Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Rahm Emanuel TREASONOUS "MASSACRE" of Dems in 2010 is already COMING DOWN the PIKE like an AVALANCHE...!!

  Jane Hamsher,  from the day after the November 2009 off year election: Lessons Learned in VA, CA and NJ...
 Is Rahm Emanuel Orchestrating [a] 2010 Democratic Massacre?
  Today,  we  already have our answer,   THE RAHM EMANUEL led,  Joe Lieberman supported   Neo-Con LIKUDNIK plans to SABOTAGE  the Obama/Democratic  "CHANGE" majority (in order to put unabashed Neo-Con PNAC  warmongers back in the White House and Defense Department)  is ALREADY BEARING FRUIT!

    GREAT  judgement of character,  President Obama!
  Eight years after then VP  Al Gore  DOOMED his campaign by selecting  TRAITOR JOE LIEBERMAN to be his campaign's  VP candidate,  YOU REPEAT  the fatal error,  putting "LIEBERMAN ON STEROIDS"  Likudnik  PNAC warmonger & GolddamnSachs  "tax cuts for rich, NO OVERSIGHT bailouts"  Rahm Emanuel  in charge of your ENTIRE  White House!

    With UNION VOTERS  ALREADY  discouraged and depressed by first the lack of jobs, then by the bailouts for bankers, and now by the   Lieberman/Emanuel  TAG-TEAM  neo-con SABOTAGE of any meaningful health care reform,    WHERE the HELL does the Obama White House think Union ground-pounders & door-knockers are going to be in November 2010,  WHEN THE  _REAL COSTS_ of  those  soaring PRESCRIPTION DRUG costs,  &  20%   INSURANCE PREMIUM rate hikes,  start hitting American households just before the elections?!!

   Oh, but don't take OUR word for it:  Here's Democratic CONGRESSMAN  Michael Capuano, telling HIS FELLOW Democratic congressman,  "YOUR SCREWED!"  after he came back for running for Ted Kennedy's open Massachusettes senate seat:
Rep. Capuano Tells Fellow Dems: 'You're Screwed'

  In a nutshell, EVERYWHERE  Rep. Capuano went on his senate primary campaign,  in 'BLUE STATE' Massachusettes,  voters were DISCOURAGED and DISGUSTED about America's millions of LOST  JOBS  and the  EXPANDING AFGHANISTAN WAR  issues - and on BOTH issues,  the voters - DEMOCRATIC  primary voters -  BLAMED the  DC Democrats. 
  (The DC Democrats =  the Obama administration, the Pelosi House, and the Harry Reid senate.)
  On THESE three (make it four)  issues -
  1.  the SELLOUT of Health Care 'reform' to "yellow-dog Democrats" like MAX BAUCUS, JOE LIEBERMAN, and Bill Nelson...  
  3.  the TRILLIONS-of-dollars of  "bailouts" and  NO OVERSIGHT of financial markets... even with bankers giving themselves "BONUSES" divorced from retail lending (i.e REAL bank profits) and increasing foreclosures and evictions.... 
  4. the EXPANDING WAR in Afghanistan,    
These issue   are really ALL that the Obama administration has to show for itself,  after a  FULL YEAR of tossing HUNDREDS  of BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars at failed and fraudulent banks!

   Of course the Obama White House will say, "WELL, the economy WOULD BE WORSE  if not for our (lame, weak, not-big-enough)  STIMULUS PLAN!" 
  GO TELL THAT to the THOUSANDS of Americans, who have LOST their jobs, LOST their health care, and who have been EVICTED from their homes, SINCE  President Obama took office in January!

  These people - EVICTED from their homes,  FIRED from their jobs, UNABLE to aford health care since January of THIS year  -   might as well be the "DISAPPEARED!"  murderous coup-victims of some South American junta, for all the Obama White House is concerned!

 ....and the BLOWBACK, the lack of enthusiasm for the Democrats, as a result of  the Emanuel/Lieberman/GoddamnSachs/obama serial, repeat  TREACHERY,   is ALREADY  roaring down the pike.

 postscript:  Poll:  Obama's  approval numbers are  seeing  STEADY DECLINE since January 2009,  and are now WELL BELOW  49%,  while Obama's  DISAPPROVAL polls, at 47%,  are now crossing over his approval ratings, and creeping up towards 50%  DISAPPROVAL.   GOOD LUCK  RUNNING on THAT trend!
 postscript 2:  GolddamnSachs' front-man Obama's insanely corrupt National Economic Council Director Lawrence Summers,   on CNN’s “State of the Union”  - 
    "Today everybody agrees that the recession is over." !!