Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cowardly, Corrupt Senate "Democrats" CONFIRM Bernanke - former President Bush's TREASURY-GUTTING Right-Wing Fed Chairman... so he can CONTINUE his Work of DESTROYING the US Economy...

 The cowardly, craven, disgraceful "Democrats" in the US Senate BOW to  pressure FROM THE ISRAEL LOBBY (Jewish American voters) and Wall Street,  and RE-CONFIRM  Ben Bernanke as President Bush's (now President Obama's)  RADICAL Right-Wing Federal Reserve Chairman, so he can.. CONTINUE his excellent job of.. leading the PREMEDITATED DESTRUCTION of the U.S.  Economy,  SHIPPING entire  US INDUSTRIES (much less individual factories) wholesale to Communist China, and shipping the (short term) PROFITS from that DISMANTLING of US industry, to offshore bank accounts in Israel, China,  the Cayman Islands, and other "off-shore,"  BEYOND THE REACH of American TAXES accounts.
    This DISGRACEFUL vote, by COWARDLY, CRAVEN, CORRUPT  US "Democrat" Senators, is no more, and no less, than  a REPEAT of the COWARDLY  "Democrat" Senators  NOT voting  to support the BLACK CONGRESSIONAL CAUCUS demand for a SIMPLE  Congressional investigation, into MASSIVE VOTER DISENFRANCHISEMENT in Florida by then  Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush's brother, Jeb Bush, and Jeb's then Secretary of State, Katherine Harris, during the stolen-election  faux "recount" process in Florida in November 2000.

  We CAN'T EVEN BOTHER TO SOURCE (cite, link, list) the COWARDLY "Democrat" Senators who have voted for this  CRAVEN TREACHERY today... like the BETRAYAL of  55 million Democratic  voters by the COWARDLY, CORRUPT  Dem Senators in Nov. and December 2000,  this atrocity of  a  vote will stand out LIKE A BEACON OF BETRAYAL  for years to come. 

  But below, Max Keiser's latest video repeats Mr. Keiser's by now every-day theme:  "Democrat" President Barack Obama has infested his own presidential administration, his entire "economic leadership" team,  with FINANCIAL TERRORISTS, the very bankers who lobbied for RADICAL RIGHT-WING financial DEREGULATION policies (written by Radical Right-Wing  Texas Republican, then Senator, Phil Gramm, and SIGNED into law  by then so-called "Democratic" President, Bill Clinton, in 1999 and 2000).... and then proceeded to DRIVE THEIR  OWN  banks and financial firms INTO THE TOILET of BANKRUPTCY and TRILLIONS of dollars of  "credit default" and "Derivatives" debt....  saved ONLY by  billions upon trillions of dollars of  taxpayer extorted "bailouts".... "BAILOUTS" achieved ONLY by the BRIBERY of Congress by Wall Street and the ISRAEL/AIPAC lobby, which never sees a FINANICAL TERRORIST they don't love - 

     The dirty secret of  Political Science is that, trappings of art and architecture, wealth, nobility, and royalty notwithstanding,  throughout history the most powerful "leaders" in the world have simply been the most efficient  THUGS,  the most ruthless and determined "robber barons," kings, and would-be emperors who are best able to DISPOSE of their rivals, and extort taxes and the wealth of economic production out of their captive populations;   just as the dictator regimes came to power on the eve of WWII in Germany, Italy, Japan, and elsewhere  ruthlessly ELIMINATED their opposition and turned their nation's economies to pursuit of war and war profits & conquest.
    Americans today,  not appreciative of 100+ years of  INCREASINGLY 'liberal,' increasingly democratic, increasing worker and social safety laws,  rising pay scales and pension protections,  today Americans are getting a taste of the DICTATORIAL HIJACKING of America,  by insanely greedy bankers and FOREIGN POWERS, ENABLED by AMERICAN voters, who are too ignorant or complicit to demand finanical oversight of the companies that are destroying American jobs, financial security, and the American social safety net.  

 Greenspan, Bernanke, former Goldman-Sachs Chairman Robert Rubin and his arrogant protege   Lawrence Summers;  Goldman-Sachs,  JPMorgan-Chase, Citi-bank, are all the de facto  ECONOMIC DICTATORS of America today, ENABLED and EMPOWERED by BOTH  Republican Presidents (Bush-41 and Bush-43), AND "Democratic" Presidents (Clinton, now Obama), and the proof of this is simplicity itself:  with their allies in the Neo-Con controlled Congress and Neo-Con controlled US press & media (Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, Time/Warner, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, ABC 'news',  etc.)   the Rubin-Summers-Greenspan-Bernanke  GOLDMAN SACHC /JPMorgan/Citi-bank crew DEMAND ALL CREDIT for GOOD economic times... and always manage to SHRUG OFF BLAME for economic catastrophe,  even after GETTING EVERYTHING THEY WANT in the years leading up to economic crisis!   

  FORMER HARVARD DEAN (and current Harvard Professor)  Harry R. Lewis asks the questions that ANY competent economic analyst CAN NOT AVOID asking:   "WHO is running America's economy, and WHY are they BEING REWARDED for TRASHING that American economy?"!
 "Larry Summers, Robert Rubin: Will The Harvard Shadow Elite Bankrupt The University And The Country?"  

  Professor  Lewis' comments are echoed across America in other economic analysis,  including this  excellent op-ed.... from NOVEMBER 2008, PREDICTING that President Obama's  selection of  LAWRENCE SUMMERS (one of the Ben Bernanke, Robert Rubin, Goldman-Sachs + Fed Reserve crew) would be DISASTROUS for the US economy.... 
Larry Summers: A Suicidal Choice
By Mark Ames, __November 11, 2008__  

 Ames' above predictions have been born out in more recent commentaries:
  "The Summers Conumdrum"  

  In his more recent commenataries, Mr. Ames could practically gloat about his earlier  _predictions_ being proven correct,  but instead, like any competent and concerned America, the  pleasure of being proved correct, is blown away by the realization that the Goldman-Sachs +  Fed Reserve + JP Morgan-Chase   Economic Hit Men are destroying America's neighborhoods, communities, national economy, and  America's once boastful standard of living.... 
  Just as RAHM EMANUEL has treacherously taken presidential candidate Barack Obama's 2008 campaign vow of "Health Care Reform" and turned it into another sordid example of "taxpayer extorted 'BAILOUT' BILLIONS  for Wall Street Financiers," in this case the predatory and parasitic huge insurance companies,  for example,  Mr. Emanuel and Mr. Obama PRETENDING NOT TO NOTICE  Aetna 'health' insurance company DUMPING 650,000 "health" insurance policy holders this past December 2009... just as Mr. Obama was PRETENDING that his "health care reform" bill would  "reform" such predatory abuses!
  Yesterday's  DISGRACEFUL cowardly,  corrupt Senate vote to RE-CONFIRM one of the RINGMASTERS of America's ECONOMIC DESTRUCTION,  signals that  the economy could remain in the doldrums for ANOTHER TEN YEARS,  at least according to the  analysis of  London based "Renegade Economist" Fred Harrison, ( who predicted the housing bubble and bust,  in his comments in the second half of the Max Keiser video, above.