Thursday, December 3, 2009

Obama THE THIEF! His Fed Chairman pick, wants to DO TO SOCIAL SECURITY, what Wall Street has already done to Main Street!

Yes, it's true:  President Barack Obama is a "LIBERAL DEMOCRAT"  in the way that  Africa's  west-coast slave-port kings were once  "humanitarians."   

    The proof of this is simplicity itself,     for Mr. Obama's  Fed Chairman  (re-) nominee,  current Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke,  is not only the ringmaster of the DESTRUCTION of TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS of American citizens'  household wealth,  but the INSATIABLY GREEDY, INSANELY entitled Chairman of the very PRIVATE  bank system  (the Fed)   that LEADS the Wall Street cabal,  wants to do to America's SOCIAL SECURITY TRUST FUND, what he and his Wall Street swindlers have already done to American jobs and to trillions of dollars of household wealth.
 NOTE how the CNN Money   article, while from Jan. 2007,  (the other 2 links capture Bernanke's "Social Security on chopping-block" comments in his confirmation hearings yesterday)  spins the 'SLASH & BASH  Social Security"  Right-Wing  stalking horse in the MOST LEGITIMATE, FLATTERING TONES POSSIBLE;   in terms of
"Reforming the most popular ENTITLEMENT program"  !!
 Social Security is NOT an "ENTITLEMENT" program!    It is BOTH a  RETIRMENT  SAVINGS & pension program, AND a DISABILITY INSURANCE PROGRAM, funded by MANDATORY WITHHOLDINGS from "earned income" paychecks - "withholding" of OVER 12% of every taxpayer's  'earned income' pay. 
    The MURDEROUS Right-Wing   financial fraudsters  are expert in NAZI-esque PROPAGANDA,  they are successful in convincing millions of Americans that the "Fed Reserve" is a GOVERNMENT  system (it is NOT... it is a CABAL of PRIVATE BANKS),  and that Social Security is an "ENTITLEMENT" system, when in fact it is MANDATORY SAVINGS & PENSION insurance, which, combined with _mandatory_  Medicare withholding, account for nearly _15%_ of every paycheck.
 Mr. Obama and his cabal of Rahm Emanuel & Golddamn-Sachs banksters  are now a big part of that NAZI-esque RIGHT-WING PROPAGANDA MISINFORMATION jihad, so to STEAL TRILLIONS MORE dollars from American families.

  REGARDLESS of how the ghoulish NY & Washington DC,  press & media whores and court courtiers try to spin it, you can NOT  nominate a Fed Chairman who advocates  DESTROYING  SOCIAL SECURITY,  and handing TRILLIONS of SOCIALIZED, taxpayer extorted "bailout" dollars  over to failed, private, fraudulent banksters with NO transparency, NO oversight, and NO accountability to the American people,  while calling yourself "a Democratic" president.

  Mr. Obama is a THIEF, a FRAUD, and an economic SWINDLER:    he is a RIGHT-WING REPUBLICAN  POSING as a progressive, populist Democrat, he is STEALING  TRILLIONS  of dollars from American taxpayers and working families,  which hundreds of billions of dollars  he hands over to the Wall Street swindlers,  in return for a few lousy millions in  "campaign donations"  slush-fund kickbacks.
  Chart:  "Change in Household Net Worth:  Wealth Destruction at an Unprecedented Rate"
"Behold the destruction of Americans' net worth over the past six quarters -- some $13 trillion dollars."
 Source: Fed Flow of Funds, Table B.100 as posted by

The Washington Post puts its very Right-Wing Neo-Con  "tax cuts for billionaires, in time of wars & economic crisis, is sound economic policy"  stamp-of-authority on the notion that the Bush-Obama RECESSION has, indeed,  WIPED OUT TRILLIONS of DOLLARS  of American households' wealth: 
Trillions of Dollars Gone -
The Stock Slump of 2008: Wrecking Ball to Wealth 
By Heather Landy, Special to The Washington Post 
Sunday, January 11, 2009; Page F05  
"Seven trillion dollars. That's how much wealth evaporated from the stock market last year."