Monday, December 21, 2009

Rahm Emanuel's looming MASSACRE of Democrats in 2010 picking up pace, and gaining steam..

Woo-Hoo!  As we've mentioned earlier,  the RAHM EMANUEL orchestrated DESTRUCTION of the Obama presidency, and  looming MASSACRE of Democratic candidates in 2010, is pickup up steam, like an avalanche crashing down a mountain. 

  Remember how  the Obama (EMANUEL!) White House was _TALKING_ about health care reform....oh, way back in APRIL, but the GENIUSES of the White House  DITHERED and DALLIED for months on end, hoping to get AT LEAST ONE RETHUGLICAN to sign on?
 Well, guess what:  after the damn  Neo-Con & corporate-lobbyist infested "Democratic" Senators  passed their  LEIBERMAN, BAUCUS, Emanuel, and lobbyists  written,  WATERED-DOWN  insurance-industry written ATROCITY of a  "reform" bill this weekend (including apparently marathon midnight sessions over the weekend), the Obama White House got..
 ...EXACTLY _ZERO_  Republican votes!  
In the understated words of  
After months and months and months of striving for the holy grail of bipartisanship, it comes down to this. [NO Republican votes.]  As expected. 
   GREAT STRATEGY, there,  RAHM EMANUEL!  TRADE HALF-a-YEAR of   DELAY, DENY, PROCRASTINATE, OBSTRUCT, and WATER DOWN  real health care reform desired by over 60% of Americans for the past  6 months... and then still get NOT ONE LOUSY  REPUBLICAN VOTE!
  Woo-Hoo!  "Strategic genius!" we can be sure.

  Unfortunately, the Emanuel/obama White House SQUANDERING  half-a-dozen months, and BETRAYING a CORE campaign issue - real health care reform - of candidate Obama from the 2008 election campaign,  is only the tip of the iceberg of the E/o  White House follies. 

  Because the Emanuel/Baucus/Lieberman/insurance-industry written bill is still a PIG of a bill, that not only MANDATES  that American citizens MUST buy 'health' INSURANCE from insurance companies who have NO price caps or rate controls... but it also seeks to TAX  workers with decent health care plans, which the INSANE  Emanuel/GoddamnSachs  White House have labeled "CADILLAC PLANS," and now WANT TO TAX! 
    This is not just a SLAP IN THE FACE of Mr. Obama's vital union-workers supporters... it is GRINDING THEM UNDER THE HEEL of  the insurance company execs who will CONTINUE to make MULTI-MILLION dollar paychecks DENYING  health care to Americans,  while Union workers are now going to be TAXED on the decent health care plans  they already have,  as "Cadillac" plans!

  Unfortunately, with the above two debacles - WASTING over half a year FOR NOT ONE lousy Republican vote,   and  SLAPPING  union workers in the face, making their EXISTING health plans MORE EXPENSIVE in the future! -   we are only just getting started with  Mr. Emanuel's SABOTAGE of Democrats chances in the coming 2010 elections.

 This Sunday on the NBC Meet the Press show, Black, 'liberal' radio show host Tavis Smiley said that President Obama RE-NOMINATING  Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke for another term - which nomination ignited a storm of  'major meida'  "HE's SO GREAT!" columns - was like  MAKING AN ARSONIST into a hero for trying to put out a house fire.... after the arsonist set the blaze that turned the home into an inferno in the first place! 
  Smiley pointed out that UNEMPLOYMENT in some Black communities  is now APPROACHING  FIFTY PERCENT,   but the first Black President  PRETENDS NOT TO NOTICE (unless, that is, he REALLY doesn't notice!)...  as he, Barack Obama, that first Black President,  GIVES TRILLIONS of dollars to his bankster friends at Golddamn-Sachs and on Wall Street....  TRILLIONS of taxpayer-extorted dollars, that have only made LIFE WORSE "on the streets,"  as banks wallow in their new balance-sheet cushions, and FORECLOSE and EVICT homeowners, who the banks could well  forgive principle or renegotiate mortgages if they wanted to.
 That is TWO  of Mr. Obama's CORE voter groups - UNIONS and BLACKS - that the Emanuel/obama White House has KICKED IN THE TEETH already this December, praise be!

