Monday, December 14, 2009

RAHM EMANUEL, hiding behind "Traitor Joe" Lieberman, _ASSASSINATES_ "public option" AND "medicare buy-in" Health Care reform..

 "Traitor Joe"   LIEBERMAN WINS!  
Ameican families will be DENIED  real health care reform, by the COWARDLY and TREACHEROUS  President Obama, who has SURRENDERED his  COMMANDING  popular and congressional majorites, to  JOE LIEBERMAN and RAHM EMANUEL's  Neo-Con, radical Right-Wing,   "ISRAEL OVER AMERICA"  Likudnik/Goddamn-Sachs political & economic treachery  and  SABOTAGE... 

  Medicare Compromise On Chopping Block...
   Rahm Emanuel Personally Pressed Reid To Cut Deal With Lieberman...
 White House Denied Earlier Report On Deal...
   Majority "Leader"  Reid 'Frustrated'  - 
  -   WELL, HE SHOULD BE!  HE WAS ORDERED by the TREACHEROUS   Emanuel/obama White House, to TAKE HIS ORDERS, from TRAITOR JOE Lieberman!! 

 In our previous post, we wrote that it was  humorous that Golddamn-Sachs Chairman Lloyd Blankfein used  "bad weather" as AN EXCUSE   to NOT attend an Obama White House  meeting with bankers;  the irony being that Lord Blankfein is  "President" Obama's BOSS,  Barack  Obama is a totally captive puppet of the Golddamn-Sachs banking cartel and the very closely  related (identical!)   Neo-Con/PNAC/Likudnik warmongering cabal.

   Sad to say, within an hour or two of our nominally "humorous" post,  the EVIL GODDAMN-SACHS - LIKDNIK  STRANGLEHOLD  on America's government was PROVED yet again,  President Obama stood MUTE and COWARDLY by, as his  de facto  Chairman of the PNAC/GolddamnSachs cabal  (i.e.  White House  Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel) - called the Senate Majority leader, and all but DICTATED to Majority Leader Reid that Reid  MUST  ACCEPT THE  Health-Care reform GUTTING  conditions that would  make  "uber- Likudnik warmonger and  finance industry senior hit-man" Senator Joe Lieberman happy.

  That is,  the COWARDLY Presdient Obama effectively HANDED THE RESPONSIBILITY for one of his MAJOR 2008  CAMPAIGN PROMISES, to a Senator - Joe Lieberman - who CAMPAIGNED FOR JOHN McCAIN's  _REPUBLICAN_   2008 presidential race! 

  Despite  WINNING a CLEAR, UNAMBIGUOUS  popular vote majority, and SWEEPING majorities in the House & Senate,  President Obama has choosen to CEDE ALL POWER & INFLUENCE in the Health Care debate, to his DEFEATED, Right-Wing Republican  opponents...without giving his core supporters a good fight!! 
   The saddest part is,  even with this SERIAL TREACHERY, coming from RAHM EMANUEL, JOE LIEBERMAN,  GOLDDAMN-SACHS,  LAWRENCE SUMMERS, and ALL of Robert Rubin's  Citi-bank and Goldman minions, it is STILL "VERBOTTEN!" to mention that ALL these players have the  "GOLDDAMN SACHS and ISRAEL FIRST!"  LIKDUNIK WAR-MONGERING agenda as their  CORE IDENTITIES and   top priorities!

 The even worse tragedy is that the Emanuel-Lieberman Likudniks  WILL BE HAPPY if the Democrats LOSE BIG in the midterm elections in 2010...   they really are TRAITOROUS SABOTEURS of the Democratic Party that saw the first successful steps of their  climb to success in American politics. 

The looming  midterm DEFEATS  of Democrats will put the WARMONGERING  WOLFOWITZ-Cheney team back in the driver's seat fomenting NEW US WARS OVERSEAS, to the GREAT SATISFACTION of the Lieberman, Emanuel, and Goddamn-Sachs traitors.... if  HILLARY CLINTON being MORE OF A  Neo-Con "BOMB IRAN NOW!" WARMONGER than EITHER  of her predecessors - Colin Powell or Condi Rice - weren't insane enough!

 TREACHERY, DECEIT, SABOTAGE,  and OBSTRUCTING the will of a clear majority of American voters, thy names are RAHM EMANUEL and JOE LIEBERMAN!
 (here, concrete proof that Joe Lieberman will say ANYTHING to get elected, and, once elected, he will STAB  his Conn. voters in-the-back to make them servile economic peons and wage-slave serfs.)