Thursday, December 17, 2009

Obama's ARROGANT INSANITY captured in HuffingtonPost headlines: "FORECLOSURES threaten 1.7 MILLION US homes"... AS... "bank profits SOAR"!! Is Obama AN IDIOT?!

Is President Barack Obama INSANE, or does he just see himself as the EMPEROR of a nation of PEONS and SERFS at the disposal of his Wall St. gangster cabal?
Does he REALLY BELIEVE that American voters won't HOLD HIM RESPONSIBLE, for
 __1.7 MILLION American homes FACING FORECLOSURE__
  this fall,  alone...   on HIS watch, while HE is president... while a similar  headline captures the story,

WHAT IS WRONG with this man?!
 Why is he not  SOUNDING THE ALARM like a 5-alarm fire in the night?

 to DEMAND  OVERSIGHT  and audits  of the FAILED, FRAUDULENT, taxpayer-extorting bankstersWHY is Mr. Obama NOT DEMANDING  MORTGAGE RELIEF from bankers who WOULD BE BANKRUPT THEMSELVES, but for  OVER  TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS  of taxpayer EXTORTED  bailouts, to the very bankers who have made TRILLIONS of dollars of American household wealth VANISH into thin air?!
 ($1.3 Trillion, VANISHED into thin air, in ONE quarter alone!)

 Well, whatever the case of Mr. Obama's  mental state, here are the links to the news HE SEEMS TO BE IGNORING in his precious White House "GODDAMN SACHS and Wall Street banksters ONLY need apply"  bubble.
  President Obama is making the infamous "bubble boy" President Bush look downright cosmopolitan by comparison, at least Pres. Bush had some oil men  and "real economy" corporate heads in his administration.
(Bush's first Treasury Secretary, Paul O'Neill, was a self-made CEO who turned Alcoa Aluminum around.) 

#1. 1.7 Million Homes Were On The Verge Of Foreclosure This Fall
#2. Wall Street Profits Soar To $50B, Bonuses To Rise Up To 40 Percent 
#3.  It's estimated that the bonus pool of JUST ONE  of these big [BAILED OUT!]  banks would have been ENOUGH MONEY to PREVENT or significantly DELAY FORECLOSURE   for  ALL 2.3 million people who lost their homes last year.

 (sigh.)  #4.  Mr. Obama's Wall St. gangster-bankster  friends devise 79.9% credit cards.
(In related news,  champagne corks could be heard popping in Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel's office, as well as the cries, "Wait 'till we get OUR bonuses!")
79.9 Percent Interest Credit Card From First Premier Bank Skirts New Regulations  (how clever!) 

   MORE    Obama's  "Democrats" in the  Senate Banking Committee  VOTED FOR  RE-CONFIRMATION of  President Bush's original _REPUBLICAN_  nominee as   FEDERAL RESERVE CHAIRMAN -
 - Ben Bernanke  has been RE-NOMINATED to the Fed by "Democrat" Barack Obama -  than REPUBLICANS Senators  this week!!
   CORPORATE REPUBLICANS now have a CAMPAIGN ISSUE to hang their hats on,  OBAMA "Democrats" ARE SUPPORTING the (REPUBLICAN!)  Fed Chairman who oversaw the DESTRUCTION of  over $14 TRILLION of American household wealth over past two dozen months! 
 #6. INSANITY!   Despite dishing  TWENTY+ TRILLION taxpayer-extorted dollars to the FAILED, FRAUDULENT BANKS,  the very neo-con New York Times reports -

 4 Big Mortgage Backers Swim in Ocean of Debt  

  One simply has to ask:  "WHAT  are the so-called 'Profitable banks'  INVESTING in (#2. above) , IF   American mortgages   are "swimming in debt" and  if   ENTIRE AMERICAN INDUSTRIES are being SHIPPED TO CHINA.... WHAT  are America's  "profitable" banksters  investing in?
 - answer: they aren't "investing" in ANYTHING,  except the BRIBERY of our White House and Congress, for the "BAILOUTS" without which the ENTIRE  US  BANKING STRUCTURE WOULD CRUMBLE  -  PURE GRAFT, EXTORTION, BRIBERY, CORRUPTION, and  anti-American treachery.