Friday, January 22, 2010

Obama's DECEITFUL and TREACHEROUS __SABOTAGE__ of Genuine Health Care reform

 The truth about President Obama's SABOTAGE of  genuine health care reform can be seen in one simple picture, a screenshot of a chart from the MSNBC "Morning Meeting" show before it was moved to 4 pm. and called the Dylan Ratigan show.
   As the above chart illustrates, any REAL "reform" in one of candidate Obama's SIGNATURE 2008 campaign issues - real health care reform -  was LEACHED OUT of the 2009 reform effort, by RAHM EMANUEL, the treacherous multi-millionaire Chicago "investment banker" POSING as a "liberal Democrat,"  and his cabal of  "of, by and for Golddamn-Sachs" "investment bankers"  who now infest and control the Obama presidency. 

  Mr. Emanuel THOUGHT he was BEING CLEVER, with his "DEATH OF 1,000 CUTS" to  REAL health care reform.  Emanuel's strategy was "DRAG OUT the reform legislation process, first by PRETENDING to appeal for "Bipartisan" Republican support (that little song-and-dance wasted several critical months), and then by using  so-called "YELLOW DOG"  "Democrats"  (like Ben Nelson, Max Baucus, Mary Landrieu, Blanche Lincoln, and Joe Lieberman)   OBSTRUCTION of real reform, as AN EXCUSE  to CUT  any real reform measures OUT of the bill.  Over a period of months, Emanuel used this TREACHEROUS process to GUT  each and every REAL "reform" item OUT of Obama's  so-called "Health Care reform" process!  
  IT WAS THIS  TREACHEROUS  "death of 1,000 cuts" that DRAGGED Obama's (now pathetic) health care reform bill all the way out to... JANUARY 2010, when Massachusetts Senate candidate Brown was able to ride public revulsion to that sell-out "reform" right in to Ted Kennedy's former senate seat. 

   The proof of the above is simplicity itself:  by the "end" of the Obama "reform" process - the Max Baucus/Joe Lieberman/Rahm Emanuel "SENATE bill" that had Obama's approval -  the Emanuel/Obama team had to USE JOE LIEBERMAN as their FOIL to justify their latest HCR concessions!

    DESPISED by his Connecticut voters, DESPISED by Democratic voters -    the "brilliant"  Obama and "Tough Guy!" Rahm Emanuel, were REDUCED to USING JOE LIEBERMAN as their public EXCUSE, for  TAKING ANY REAL REFORM __OUT__ of Mr. Obama's precious  HCR efforts!!!!

  HECKUVA JOB WELL DONE, there, Obama-Bushie! 
   But don't take OUR word for it -  In this video, a very UNDERSTATED  Howard Dean complained that he was "DISAPPOINTED" that Pres. Obama  "DID NOT FIGHT" for the public option to for-profit insurance.  

  "Disappointed" with "Obama FAILING TO FIGHT FOR"  _real_ reform, is an understated way of saying REAL reform has been SABOTAGED by the too-clever-by-half Rahm Emanuel orchestrated TAG-TEAM OBSTRUCTION & SABOTAGE.

post-script: the REAL INSANITY of President Obama's  Rahm Emanuel orchestrated SABOTAGE of a REAL health care reform effort is what is NOT  being said anywhere in Congress, in the corporate media, or from the Obama White House:
    The CURRENT  big-insurance dominated US  "health care" system is STRANGLING and CHOKING America's SMALL BUSINESSES.
  In a dozen months in office, Mr. Obama IS NOT EVEN TRYING to make the case for the Small Business men and women, HAMMERED by the 'health' insurance industry!

   Small businesses, appearances to the contrary (advertising for big  name-brands like Coca-Cola, Wal-Mart, other Big Businesses), actual power THE MAJORITY of America's GDP. 
      IN SIDING with BIG INSURANCE,  the Obama administration, the "Democrats," and the Republican Party are ALL HELPING a VERY SMALL MINORITY of American business (the 'health' insurance industry)  STRANGLE the VAST MAJORITY of America's productive businesses! 
  That is how TREACHEROUS and DESTRUCTIVE to America   Rahm Emanuel's "of, by and for big bankers"  (and allied big finance insurance industry)  agenda is.