Friday, December 4, 2009

Obama BACKSTABBING TREACHERY: White House _Bully Pulpit_ SILENT, as Aetna DUMPS 650,000 customers. FOR SHAME, President Obama!

ALL  President Obama has to do, to GET  GENUINE, "robust,"  PUBLIC-OPTION HEALTH CARE reform passed in the US Senate,  is to demand a prime-time  White House comment to the nation,  explaining that   650,000 Aetna health-insurance customers have JUST BEEN DENIED  HEALTH-CARE COVERAGE,  so Aetna can INCREASE ITS PROFIT MARGINS.

  This of  Course  President Obama  REFUSES to do, because he has become a LIAR  about  his  2008  "CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN!"  pledges, especially providing Americans with a basic floor of health care dignity and access,   and instead Obama  is a SELL-OUT to the RAHM EMANUEL,  Lloyd Blankfein,  GOLDDAMN-SACHS  SWINDLERS & CON ARTISTS "war is peace,  poverty
 is prosperity,  NO HEALTH CARE  is  Reform you can believe in!" swindlers.
    Mr. Obama would  RATHER DROP BOMBS on INNOCENT  AFGHANS, than CONFRONT the LIES, TREACHERY, and TREASONS of the Cheney-Bush administration's lies-to-war warmongering & aggression.
  Mr. Obama would RATHER HAND  TENS upon hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars  of  TAXPAYER EXTORTED "bailouts"  TO THE FINANCIAL SWINDLERS, than make sure that American citizens have ACCESS to even THE MOST MINIMUM STANDARDS of health-care dignity. 

  FOR SHAME!  This is PURE POLITICAL COWARDICE & TREACHERY,  and we here at DemNationUSA  don't care how  your  sychophantic "liberal" supporters,  or the rabid Right Bill Kristol,  Joe Lieberman, and Eric Cantor "LET 'em DIE!"  ghouls spin it

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