Thursday, December 17, 2009

Obama's COWARDLY Sabotage & BETRAYAL of genuine Health Care Reform, has his Union Supporters "WATCHING IN HORROR"!

 As President Obama, in COWARDLY and TREACHEROUS  fashion, has  SABOTAGED the White House podium as a 'BULLY PULPIT'  tool, obsruction-killing weapon,  and motivator  for  GENUINE health care reform over the past dozen months;   one of his vital, most important, core support groups - America's unions and Union leaders - have
  "WATCHED  IN HORROR"   as President Obama CEDES  his legislative powers, moral authority, and political leadership, to RAHM EMANUEL,  JOE LIEBERMAN, and MAX BAUCUS - all of whom are LIARS who are now insurance industry BOUGHT and BRIBED OBSTRUCTIONISTS, despite both Emanuel and Lieberman (if not Baucus) having been ON THE RECORD, previously  SUPPORTING real reform (expanded Medicare or a Public Option) JUST A YEAR or two ago!
 < The letter is a reflection of some of the tensions in the union community. Union officials, while privately angry with the White House and Democrats in Congress, still need the support of these lawmakers on other legislative priorities. Meanwhile, having poured millions into advertisement and man-hours in order to get health care passed, they have WATCHED IN HORROR as the principles they worked for [over the past YEARS of Congressional neglect, and especially during campaign 2008]  were ABANDONED in a matter of days. >
   [As President Obama had his White House Chief of Staff,  Rahm Emanuel _ORDER_ Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to KOW-TOW to OBSTRUCTIONIST health-care reform SABOTEUR,  Senator Joe "I campaigned for John McCain" Lieberman, who now wants to GUT the "Public Option" reform he vocally SUPPORTED in 2006.]
 Watch it and weep: President Obama SURRENDERS his White House,  SURRENDERS his political leadership, SURRENDERS his attempts at MEANINGFUL  Health Care Reform - to Senator JOE LEIBERMAN, a BRAZEN LIAR who, in order to get re-elected in 2006, HAD to promise to Connecticut voters that HE would bring about some form of universal health coverage - UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE COVERAGE for ALL Connecticut citizens! - in this case,  Lieberman advocates his "MEDI-CHOICE" plan to allow any Americans who want to "buy into a health insurance pool" - a "pool" that would HAVE to be government run, because INSURANCE COMPANIES do _NOT_ want people who are going to NEED expensive medical treatment....