Saturday, December 19, 2009

Obama HAS BEEN PUNKED by his own Chief of Staff: Rahm Emanuel "a TOUGH GUY"? NOT! "SELL-OUT RAHM!" they call him...

Remember how the "CON-VENTIONAL WISDOM" spouted by the Sulzberger New York Times,  the Washington Neo-Con Post, and all the other  'lesser'  "mainstream media"  told millions of Americans that "Chicago Congressman, former DCCC (Congressional Campaign Committee)  Chair, and  newly choosen  White House Chief of Staff RAHM EMANUEL was a "TOUGH GUY"?

  Well,  it was just MORE PURE  NEO-CON LIES and TREACHERY coming out of the Post, Times, and other media outlets,  because THE ONLY  thing that Rahm Emanuel is actually "tough" at, is STABBING MILLIONS of Democratic voters  IN THE BACK.

  He is JOE LIEBERMAN ON STEROIDS, just as 2000 Democratic VP candidate  Lieberman - FAVORING  OVERSEAS MILITARY VOTES in the 2000 Florida recount battle OVER  Florida's disenfranchised minority voters -   pretty much KILLED the efforts of Democrats to have Florida minority votes (TOSSED IN the TRASH CAN, UNCOUNTED,  by Jeb Bush & Katherin Harris' Florida Rethuglican  NEO-SEGREGATION DISENFRANCHISEMENT  vote-stealing  MACHINE)  counted, that would have put Vice President Al Gore in the White House.
  The whole notion that Rahm Emanuel is a "TOUGH GUY" in fighting AGAINST the RIGHT-WING election-thieves, tax-cuts-for-rich,  wars-of-imperialism,  police-state powers, and criminal abuses of power Republicans  IS A FRAUD:  one can look long and hard to find ANY  Emanuel  CRITICISMS of DICK CHENEY  or George W. Bush over the past 8 years.
  Well,  finally even "Obama-bot" liberals are catching on:  Like his Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, President Obama is now a RIGHT-WING REPUBLICAN, MASQUERADING as a "Democrat" -  SABOTAGING a genuinely  democratic agenda at EVERY turn -
  President Obama Loses His Base: He Just Ran Out of Slack
by Tom Sullivan,  Campaign for America's Future
Dec. 18, 2009
 The media was quick to declare the Obama honeymoon over this summer. Yet supporters exhilarated by Barack Obama's stunning win in November 2008 were still willing to cut him a lot of slack. That slack just ran out. 
The simplest, most comprehensive health insurance reform -- single payer -- was OFF THE TABLE  before the legislative effort on the matter even started. It was replaced with an amorphous "public option." David Sirota and others like-minded called this a VIOLATION of NEGOTIATING 101: COMPROMISE comes AT THE END of the legislative  process, NOT at the beginning.
     Now the campaign to enact substantive health care reform HAS FOUNDERED foundered on [Emanuel's FELLOW LIKDUNIK Warmonger & Treasury-looting, and taxpayer EXTORTING  Neo-Con] Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.). And on OBAMA's REFUSAL to BUST HEADS.  White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel instructed  [ORDERED!]  Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nevada) to cut a deal with Lieberman for his vote, even if it meant JETTISONING Medicare expansion and a public option -- along with cost controls, lifetime benefit caps and drug re-importation. Reid did.
 SO MUCH for  the 'CHIGAGO-STYLE  POLITICS' Fox News warned about.
  To repeat, this is not WEAKNESS or INCOMPETENCE on Rahm Emanuel's part: IT IS SHEER PRE-MEDITATED TREACHERY,  Emanuel is a LIEBERMAN back-stabbing REPUBLICAN clone,  only POSING as a Democrat on those issues which cost him nothing;   Emanuel   is a RUBINITE Neo-Con "investment banker"  SWINDLER,  he cares NO MORE  for American children DENIED HEALTH CARE, than Rubin's Citi-bank and Golddamn-Sachs care for American homeowners EVICTED by PREDATORY loan terms.