Saturday, January 2, 2010

The RAHM EMANUEL SABOTAGE & PREMEDITATED DESTRUCTION of the Democratic Party continues apace....

As we have tried to make the case here at DemNationUSA over the past year,  there is NO difference between the Right-Wing Golddamn-Sachs FINANCIAL NEO-CONS such as Joe Lie-berman, Robert Rubin, Lawrence Summers, and RAHM EMANUEL  masquerading as "Democrats,"   and their blatantantly, proudly, unabashedly Right-Wing REPUBLICAN partners in Neo-Con crimes such as Paul Wolfowitz,  Bill Kristol,  'Scooter'  Libby,  John Bolton, Josh Bolton, and all the other Neo-Cons  WITHOUT WHOSE  CONSTANT  SUPPORT  Dick Cheney and George W. Bush would never have gotten their Iraq war, tax-cuts-for-rich, and other nation-gutting, economy-gutting policies and "sell American port operations to a Dubai consortium"  atrocities.
  Whether financial crimes (selling "securities" as "Grade-AAA" to the public,  while betting against them in CDO & derivatives deals), to  Cheney-Bush administration war crimes,  it is the CLUELESS MYOPIA of  "Democratic" and "liberal" voters, activists, and supporters, who REFUSE to see this very basic linkage: 
   ....that THERE IS NO  DIFFERENCE between so-called "Democrat" White House Chief of Staff  RAHM EMANUEL,  and  Right-Wing Republican Bush administration UnderSecretary of War  PAUL WOLFOWITZ,   the so-called "ARCHITECT" of Bush & Cheney's invasion of Iraq:   BOTH  Wolfowitz & Emanuel fancy themselves "EXPERTS" on all things national security,  BOTH   fancy themselves multi-millionaire financial experts, and BOTH are RIGHT-WING "ISRAEL FIRST" Likudniks. 

    Well, the PROOF that Rahm Emanuel and the other Goldman-Sachs Neo-Cons are SUCCEEDING in their mission of  DESTROYING the Democratic Party's  favorability ratings  and majorities in the House & Senate (the better to help the unabashed Likudnik war-mongers return to power, where they can get the United States to attack and invade Iran and achieve other insanely greedy, illegal goals of the Likudnik agenda)  - are everywhere you look,  even if public outrage - against  President Obama promising  voters "CHANGE!" in his 2008 campaign, but  delivering the DIAMETRICAL OPPOSITE in 2009 -  is only simmering. 

