Thursday, December 31, 2009

The PNAC Committee To Ruin the World: Emanuel, Blankfein, Lieberman, Kristol

Well, here they are, America... the PNAC  so-called  "Project for a New American Century",  which of course (given that fully half of the PNAC signers were full-blown "Israel first" Likudniks, most of them with DUAL CITIZENSHIP),  should be called the "Project for ISRAEL UBER ALLES  Century."
   The biggest propaganda notion in America today is that there is ANY  "firewall" or difference between the RIGHT-WING Golddamn-Sachs FINANCIAL Neo-Cons (see Blankfein, Rubin, Summers, Emanuel, etc.) __MASQUERADING as "Democrats,"  and the RIGHT-WING, WARMONGERING  "more wars in Mideast"  UNREPENTENT Republican Neo-Cons  (see - Kristol, Lieberman, Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Libby, Mukasey, Chertoff,  and their "AMEN CHORUS" at the NY Times, Washington Post, TIME magazine,  Newsweek magazine (owned by the Wash.Post group),  CNN (owned by Time/Warner),  Warner Bros. Hollywood studios, or other PNAC, Heritage Foundation, Olin & Cato foundation, & American Enterprise Inst. neo-cons,  etc., ad infinitum.)

  Next up:  Remember how the last scene in the WWII movie "The Battle of the Bulge" had the German commander hoping and praying for ENDLESS WAR??
   Well,  fast forward 50 years,  all four of the above are  hoping that their WAR PROFITEERING gravy train  extends forever, too....