   And it's GOING TO GET WORSE!  Heeding the insane greed and "Masters of Disaster" ARROGANCE and entitlement of Rahm Emanuel and  his Goddamn-Sachs gansters,  President Obama has no industrial policy for America, so most projections are that UNEMPLOYMENT will CONTINUE to climb.  

   YOU READ THAT RIGHT:  A president of the United States, in thrall to his predatory banksters and their insanely corrupt lobbyists, HAS NO, NO, NO  INDUSTRIAL policy for America!
  Not even a sad, pathetic, lousy Christmas wish-list!
  (FORGET about a HIGH-SPEED RAIL line from Richmond to Boston (you know... to REDUCE those   HAZARDOUSLY CROWDED flights  on  congested eastern seaboard, and to reduce the TONS of CO2 produced by commercial jets on those high-fuel-consumption hops) or producing, in America, a few billion dollars of solar panels to REDUCE OUR DEPENDENCE on FOREIGN oil)...
  Mr. Obama's Goddamn-Sachs gangsters DESPISE American industry, and DETEST the notion that America's energy production COULD be decentralized  - for DECENTRALIZATION means LESS PROFITS for the insanely treacherous and greedy robber-barons and lords-or-extotion in New York and on Wall Street.)   
   They - Obama's  Emanuel/GoddamnSachs cabal - REVEL in SABOTAGING America's economy, and EXTORTING everything in sight, especially commodity oil, gas, and energy prices and whatever  dollars are left in consumer pockets after paying  those extortionate commodity prices for consumer necessities   are TAXED by the  Golddamn-Sachs  wholly  owned Congress. 

    Meanwhile, back at NBC's  MTP show,  Republicans Joe Scarborough and Ed Gillespie were sharpening their knives for the coming massacre of Democrats in November 2010,  and they actually had polls to support them.
    OBAMA's DISAPPROVAL polls are now  WORSE than Clinton's and the Democrat Congress' were... in 1994!     The INSANE  Emaneul SABOTAGE of the Obama presidency is GOING TO GET  OBAMA IMPEACHED should the Republicans take over the House in 2010, yet both the  Emanuel/GoddamnSachs White House crew, AND the Republicans, AND the corporate 'major media' are ALL SPINING Obama as being "TOO LIBERAL"! 

    RAHM EMANUEL is PUSHING A RADICAL RIGHT WING  agenda, despite which he can't pick up ONE LOUSY REPUBLICAN vote;  he has HANDED the president's SIGNATURE  health care 'reform' legislation to Right-Wing Neo-Con Republican POSING as a Democrat TRAITOR JOE LIEBERMAN, but only after SQUANDERING an ENTIRE YEAR so as to bludgeon real health care reform to death;   and STILL the  treacherous Righties are putting out the spin that "Obama is TOO LIBERAL"!!!
  Well, Mr. Obama,   JUST KEEP KICKING _your_ CORE SUPPORTERS IN THE TEETH, while you give Rahm Emanuel's Goddamn-Sachs bankster  partners-in-crime  some portion of TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS of NO OVERSIGHT BAILLOUTS.   And GOOD LUCK working with that RETHUGLICAN Congress,  when your disheartened, betrayed, sold-out, and ground-under-heel  core supporters DON'T show up to vote for your   Dem. congressional candidates  in the 2010 midterm elections.

   Read it and weep:  While MSNBC/Meet the Press hasn't posted the video for this informative last segment of Sunday's show, the   "Roundtable" segement, the transcripts are here - 
... with Republicans Ed Gillespie and Joe Scarborough practically salivating at the Rahm Emanuel orchestrated DESRUCTION of the Democratic House and Senate majorities in the coming election cycles.. 
  Mr. Emanuel is SO TREACHEROUS and INCOMPETENT, that he CAN NOT  PAINT  REPUBLICANS as "OBSTRUCTIONISTS"  on an issue,  health care reform, that 60%+ of Americans  DESPERATELY want,   even as Republicans TAKE MONEY FROM industry LOBBYISTS,  to OBSTRUCT that reform.