Monday, December 28, 2009


We were going to post the title and link to the Martin Lewis commentary, on how  the OBAMA |'DEMOCRATS'  are TOO COWARDLY to FRONTALLY CONFRONT the Republican OBSTRUCTION and FILIBUSTER threat,  thereby ROBBING  millions of Democratic  and "CHANGE!" minded Independent (and even a few million former Republican!)  voters of a GOOD media & legislative FIGHT,    but we thought better of it, "we've already shouted that headline a dozen times by now, and Americans are just TOO STUPID and/or APATHETIC   to notice HOW THEY ARE BEING ROBBED of  genuine  improvements to  their health care system,  by Mr. Obama's  INSANELY, BLATANT TREACHERY." 

  Although anyone who still has two working neurons would KNOW, that Mr. Obama WOULD NOT BE PRESIDENT today, had not  PRESIDENT JOHNSON  __CONFRONTED__ an  FAR MORE POWERFUL & COHESIVE   _SOUTHERN FILIBUSTER_  to obtain passage of the VOTING RIGHTS Act, and CIVIL RIGHTS Act, of 1964 and 1965 respectively.

  (And, long before that bit of recent American history, Mr. Obama would NEVER have become president in 2009, had not ABRAHAM LINCOLN courageously CONFRONTED the Southern  EXPANSION OF SLAVERY in his 1860 presidential race.)
   How can an alleged  Harvard "bright boy" student and  CONSTITUTIONAL LAW PROFESSOR, no less, have SO LITTLE APPRECIATION for the USE OF THE FILIBUSTER  by those who would, literally,  "keep him down on the plantation" (if not in chains) if they could?!  
 Which is to say,  "How could Mr. Obama have SO LITTLE APPRECIATION for those who COURAGEOUSLY CONFRONTED and BEAT the Southern  Slave States seccesionists  and/or SEGREGATIONIST filibuster?"  

   Well,  we've rethought our reluctance to post the above headline, and link,  after we read this  Fairfield Weekly op-ed by Rick Kepler comparing  JOE LEIBERMAN to ousted Pennsylvania Republican Senator RICK SANTORUM.
  And we realized (again), that it is ONLY THE SHEER TREACHERY of President Obama, PRETENDING  that HIS  "genuine reform" efforts WERE SABOTAGED by Joe Lieberman, when in fact,  Mr. Obama was, and has been, "IN" on THE TREACHERY AND SABOTAGE, since day one of his presidency, back in January 2009.  
  It is Mr. Obama's  SHEER TREACHERY, which is MAKING  JOE LIEBERMAN the PIVOT VOTE on health care for MILLIONS of Americans,   Mr. Obama's  COWARDLY TREACHERY
(trying to make Lieberman bear the blame for OBAMA's own   treachery, putting LOBBYISTS and   "profits for insurers OVER the needs & desires of MILLIONS of American families, the CLEAR 59% MAJORITY of American voters!")   is de facto MAKING JOE LIEBERMAN _THE VOICE OF__ the "Democrat" Party!

  Well, here it is  - what the "Change" guy is REALLY all about:  LETTING  JOE LIEBERMAN SPEAK for HIS ENTIRE ADMINISTRATION.
  Mr. Obama,  JOE LIEBERMAN  _ALREADY_  SABOTAGED  MILLIONS of Democratic voters in 2000... and you are now letting HIM __COMMAND__ your White House BULLY PULPIT, and SABOTAGE the needs and desires of MILLIONS MORE  Democratic & Independent voters today?! 
  While Santorum's brand of douchebaggery was a kind of pencil-necked bravado, Lieberman's is a sort of nagging, self-contradictory grumbling. On health care reform, he opposes the public option, though he promised to help "get universal health insurance" in 2006, and [Lieberman opposes] the expansion of Medicare to those as young as 55, though he supported that in September, and he's threatened to kill either by joining a Republican filibuster, though he once called filibustering "not the way to run the greatest deliberative body in the world."  
 Mr. Obama is a GENUINELY STUPID PERSON, for first  LETTING  RAHM EMANUEL  HIJACK his presidency, and now,  to enact that treacherous Rahm Emanuel agenda,  Mr. Obama is... LETTING "TRAITOR JOE" Lieberman  effectively SPEAK FOR THE WHITE HOUSE! 

  HOORAY! for Barack Obama!  Things like  MILLIONS OF AMERICANS WANTING RELIEF from HEALTH INSURERS  -  a CLEAR MAJORITY of OVER 59% of Americans - DON'T MEAN A THING to him!   Things like  GIVING TRILLIONS to Wall Street and Big Bankers, who GLOAT and WALLOW IN  their ill-gotten BAILOUT BILLIONS BONUSES -  DON'T MEAN A THING to him - even as MILLIONS of homeowners face the TERROR of EVICTION, JOB LOSSES, and LACK OF HEALTH CARE, those EVICTIONS, in particular, coming since the banks, FLOATING ON A CUSHION of taxpayer-extorted bailout billions, DON'T EVEN WANT TO TRY  to HELP homeowners stay in their homes. 
  And now, Mr. Obama is  ALLOWING the DESPISED JOE LIEBERMAN to speak, not only for the "Democratic Party" in general, BUT FOR THE "OBAMA" White House IN PARTICULAR! 
  MR. OBAMA, WHY DON'T YOU JUST CEDE your Imperial White House Crown TO Mr. Lieberman (god knows, the traitor S.O.B. thinks he deserves it), and go STRAIGHT to your "CONSULTING JOB" at Goddamn-Sachs now?!