 This week's proof,  an obscure op-ed column by  Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel editor Kingsley Guy, "The Democrats ARE DAMAGING DEMOCRACY" in yesterdays Jan. 1, 2010 Sun-Sentinel.
    WHAT exactly is the crime, sin, or atrocity that has Mr. Guy so worried for America's democracy? 
 - Was it the THEFT of election 2000 right in Mr. Guy's own front yard, of thousands of minority votes TRASHED, UNCOUNTED, in Florida's Broward, Palm Beach, and Dade (as well as northern Florida) counties, that resulted in a FICTITIOUS  385 vote 'win' "majority" for then Florida  Governor Jeb Bush's brother, George W. Bush, in the 2000 Florida election recount?
 - Was it the SIMILAR THEFT of VOTES, trashed, uncounted, in OHIO, that delivered another STOLEN election to Mr. Bush & Mr. Cheney in 2004?
-  Was it the DERELICTION of DUTY to avenge the terrorist attack on the  USS Cole attack (October 2000) in the 9 long months that Cheney & Bush were in the White House, but DID NOTHING to PREVENT A NEW Al Qaeda attack on American targets - despite dozens of government agencies firing dozens of URGENT WARNINGS to the White House?
  (including no less a "national security" official than then  CIA Director Tenet making a personal,  URGENT VISIT TO the White House on July 10, 2001, SPECIFICALLY to WARN of  a LOOMING al Qaeda THREAT of TERRORIST ATTACKS against American citizens in that long summer of 2001?)
-  Was it the LIES-to-WAR that Cheney & Bush orchestrated for the invasion of Iraq,  even as the US military High Command (read, Cheney, Rumsfeld, & Wolfowitz)
  ordered the Delta Force team charged with getting bin Laden NOT to get bin Laden at Tora Bora, defering the US special forces team which had TRAINED FOR YEARS to take out targets like bin Laden, to instead DEFER to  BRIBED, er, hired Afghan militia men?
 -  Was it the USE OF MERCENARIES in the US occupation of Iraq   - specifically criticized as the  "transporting [of]  large armies of foreign mercenaries to complete the works of death, desolation and tyranny" mentioned by Thomas Jefferson in the US Declaration of Independence?  
 - or  the systematic torture, beatings, and dehumanizing brutality of America's Abu Ghraib, Bagram AFB,  Diego Garcia, and Guantanamo (et al)  torture gulag,  GESTAPO-esque TORTURE being done in the name of the American people?
 -  Was it, not only the INTENTIONAL ALLOWING of LOOTERS to DESTROY  Baghdad (and 4,000 year old cultural artifacts from the Mesoptamian age, in Baghdad museums)  after  the US invasion, and after the  Wolfowitz/L. Paul Bremer US occupation DISMISSED the Iraqi Army and police, with NO SUBSTITUTE IN PLACE to prevent  what is considered a war crime by the Geneva conventions?
-  (And if THAT doesn't grab your American sensibilities, how about the US army LEAVING SADDAM's BIGGEST AMMUNITION depot UNGUARDED, as  proto- "insurgents" and robbers carted off TONS of ammunition and high-explosives... as US combat soldiers were confined to their bases and  ordered to do KP duty that Iraqi civilians would gladly have done for a few dollars a day?) 
-  Was it Bush's TAX CUTS FOR THE WEALTHY that has Mr. Kingsley Guy so upset -  as ordinary Americans had to endure MOUNTING FEDERAL DEFICITS - WHILE the INTEREST ON THOSE DEBTS, alone, go skyrocketing to infiniti, the wealthy in effect GETTING PAID in  INTEREST (on the Treasury bonds & securities they purchase with their tax-cuts), from working taxpayer chumps,   for their own tax-cuts?!

  Well, since to complete a list of the outrages, follies, abuses of power, atrocities, and (as the Declaration of Independence puts it) those  "injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object THE ESTABLISHMEN of an ABSOLUTE TRYANNY" of the Bush-Cheney administration would take several volumes,  we'll cut to the chase:

  THE outrage that has  uber media whore, paid professional liar, and Right-Wing media shill KINGSLEY GUY  so upset is that...   needing the vote of Democrat  Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana for his so-called 'Health Care reform' atrocity, President Obama and the Democrats were willing to:
"BUY IT, with some $300 million in extra Medicaid payments for her state."  
Mr. Guy expresses similar _outrage_  at other senators that Team Obama has "bribed" to win votes for the Obama health care   'reform' atrocity: 
"And how about the vote of Dem. Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska? BRIBE HIM by fulling funding Nebraska's Medicare program, a benefit NO OTHER STATE will get."  
    Mr. Guy is absolutely correct:  that  Team Obama _is_  BRIBING a small handful of senators, to deliver  REAL HEALTH CARE  (Medicare subsidies)  that will NOT be delivered to OTHER states, is an outrage.   
   But the bigger picture is that Mr. Guy REFUSES to acknowledge THAT THERE IS A HEALTH CARE CRISIS, 
  .... or  that ONE  tactic that alleviates that crisis is to JUST GIVE STATES federal Medicare dollars, and that,  at least, for ALL THE BILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of dollars  that American taxpayers have been FORCED to spend on BAILOUTS, on the BOTCHED Afghan & Iraq wars; for the "war on terror" that keeps metastasizing,  and for all the other CORPORATE VICE & CORRUPTION under both Cheney  & Bush and now under the Obama 'Democrats',    at least now Americans are GOING TO ACTUALLY GET SOMETHING for their taxpayer billions, if only a lousy billion or three in  Medicare subsidies, for a small handful  "obstructionist"  states!("Obstructionist," we now see, ONLY  to "socialized" health care reform FOR OTHER states!)  
   Mr. Kingsley Guy is a CORPORATE MEDIA WHORE, whose job it is to WHITEWASH all the bribery and corruption follies of the Republican Party,  the fraudulent financial institutions, and especially the criminal  abuses of power  (starting with the stolen elections) of the Cheney-Bush administration. 

