Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rahm Emanuel's Rasputin-esque PURGE of the "Democrat" Party to a DICTATORIAL CLONE of the Radical Right-Wing Cheney-Bush adminsitration CLAIMS A NEW VICTIM: Senator Byron Dorgan flees the Emanuel-Obama catastrophe...

Good Bye, & god bless, Senator Dorgan. You were one of the good ones - which is to say, "one of the sane ones." 
   Rahm Emanuel is,  like Joe Lieberman before him, a RADICAL RIGHT-WING  WARMONGERING, tax-cuts-for-wealthy, DEREGULATE financial markets,  NO-OVERSIGHT BAILOUTS "investment banker"   Republican, POSING as a "Democrat."
  You can look long and hard to find  ANYTHING  Emanuel has said or done in the past 10 years that is DIRECTLY CRITICAL of   _anything_  Dick Cheney did or advocated while in office as Vice President
 (and on almost all substantive polices, Cheney was effectively the de facto President of the United States during most of George W. Bush's 2 terms of office). 
  Well,  sensing that THERE IS NOTHING  in the "Democrat"  Party's record of 2009 on which he could PROUDLY run on,  Senator Dorgan has left the ship.

  GOT THAT, NANCY PELOSI?    YOU are about to go down as the Democrat  Speaker who REPEATED  the DISASTER  wrought on Democrats of 1994. 

Americans WANTED CHANGE  in 2008, and YOUR CONGRESS DELIVERED MORE of the  BERNANKE-GIETHNER-Rubins-Summers-Paulson  Goddamn-Sachs, WALL STREET UBER ALLES  economy gutting  "BAILOUTS"   ATROCITIES  that voters TURNED OUT IN DROVES to OPPOSE in 2008, only to BE SWINDLED by the Emanuel/obama/Dodd/Barney Frank "we only listen to Wall Street"  "Democrats" throughout the entire year of 2009.  
 <  Just before the holiday, Democratic "leaders" FORCED Senator Byron Dorgan to forgo a key policy initiative–drug reimportation–so as to push through A STINKER of a
[RAHM EMANUE/max baucus/JOE LIE-BERMAN/barack obama/insurance-industry written]  a health care reform bill. And while he says his decision “does not relate to any dissatisfaction that I have about serving in the Senate,” over the holiday he decided not to run for re-election. >   (link) 
    (note: the ECONOMY IS _NOT_ going to improve in 2009...  suggests  pro-Democrat PAUL KRUGMAN,  
 a notion which is SECONDED by  ZeroHedge.com,  which suggests that the Goddamn-Sachs owned US Fed Reserve is DRAWING UP PLANS  to SEIZE  the FINANCIAL ASSETS of MILLIONS of Americans, in the form of  DENYING  Americans access to withdraw money from their money-market accounts! 
  Actually, as radical as this notion sounds, it has already been done in US history:  After President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared a "BANKING HOLIDAY" after his inauguration in 1933,  many Americans went back to their banks after "the holiday" to find... that their banks WERE NO LONGER THERE, their savings (deposits, money, safe-deposit boxes) had GONE WITH THE WIND! 
     This de facto SEIZURE  of  the savings and assets of millions of American families was REPEATED, when, again under the 'advice' of  the bankers-owned US Fed Reserve,   the Roosevelt administration  DEMANDED that ALL AMERICANS SURRENDER THEIR GOLD  with the issuance of "Executive order 6102" in 1933, shortly after the banking "holiday" WIPED OUT  millions of American families.