Saturday, December 5, 2009

Obama's INSANE CORRUPTION: (re-) Nominating Ben Bernake for Fed Chairman...REWARDING INCOMPETENCE, FAILURE, & GROSS CORRUPTION, rewarding the EXTORTION of American taxpayers to save FRAUDULENT bankers....

  Republican Senator Jim Bunning - the ONLY  Senator to oppose Ben Bernanke's confirmation to Chairman of the Federal Reserve banking system when Bernanke was nominated by Pres. Bush 4 years ago -  NOW DOES  the Obama adminstration's  job,  outlining and listing  the massive FAILURES, the ABJECT FAILURES of  Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke to OVERSEE THE MARKETS and prevent the powerful, politically connected bankers from creating situations of gross debt and "moral hazards" pure gambling "investments" speculations,   which would LEAD TO THEIR OWN SYSTEMATIC FAILURES,  but for  TRILLIONS of dollars  of  taxpayer extorted bailouts

  This single video,  is  a  "KRISTAL-NACHT"  type historical marker of the ABJECT DEGENERATION of  America. 
Just as "Kristal-Nacht" marked the official turn of  Germany to a Nazi, full terror-regime dictatorship,  so too does this video document  how  COMPLETELY SUBSERVIENT 
  __ENTIRE  SWATHS OF AMERICAN SOCIETY ARE__   to the CORRUPT  nexus of  Wall Street, multi-national bankers, and the NY/DC corporate-owned US government. 
  "IN SHORT, Mr. Bernanke, YOU ARE THE DEFINITION OF MORAL HAZARD" - and ENTIRE SWATHS of the press-media, the "Democratic" Party, the Republican Party, corporate America, and a huge chunk of a confused, befuddled, impotent American electorate - are all SUPPORTING   the "MORAL HAZARD"  Fed Chairman for ANOTHER  TERM as incompetent, failed, corrupt  overseer of America's financial markets. 

  Oh - and the INSANELY CORRUPT   Emanuel/GoddamnSachs/Obama Administration is in FULL SUPPORT of this    "Deregulation, NO Oversight,  FORCE TAXPAYERS to BEAR the LOSSES of FAILED, bankrupt,  PRIVATE BANKERS" RADICAL, REACTIONARY, right-wing REPUBLICAN agenda -  President Obama is now THE MOST CORRUPT  PRESIDENT  in American  history, and that includes all the SLAVE-OWNING  presidents,  the Grant administration scandals,  the "Teapot-Dome scandal"  plagued Harding administration,    the illegal break-ins, obstruction of justice, and looming impeachment of the  Nixon administration; the "impeached for an affair"  Clinton administration,   and even the "Stolen elections, lies-to-war,  massive war-contracts and domestic  graft and and endless corruption" scandals of the  Bush-Cheney administration...
  President Obama's BLATANT TRANSFER, of  TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS of taxpayer wealth TO  FAILED BANKS,  via "DARK DEALINGS" at the Fed and Treasury,  is now  THE LARGEST and MOST PERVASIVE  CORRUPTION by a presidential administration in US history -  all accomplished in just one year flat,  so INSANELY CORRUPT and ENTITLED  has  President Obama allowed his  Rahm Emanuel/GoddamnSachs    bankers to make him become.

 BLINDED to all the above by his  Rasputin-esque White House Chief of Staff - whose loyalties lie NOT with the American people but with multi-national bankers and Israel -  and  by his "Golddamn-Sachs uber alles"  "economics team,"   President Obama RE-NOMINATES Neo-Con Republican  "DEREGULATION"  "the markets will police themselves" fraudster   Ben Bernanke as Chairman of the failed, corrupt, fraudulent, and incompetent Fed Reserve Bank -   (may have to click on below MSNBC link, if the embed  MSNBC video does not work)  
 NOTICE how immediately in the video  after NBC news anchor Brian Williams announces Obama's RENOMINATION of Bernanke to the Fed,   Mr. Williams also announces "THE DEFICITS ARE SOARING," and shortly later  explains  how  those
SOARING DEFICITS  make   Health Care Reform FAR MORE DIFFICULT to enact !!
 ROBBING the peons, by INFLATING the money supply, making say $10,000 in savings worse one-third or even one-half as much as previously (at 10% inflated money supply over 3 or 5 years)  while government  "BAILOUTS"  of private  banks ,  DIRECTLY TAKE money from consumers and taxpayers, to pay outsize BONUSES for Mr. Bernanke & Mr. Obama's  FRAUDULENT, FAILED BANKERS FRIENDS.
  Mr. Obama is so insanely entitled, egotistical, and corrupt, that he believes that DEFICITS, BAILOUTS, and HEALTH CARE DENIED are all separate issues - when they are all actually 
  THE DESIRED OUTCOME of the  "EXTORT the PEONS"  banking swindlers,  finance lords, and robber barons!