Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rahm Emanuel AND Joe Lieberman - BOTH SUPPORTED MEDICARE BUY-IN, before they now help Lobbyists & Industry SABOTAGE same...

WHAT do  Rahm Emanuel and "TRAITOR JOE" Lieberman share in common?

  Among many other things,  BOTH of these TRAITOR  RIGHT-WING REPUBLICAN WARMONGERS and  "MORE  financial DEREGULATIONS  so we can better  LOOT  the PEONS!" 
Neo-Cons,   MASQUERADING as "Liberal Democrats"   have in their recent past _SUPPORTED  EXPANDED MEDICARE  coverage_ for American health care consumers  unable to afford, or disgusted with,  the skyrocketing costs of America' "private for profit" health insurance.

  THAT was back when Lieberman and Emanuel NEEDED VOTES  to win elections.

   _Now_ that those two NEO-CON TRAITORS  posing as Democrats are IN OFFICE with power and authority under them,   THEY NO LONGER  HAVE _ANY_ inclination to give voters what they want.

       Here's  the link for the  _Nov. 2007_ Washington Post article co-written by  EMANUEL,  calling for an EXPANSION of MEDICARE, a  "MEDICARE BUY-IN" 'option'  for those who are under age 65, and in particular for those who retire early, whose  RETIRMENT  health care costs are nearly  THREE TIMES the annual health insurance costs for a younger worker in his or her twenties coming to work for a large (say, auto-) company with similar coverage:
Before We're 64
 By Rahm Emanuel and Bruce Reed

Monday, November 5, 2007
We can't afford to let American workers and companies wither on the vine. We can ease the cost crunch for both by giving employers and unions a new option: buying Medicare coverage for retirees ages 55 to 64...
Rahm Emanuel is a Democratic representative from Illinois and chairman of the House Democratic Caucus.Bruce Reedis president of theDemocratic Leadership Council. They co-authored "The Plan: Big Ideas for America."  
 Today, as the ECONOMIC HIT  MAN - effectively the Chairman of the board of   the GODDAMN-SACHS BANKER'S CABAL + the INSURANCE COMPANY LOBBYISTS cabal +  the Likudnik WAR-PARTY WAR-PROFITEERS cabal  AND +  the Neo-Con Big Media MONOPOLY cabal
(the cabal that has a monopoly STRANGLEHOLD on America's press-media  that determines what the vast majority of Americans see and hear about the critical issues of America's government and economic policies) -
 - RAHM EMANUEL  DOESN'T GIVE A DAMN for American voters, and in the past DOZEN MONTHS,  anyone  will be hard pressed to find ANYTHING  Emanuel has said or written ON BEHALF of ANY  American voters, citizens or consumer groups....  FACT!
  As we wrote in  our previous post,  RAHM EMANUEL and TRAITOR JOE LIBERMAN  (and "Yellow Dog Democrat" Senate Finance Chairman  MAX BAUCUS) all think they are CLEVER the way they are SABOTAGING the   very basic, very simple, very essential health-care reforms,  USING TAG-TEAM OBSTRUCTION tactics,  OBSTRUCTING the very reforms  that we now know that  LIEBERMAN and EMANUEL  are ON THE RECORD as supporting as recently as a year or two ago!   
(And if you look hard enough, you will find comments by Max Baucus, Mary Landrieu, Bill Nelson, Blanche Lincoln, and all the other TRAITOR "Yellow Dog" Democrat Senators,  pledging SOME KIND of  health care reform to their constituents,  because affordable health care is what the VAST MAJORITY of Americans want, and  even the  TRAITOR "YELLOW DOG" Senators   must APPEAL to their voters for votes every 6 years;  and the ONLY way Americans are going to get AFFORDABLE health care, is if they DIVORCE health-care access from ghoulish  "PROFIT OVER LIVES" bookeeping and extortion of   for-profit insurance companies.)    

  Indeed,  here is a TEXTBOOK example of the  New York Times   SELLING LIES to help SABOTAGE health-care reform:  this whole "Obama Health Care Meeting Aims to Rally Senators" article  by   Sheryl Stolberg and Robert Pear
reaks of "PROCESS" and "we're so clever, we know every insider move affecting the health-care reform legislation" -   by in the too  typical NY Times style, the  writers and their editors FAIL to CONNECT THE MOST SIMPLE of dots, that LIEBERMAN, EMANUEL, and BAUCUS, have been BRIBED by the lobbyists, insurance companies, and corporate donors, to  BETRAY  _their  own pledges_  to voters and constituents, from just a year or two ago!
   In fact, all three - Lieberman, Emanuel, and Baucus -   are CHARTER MEMBERS of the "GIVE TRILLONS in TAXPAYER-EXTORTED 'BAILOUTS to CORRUPT, FRAUDULENT BANKERS.... give PENNIES and CRUMBS to Americans who need health-care reform"
 Right-Wing  FINANCIAL  EXTORTION CABAL -  an INSANEL CORRUPT, dictatorial,  OBSTRUCTIONIST, and  anti-democratic   CABAL that the NEO-CON New York Times 
 (and Washington Post, along with the Wall St. Journal, other Rupert Murdoch Fox 'news' outlets, and most of the "financial press")  
 are  also  CHARTER MEMBERS of.