Friday, January 22, 2010

More on the US MACHINE-GUN ARMED OCCUPATION of Haiti... OBAMA gives his STAMP OF APPROVAL to Bush's 2004 CIA engineered DICTATOR COUP in Haiti...

"The American troops are 'providing security' FOR A HOSPITAL that DIDN'T HAVE ANY [security] problems at all." (CNN (American) narrator!)
    As if   THAT  wasn't bad enough, IT ONLY TOOK  America's Finest A WEEK to arrive  at Haiti's major hospital... THAT DIDN'T EVEN NEED "security"!
  HECK uva' Job, Obama-Bushie! 

As we stated in our previous  post, THIS - Haiti  5 full years after the George W. Bush/CIA   INSTIGATED COUP in that country has now left the country LEADERLESS - and now  in the midst of American-style orgy of "DISASTER CAPITALISM" (machine-gun occupation) after the January 2010 earthquake, where the US MILITARY is DOING NOTHING MUCH, but MAKING A SHOW OF GUNS...!  the GODDAMN-SACHS COUP of America,  is now blatantly spreading its tentacles without apology across the Carribean (Haiti),  Central America (Honduras), Iceland (economic terrorism), Georgia (US puppet nationalist Christian-fascist dictatorship), Afghanistan (slow-burn genocide), Iraq... and of course the US TREASURY and American taxpayers EXTORTED out of  TRILLIONS of dollars to make good the FRAUDULENT BETS of the very bankers who have spent the past 5 decades trumpeting "MORAL HAZARD," "let 'em fail," "socialism harms productivity" and other talking points of predatory,  genocidal  capitalism.

Below,  "Democratic" Presidents Bill Clinton and  Barack Obama... PROVIDE THEIR STAMP OF APPROVAL for the George W. Bush/US-CIA instigated COUP against Haiti in 2004, that has left Haiti LEADERLESS in 2010...        

Over at Global,  Haiti aid activist Ben Terrall CONNECTS the mechanics of US, CIA & Wall Street FINANCED murderous, DICTATORIAL COUPS in vulnerable "3rd world" nations,  with the INTELLECTUAL DECEIT and TREACHERY of the "neo-liberals"  who now DOMINATE the US  "major media" (corporate TV &, newspapers, &  press):   Speaking of "Neo-Liberal apologists," here's a TEXTBOOK "neo-Liberal" (aka "Neo-Conservative" or "Neo-Con" for short)**   NEW YORK TIMES  apologia piece,  for President Barack Obama NOT KNOWING WHAT TO DO for Haiti, besides soliciting  PRIVATE charity fundraising, and SENDING U.S. MACHINE-GUN ARMED HELICOPTERS, with LITTLE to NO disaster relief supplies... a full WEEK after the devastating earthquake! 
"In a June 2005 Jamaica Observer column about the significance of the Haitian revolution [1791], John Maxwell wrote... [that]  the now rampant NEO-FACIST APOLOGISTS  for so-called NEO-LIBERALISM are in [a]  direct line of moral descent from those who petitioned Pope Nicholas V in 1454 TO SANCTION the SLAVE TRADE  between Portugal and Africa."  

  Note that in Mark Landler and Helene Cooper's WHORIFIC "reporting" - besides mention of $100 million Obama has pledged to Haiti (to end up in the BANK VAULTS of Haiti's most Wall Street connected bankers?!)     THERE IS NO MENTION... NOT ONE!  of any ACTUAL DISASTER RELIEF in this story... it is ENTIRELY FOCUSED on  "media message"!     
  It's as if the Hatian people don't matter... a story that  nominally APPEARS to be about American disaster relief for Haiti, is actually a "horse race" story about AMERICAN POLITICS and media message,  the people of Haiti COULD DROWN as far as the editors & writers of the  Neo-Con parasitic New York Times are concerned! 
  HECKUVA JOB THERE, NEW YORK TIMES -  "neo-liberal" DISASTER PARASITE CAPITALISM,  and   "the horse-race is more important than the issues" "journalism"  par excellence!  
  Obama White House Eager to Project Image of Competence in Relief Efforts  
by Mark Landler & Helene Cooper, New York Times
January 21, 2010

<  The military and the administration have set up a busy communication operation with 25 people at the American embassy and in cinder-block  warehouse at the airport in Port-au-Prince, Haiti's capital....
 Still, the hurdles to getting the story out [of the American president's alleged "COMPETENCE" at delivering relief to Haiti]  are high.  > 
** note: (yes, the soulless, shameless advocates for radical Right-Wing predatory, slave wages economic "disaster capitalism" use BOTH the terms "neo-LIBERAL, AND "neo-Conservative" to define their PREDATORY, dictatorship, kleptocracy larceny "capitalism" -
 -  as if they had a monopoly on BOTH "liberalism" AND "conservativism"!