Monday, December 14, 2009 catches 3 top bankers SNUBBING Obama's White House dresssing-down. Hey, Golddamn-Sachs' Blankfein OWNS Obama... he GIVES orders to the White House, not vice versa....

  GOOD JOB, President O!    First you TALK TOUGH last night on 60 minutes about how you are going to  "MAKE THEM BANKERS WALK THE LINE!"  and give American taxpayers at least a dime's worth of value for every billion dollars YOUR administration has handed  those bankers.
  Then at today's  meeting, you all but MELTED in deferential obsequience to those same bankers.
 ("Obsequience" - characterized by or showing SERVILE COMPLAISANCE or DEFERENCE;  FAWNING;  an obsequious bow.)

  Now the GOOD stuff,  just in from Gawker:  three of the Top banksters just FLAT OUT DISSED  President O. for his intended dressing-down, or FAWNING, or whatever the hell Mr. Obama had planned: 
Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, Citigroup chairman Dick Parsons, and Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack all skipped out on a scheduled dressing-down today from Barack Obama because "inclement weather" made it physically impossible for them to travel to Washington.   [cue photos of blue-sky gorgeous weather over both NY and DC, see link] 
  Well, you can hardly blame  Herr, er,  Lord Blankfein for BLOWING the president of the United States off, for it is HE  who GIVES the  ORDERS to Mr. Obama, and most certainly not the other way around.

Well, at least we Americans get SOMETHING from  our hapless, befuddled, owned-by-the-bankers president:  HIGH COMEDY and LOW FARCE,  a   president who isn't good for much but HANDING TENS upon hundreds of BILLIONS  of TAXPAYER EXTORTED DOLLARS to the Big Banksters,  but who can't even get  a lousy receipt (much less an I.O.U.) for all our lost trillions.

post-script:  the Neo-Con warmongering, serially lying  NEW YORK TIMES can't resist jumping on the "OBAMA IS A WIMP" bandwagon,  notices the above story -