Tuesday, January 12, 2010

As Rahm Emanuel hits the news shows, his SABOTAGE of American economy puts Senate Majority 'Leader' Reid on Defensive...

As Rahm Emanuel hit the airwaves and Sunday 'news' shows this past weekend, pulling a ROBERT RUBIN in looking innocent and personable as he presides over the destruction of the American economy (see our previous post)   
 (note: Emanuel was almost certainly SHOEHORNED into his lucrative "investment banker" gig -  $18 million "earned" in just two-and-a-half years at Chicago based Wasserstein-Perella "boutique investment bank,"  by the then very powerful Clinton Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin... who had been a Golddamn-Sachs Chairman) 
  ....two videos highlight just how destructive,  INSIDIOUSLY TREACHEROUS,  and beholden to Big Insurance (which is a large part of Wall Street Big Finance) the Obama administration is.
 But first, the Emanuel/Rubins/Summers/Geithner/GODDAMN-SACHS HIJACKING of the "Democrat" Party is CLAIMING ANOTHER VICTIM:  Senate Majority "Leader"  HARRY REID is on the ropes, his approval rating in Nevada is plummeting, for the simple reason that Mr. Reid has NOTHING  to BRAG ON for this past year,  besides the PURE  GOLDDAMN-SACHS  EXTORTION of the American economy that is the Emanuel/Obama agenda, with  one New York Times article bluntly asking "Should Harry Reid Resign?"

   In the first video, the President Obama and the entire Obama Administration (which is to say Rahm Emanuel and the other Robt. Rubinite Goddamn-Sachsers) BACK IN MAY of 2009, SAT SILENT, did not lift a finger,   as  Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus CENSORED  even the BASIC DISCUSSION of  government financed options to private insurance companies, when Senator Baucus LAUGHED as he called for MORE POLICE to ARREST  doctors  from SinglePayerAction.org who got themselves arrested from his hearings  protesting Senator Bauchus's treacherously stacking those hearings with NO single-payer or public-option reform advocates, and instead having FIFTEEN industry lobbyists - a Fifteen-to-ZERO EXCLUSION or CENSORSHIP  from hearings of  what the MAJORITY AMERICAN want in their health care.
  In this second video, Candidate Obama SPECIFICALLY  OPPOSES the "MANDATES" - a TAX on good health-care programs usually negotiated by Unions, often at the expense of higher pay concessions. 
The third video  (bottom) explains Obama's TREACHERY in detail:  the clear BETRAYAL of a MAJOR campaign pledge under the current,  Emanuel/Baucus/insurance-industry written senate version of the health care bill.