Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Comments in "liberal" websites are starting to pile up, suggesting that President Obama has revealed himself as a rather shallow and limited "vision" politician whose only real ambition is no more than to "JOIN THE CLUB,"  "the club" being the private cabal of banksters, hedge-fund operators, and financial titans who RULE the US and world's economies, especially when they can BUY politicians on the cheap, a few million dollars in "campaign donations" legalized bribes, to either George W. Bush's  Republican Party, or Bill Clinton and Rahm Emanuel,  er,  Barack Obama's  "Democratic" Party, and, literally, the big financial operators  get BILLIONS of taxpayer extorted dollars flowing into their banking coffers (as "bailouts" or war contracts or via other means) in return for  a few paltry millions in "campaign donations" legalized bribes.

   This above notion that President Obama wants nothing more than to be a multi-millionaire "MADE MAN"  of the Big Finance cabal is no hypothetical construct:    former British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR, President  George W. Bush's  partner in the  LIES-to-WAR US invasion of Iraq, is now making millions of dollars as an "advisor" to  JP MORGAN-Chase bank;
 (141,00  search "hits" for "Tony Blair JP Morgan")
 and Tony Blair's previous Anglo-American  soulmate-partner,  former President Bill Clinton,  topped them all, making  _$100 MILLION_    in ONE "deal" alone,  Bill Clinton "earned"  $100 million for his "charity foundation"  by SELLING Kazakhstan opposition and human rights group down the river,  acting as a broker between Canadian mining mogul Frank Guistra and the Saddam Hussein-esque dictator regime of Kazakhstan’s president, Nursultan A. Nazarbayev,  < whose 19-year stranglehold on the country has all but quashed political dissent. >

  All of the above which brings us to today's comment by producer and co-host,  Stacy Herbert,  who today posted this succinct distillation of  host Max Keiser's  many rants against the "financial terrorists" of the US & world economies, who now blatantly own BOTH the "Democratic" and Republican parties:
  Stacy Herbert:  < As we have said in our radio shows, Goldman [Sachs]  basically took out an insurance policy on the US economy and her consumer/citizens  and then had every incentive to burn the whole thing down to collect on the insurance money. >

 PRESIDENT OBAMA, in REFUSING to ROOT OUT the massive CONFLICTS OF INTEREST and wholesale FINANCIAL FRAUDS in the US markets, of which GolddamnSachs is the kingpin,  
 Barack Obama is now RUNNING A criminal fraud PROTECTION RACKET for Goldman Sach's  financial extortions and investor frauds. 
Body count from Goldman [Sachs'] actions crosses into criminal territory

In addition, the Federal Reserve and the Treasury, BY HELPING  Goldman Sachs to PROFIT FROM  homeowner and investor LOSSES, CONCEAL their MISREPRESENTATIONS to SHAREOLDERS,  DESTROY INSURERS  by stuffing them with TOXIC BONDS  THAT THEY MARKETED as AAA, and escape from the consequences of making a risky bet, committed a grave injustice and, very likely, FINANCIAL CRIMES.  Since the bailout, THEY HAVE ACTIVELY CONCEALED their ACTIONS and MISLED the public. Goldman, the Fed and the Treasury SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED  for FRAUD, SECURITIES LAW VIOLATIONS, and MISAPPROPRIATIONS  of [billions upon trillions of dollars of] TAXPAYER FUNDS. Based on what I have laid out here, I am confident that they will find ample evidence.
  President Obama is ENABLING,  is THE CRITICAL PLAYER, in the "MISAPPROPRIATIONS of  BILLIONS upon trillions of dollars of taxpayer funds,  handed, carte blanche and with little to no oversight, to his conflicted, if not massively fraudulent,  friends and cronies at Golddamn-Sachs.
( carried a  watered-down expose of Golddamn-Sachs massive conflicts of interests,  and the Emanuel/obama White House pretending not to notice) -
  Sure enough, the first minute of Max Keiser's  Keiser Report #5 has Max putting on his Pimp hat, mimicking Barack Obama's blatant desires to join the Wall Street "pimps  and 'military industrial complex' profiteers" 

 (note too, that when Mr. Keiser rants about "FINANCIAL TERRORISTS!" he is hardly exaggerating: at 2:20 into the above videos, Mr. Keiser sites a British court documents, as reported in the UK Gaurdian newspaper,  that "Saudi Arabia rulers threatened to MAKE IT EASIER for TERRORISTS TO ATTACK LONDON unless CORRUPTION INVESTIGATIONS into their ARMS DEALS were halted"....!!!   
 The alleged KICKBACKS, of  $1 BILLION, from  British Aerospace co. to  Saudi Prince Bandar, head of the Saudi national Security Council, were the centerpiece of the reports.   sure enough! -
BAE: Secret Papers Reveal Threats from Saudi Prince
Spectre of 'another 7/7' led Tony Blair to block bribes inquiry, high court told
by David Leigh and Rob Evans The Guardian, Friday 15 February 2008 Article history