Friday, January 8, 2010

President Obama's "GIVE TRILLIONS to bankers, scraps and crumbs to American families" "Economic Plan" results in FOUR MILLION NEW UNEMPLOYED since Obama became President in January 2009... WHERE is Obama's heartfelt, urgent concern?!

 The below article title & first paragraph are from a Right-Wing Business and  Media Institute web-page  (,  but the facts are correct:
  President Obama has PRESIDED OVER the DESTRUCTION of FOUR MILLION JOBS since he became president a year ago this coming week. 
   Obama Presides Over Most Jobs Lost Since 1940 
By Julia A. Seymour 
Business & Media Institute 
Jan. 8, 2010 

News media have spun rising 2009 unemployment positively, but more than 4 million lost jobs tops post-World War II high. 
Unemployment shot up in 2009 from 7.7 percent in January to 10.1 percent in October before settling at 10 percent in December. Behind those percentages were more than 4.1 million people who lost their jobs during the year. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that’s the most job losses in a year since 1940. (BLS could only provide data from 1940-2009)  [end]
  • The question even President Obama's STAUNCHEST  defenders CAN NOT ANSWER is,  "WHERE IS THE URGENCY in President Obama's JOBS policy?"   or, 
  •    "WHAT  are President Obama's INDUSTRIAL POLICY goals & agenda for the next dozen years?"     or,
  •   "Are you, as an Obama supporter, SATISFIED that the 'Stimulus Plan' appears to be THE ENTIRETY of Mr. Obama's  jobs policy, for almost the entire first year of his presidency?" especially when Obama won massive public support and election 2008 ONLY because America was in a MAJOR - skyrocketing layoffs & unemployment  RECESSION - in the first play!   
  •  (Much less "Are you as an Obama supporter SATISFIED with Mr. Obama's efforts to REDUCE FORECLOSURES, as Big Banks WALLOW in TRILLION-DOLLAR BAILOUTS, and as big bankers WITHHOLD CREDIT from Americans, WHILE AWARDING THEMSELVES BILLIONS of dollars of BONUSES?")  
  Even the staunchest liberal  Obama supporters CAN NOT ANSWER AFFIRMATIVELY to the above questions,  because Mr. Obama is The  GODDAMN-SACHS PRESIDENT,   AT EVERY TURN HE APPROVES of BLATANT, NAKED FRAUD & THEFT in the markets, and Godddamn-Sachs and other "financial corporations"  DELIGHT  in SENDING AMERICAN JOBS TO CHINA, for the  SHORT TERM GAIN of the corrupt, ANTI-AMERICAN  financial  fraudsters, con-artists, and BAILOUTS  WELFARE QUEENS. 

  Mr. Obama IS PARTY TO the GODDAMN-SACHS  PREMEDITATED DESTRUCTION of the US economy,  and ALL Obama supporters can do in his defense  is intone the mystical words "Stimulus plan."