Monday, January 25, 2010

Financial Terrorist Tim Giethner tells Senate: "Don't reconfirm my old boss, and Financial Terrorist CAPO Ben Bernanke, and our friends at Golddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan, & on Wall Street will TORCH the markets"....

  < Geithner Warns That Markets Could Dive If Bernanke Is Not Reconfirmed >

WELL, THERE's the crux of the matter, isn't it?

   President Obama has been CONNED into believing that "THE MARKETS" - the Wall Street "pumped and dumped," "SHORT SQUEEZED," "fomented,"   inflated & deflated, pumped, primed, and bubbled Wall Street stock "MARKET PRICES" ARE THE ALPHA and OMEGA of the American economy, of THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE.
Even though the markets are now ENTIRELY SOCIALIZED, kept afloat ONLY by BILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of taxpayer extorted dollars...  TWENTY+ TRILLION taxpayer extorted "Bailouts" dollars, according to "T.A.R.P." oversight Inspector General Neil Barofsky... 
 so now so-called "Democt" President Obama's Treasury Secretary,  Tim Geithner,  is running around playing Goldman-Sachs', Wall Street, and J.P. Morgan (Chase)'s FINANCIAL TERRORIST  arm-twisting enforcer  (our paraphrase) :

"PAY UP" [ALLOW the INCOMPETENT and CORRUPT Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke to CONTINUE TO SHOVEL BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars OUT THE BACK DOOR of the Fed Reserve bank to PUMP UP Wall Street FAKE price levels] "OR WE WILL BURN DOWN the last vestiges of the  American economy"
(WRECK the ENTIRE American economy WORSE than it has already been wrecked.)

WOO-HOO!! READ BETWEEN THE LINES, we FINALLY have some TRUTH IN REPORTING coming  out of the INSANELY CORRUPT "Democrats or Rethuglicans, it doesn't really matter" Big Bankers infested Washington DC, US government, and US Treasury.

IF Mr. Geithner DID HIS JOB, and ___"CLAWED BACK"___ the TWENTY+ TRILLION dollars that HE and his former boss, Ben Bernanke,  HAVE GIVEN AWAY to Wall Street over the past 4 or 5 years,  we Americans could RUN THE U.S. GOVERNMENT for almost TWO FULL YEARS, AND have FULL EMPLOYMENT, and  SINGLE PAYER health-care FOR ALL, to boot!