Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rahm Emanuel's GODDAMN-SACHS treachery, DEMOLITION of 100 years of liberal, progressive progress in the Democratic Party brings swift results: the 2010 MASSACRE of Democrats IS IN FULL SWING...

As we have said 1,000 times before,  RAHM EMANUEL  and his fellow Robert Rubin/Goddamn-Sachs toadies (Lawrence Summers, Timmy Geithner, Peter Orszag,  the entire Obama "economics" crew)  are RADICAL RIGHT-WING REPUBLICANS, POSING  as "Democrats."  
  Their agenda is SIMPLICITY itself, and is in FULL AGREEMENT with the agenda of DICK CHENEY:  tax-cuts-for-rich, DEREGULATION of the economy, BAILOUTS FOR BILLIONAIRES,  EVICTIONS, PINK-SLIPS, and  DENIED HEALTH-CARE COVERAGE for all other Americans.
    The EMANUEL  TREACHERY AGENDA  is reaping its predictable and dire results:
  The question is not "WILL THE DEMOCRATS SURVIVE the Emanuel TREACHERY and TREASON to the party that made his rise in political power possible" - for the answer to that question is "No, the Democrats, as a majority party, will NOT survive this coming year."
  The bigger question is, "WILL EMANUEL RIDE THE REVOLVING DOOR  back to Wall Street after he DESTROYS the Democratic Party for at least the 2nd time in his career (pushing NAFTA from the Clinton White House in 1994 led directly to the Democrats LOSING THE CONGRESS in 1995)... and THEN COME BACK IN to the party he has DEMOLISHED at some  time in the future,   RIDING ANOTHER WAVE of corrupt, taxpayer-extorted Goddamn-Sachs & Wall Street  blatant bribery "campaign donations" - so as TO DEMOLISH THE DEMOCRTS AGAIN, in the future?
      Well, for now we can only 'savor'  Emanuel's  DESTRUCTION of everything  Democrats have achieved after  nearly two decades of being out of power - in just 1 year flat since they have been in control of the White House  - on his way to DESTROYING  100 YEARS of  progressive, increasingly democratic progress and American's signature UPWARD social and financial mobility.
Democrats are Dropping Like Flies
ABC News "The Washington Note"
January 05, 2010

 It is not shaping up to be a pretty week for the Democrats....
ABC News’ David Chalian Reports: Democratic Gov. Bill Ritter of Colorado, who was in for a tough reelection fight this year, canceled a scheduled fundraiser this evening and has decided not to seek reelection, according to Democratic sources familiar with the governor’s plans... 
All eyes now turn to Chris Dodd in Connecticut, widely believed to be one of the most vulnerable statewide Democratic incumbents this cycle, to see if he intends to stick with his huge uphill battle for reelection.