Friday, December 4, 2009

Obama an IDIOT! Aetna 'Health' INSURANCE co. to SLASH COVERAGE for 600,000 families.... to BOOST PROFITS! Obama's ENTIRE "reform" package based on INSURANCE co. "cost-cutting & COOPERATION" ??!! WHAT AN IDIOT!

   Aetna  "health" insurance company,  CARES NO MORE  for  the _genuine_  health-care needs of  600,000 Americans they have just DUMPED from coverage, than the INSANELY ARROGANT and egotistical  President Obama  does.

In the "picture & headline tells a 1,000 word story" department, the above  Huffington Post headline and picture, above, about 12 noon on Dec. 4, 2009, captures the STUPIDITY, ARROGANCE, and outright IDIOCY of President Obama, who,
instead of MAKING THE CASE for EXPANDED MEDICARE-for-ALL type of "public option" genuine health care reform back in January at the start of his presidency,
 chose to use a COWARDLY and CORRUPT so-called "Democratic" Senate to OBSTRUCT and SABOTAGE genuine "Public Option" health care reform, and instead Obama has tried to create _another_ 1994 Hillary-esque 1,000 page FRANKENSTEIN, Rube Goldberg contraption,  MONSTROSITY of a health-care "reform" package, which
  (cut through the Dem. Senate & corporate media propaganda BS)  is basically ANOTHER billions of taxpayer- and  consumers- dollars "BAILOUT" GIVEAWAY to the Big Finance "health" INSURANCE & Big Pharma companies, who have BRIBED the Senate Dems & Obama White House with millions of dollars of slush-fund, kickbacks, PURE GRAFT "campaign donations" over the past dozen months. 

Well, GOOD LUCK with CLAIMING "CREDIT" for THIS PIG, President Idiot! 

  Not to worry, Mr. President... it's ONLY _ANOTHER_ 600,000 Americans who are WORSE OFF under YOUR presidency, than they were even  a year ago under the previous president, whose ENTIRE ECONOMIC INSANITY _you_ have INHERITED, ADOPTED, and now promote, wholesale!

 (But Not to worry, pt. 2:  Maybe Rahm Emanuel will let you stay in a guest house at his  great robber-baron estate, after he DITCHES your administration when those who are WORSE OFF than last year BLAME YOU for the US economic degradation;   as Emanuel previously  ditched the Clinton White House when the Monica impeachment came down the pike;   and  after he gets another $18-million+   payout from "the investment banks"   for helping the Big Finance swindlers get YOU to   bear the blame for the ENTIRE  Goddamn-Sachs/Fed/JPM-Chase/Bush/Cheney/Bernanke/Paulson/Gramm economic crisis.)