  But using some lousy one billion dollars  in total fed Medicare subsidies as the case for his
"Obama Democrats are DAMAGING DEMOCRACY by BRIBING senators with Medicare subsidies"
  rational,  Mr. Guy then goes on to flat out assert:
"The MALFEASANCE of the Democratic Party makes the MISFEASANCE of the Republican Party during the George W. Bush years LOOK LIKE GOOD GOVERNMENT by comparison."
    GOT THAT, President Obama?    Twelve months into your  Rahm Emanuel-Goddamn-Sachs infested presidency, the "major media" is already making the case that YOUR CORRUPTION is WORSE than Bush & Cheney's corruption!

   The fact that they can make an "EQUIVALENCY" argument that  "a few billion dollars in Medicare subsidies to individual states, is the EQUIVALENT of STOLEN ELECTIONS, lies-to-war, a LOOTED treasury, OUTSOURCING of US jobs to  communist China, torture gulags,  vast wartime profiteering, and vast financial fraud in unregulated markets"   merely indicates HOW AWFUL a job  the Obama White House is  at:

#1.  highlighting the HEALTH CARE CRISIS in America,
     (and how, at least _some_ American taxpayers will GET SOMETHING for all their taxpayer extorted billions of dollars under Bush's war lies, financial deregulation, and bailouts);   and,
#2.   How POORLY  President Obama had DEFINED the Republicans of the past 8 years as RESPONSIBLE for a decades' worth of  financial "Deregulation" follies, and this economic crisis in particular!

  All the above illustrates how  Right-Wing media WHORES  like Kingsley Guy have NO problem with THE BRIBERY of Congress & Senators for TAX CUTS FOR WEALTHY that will GUT the US Treasury and create huge budget deficits - that burdened working-stiff Taxpayers must pay ADDITIONAL INTEREST on!
 Mr. Obama IS NOT MAKING ANY of the above arguments forcefully... he is  SABOTAGING the Democratic bully pulpit,
he is SURRENDERING the HIGH GROUND of of public and  Democratic outrage against  malfeasance TO the REPUBLICANS, (as Kerry and Gore did before him),   he is ALLOWING Republicans and the Right-Wing press to BLAME DEMOCRATS for  AN ENTIRE DECADE of REPUBLICAN depredations,  CORRUPTION, TREASURY LOOTING, and ECONOMIC DESTRUCTION! 

  Washington Post reports:
....the PERFECT FULFILMENT of the GODDAMN-SACHS,  Right-Wing "turn American into a 3rd-world nation of  tall-white-mansions-and-little shacks"  agenda...
  THIS IS the agenda of RAHM EMANUEL and the Wall Street Neo-Cons,  and now has the WET-KISS STAMP OF APPROVAL of  "Democrat" President Barack Obama.

     IF Rahm Emanuel and the Goddamn-Sachs White House WERE TRYING to BLAME DEMOCRATS for the Bush-Cheney ecnomic crisis, THEY COULD HARDLY DO A BETTER JOB! 

    The RAHM EMANUEL/Neo-Con orchestrated  (radical right-wing POSING as "moderate Democrats") DEMOLITION  of the "Democratic" Party continues apace,  if Nancy Pelosi loses her majority in 2010,  and  if the  Republican Party were to start IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS in 2011,  it would SERVE President Obama right, for surrounding  himself with nothing but radical right-wing Neo-Cons who would are PROFITING from the DESTRUCTION of the American economy,  and PROFITEERING from endless, expanding US wars overseas.

 Here's hoping the Democrats will find a miracle somewhere, and  WON'T CONTINUE their insane  "GIVE TRILLIONS to BANKSTERS & financial fraudsters, give CRUMBS to voters & citizens" insanity of the   Team Obama/Emanuel orchestrated  SELF-DESTRUCTION if not SABOTAGE,  of the Democratic Party...  as they did  all through 2009.