Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chris Dodd caught red-handed LYING about GIVING AIG the LOOPHOLE for BAILOUT BONUSES... The CORRUPTION of the Obama White House & "Democratic" Party CAUGHT ON VIDEO

Watch it and weep, America: THE ONLY reason that this video is getting "the buzz" it SHOULD have gotten MONTHS ago, is because Connecticut voters are FINALLY sick and DISGUSTED with the ABJECT CORRUPTION of MASSIVE BAILOUTS FRAUD, and Senator  Dodd was forced to realize that he doesn't have a prayer of winning a  re-election campaign in 2010.

  Notice how uber-  CNN Neo-Con media whore  Wolf Blitzer KNOWS that  Senator Dodd is LYING THROUGH HIS TEETH about his role in BAILOUTS,  bonuses, and the collapse of major US financial companies,  and of AIG  "campaign donations" BRIBERY of  influential  Senators and Congress in particular,    but TIME/Warner owned CNN 'news' company is a radical Right-Wing  PROPAGANDA MEGAPHONE  for the  
  "tax cuts for rich in time of costly wars;  DEREGULATION of financial markets, NO OVERSIGHT BAILOUTS,  and free-pass for Wall Street massive fraud &  LARCENY" agenda -  Time/Warner/CNN is most certainly "IN" on the Goddamn-Sachs/AIG  BAILOUTS larceny in return for campaign donations BRIBERY  racket,  so Blitzer has NEVER PUSHED HOME the  BLATANT CONNECTION between  AIG  "campaign donations" BRIBES to powerful senators, and the VAST FRAUD in the markets in general, and "bailouts bonus billions" in particular.

OBVIOUSLY,  if  "The Treasury Department"  was also part of Senator Dodd's Senate negotiations to ALLOW the provision for  million-dollar BONUSES for AIG executives to slip in to the Stimulus bill,   then the OBAMA White House was "IN" on the vast  "BAILOUTS BONUSES" (and campaign donation bribes, kickbacks, graft, "contributions")  corruption, too.