will likely need costly medical care...
(as we pointed out earlier, Aetna insurance DROPPED 650,000 clients... last week!)
but that FALSE TALKING POINT is only the start  of this fantastic video that DEMOLISHES Davis' credibility as the claimed spokesman for America's uninsured, underinsured, and over-charged health care consumers 
This is a TERRIFIC video, because  while  Lanny Davis retains a modicum of decorum and respect for  show host Ed Schultz,  Davis reveals his  CORPORATE AUTOCRAT   _dictatorial_ tendencies  when he blasts  "Liberal" Democrats as "OBSTRUCTIONISTS" and a "CIRCULAR FIRING SQUAD."
    In this, Davis has of course ripped a page from the Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, and Fox 'news'  Right-Wing  SMEARMONGERS handbook,  because it is
the  Emanuel/GoddamnSachs/obama Administration that has been OBSTRUCTING
 _genuine_  health care reform  all along -
 (either a MEDICARE BUY IN for those under age 65, or a "ROBUST PUBLIC OPTION" government insurance alternative to private health care)
 -  for TWELVE long MONTHS NOW, and when the administration finally has the ATROCITY of a  Baucus/LIEBERMAN/Emanuel/industry-written SELLOUT of a  bill that they have WANTED ALL ALONG,  they now ATTACK  real liberals, progressives
(and just "ordinary Americans" who WANT RELIEF  from the Insurance industry price-gouging),
the Obama administration shills attack those who want real reform as the  "OBSTRUCTIONISTS!"   that THEY have been all along! 
  In a masterpiece of political theater that gets to the heart of the BODY-SNATCHING SABOTAGE of the populist, progressive  'Democratic Party' by the Neo-Con warmongers & corporate big-money shills,    Ed Show host Ed Schultz brought on (genuine) Liberal Democrat activists JANE HAMSHER, to CONTEST  Lanny Davis'  "I speak for the uninsured and over-charged American families" talking points....
   and Jane Hamsher immediately explains
 that  Lanny Davis is a PARTNER at a high-powered Washington LAW FIRM, that has as its clients  INSURANCE INDUSTRY and  BIG PHARMACEUTICAL companies!  
  Lanny Davis, coporate uber-lawyer,  GETS PAID by BIG INSURANCE and Big Pharma, to OBSTRUCT the COST-SAVING REFORMS that millions of Americans demand,
 (and that were a CORE ISSUE  of  President Obama's 2008 campaign) -
 and Davis has the GALL and TEMERITY to  claim that  not only  that he is somehow "a liberal,"  but that he represents and has the best interests at heart for  the millions of UNINSURED, OVERCHARGED, and HEALTH-CARE DENIED Americans who are VICTIMS of his own industry paymasters!  

 FOR SHAME, President Obama, for even THINKING about having this LEGAL SHILL of a DC corporate lawyer  make the case for your  INDUSTRY-WRITTEN, serially SABOTAGED (by Rahm Emanuel, Max Baucus, Joe Lieberman,  and other administration minions  of genuine health care reform  OBSTRUCTION)    
 SELLOUT  _ATROCITY_ of a health care "reform"  bill!