Friday, January 29, 2010

Obama the Bald-Faced HYPOCRITE LIAR: Bashes "LOBBYISTS" in his SotU speech.. then INVITES THEM to PRIVATE Pow-wow next day!

My, what a forked tounge devil the gods have inflicted on us Americans!
 (Serves us right for spending billions of dollars following golf stars & other celebrities, instead of DEMANDING that our children get access to  decent health-care...) 
   In this case,  THE VERY DAY AFTER  Mr. Obama bashed "LOBBYISTS" in his State of the Union Speech (2 nights ago), Mr. Obama... INVITED  LOBBYISTS and "stakeholders" to a private conference-call!
   There's some more of that RAHM EMANUEL radical RIGHT-WING REPUBLICAN / Neo-Con deceit, MASQUERADING as "Democratic" for public consumption again! 
  HECKUVA JOB THERE,   Obama-Bushie!
  After Obama Rips Lobbyists, K Street INSIDERS
By Bob Cusack,
 Jan. 28, 2010 
A day after bashing lobbyists, President Barack Obama’s administration has invited K Street insiders to join private briefings on a range of topics addressed in Wednesday’s State of the Union.
The Treasury Department on Thursday morning invited selected individuals to “a series of conference calls with senior Obama administration officials to discuss key aspects of the State of the Union address.”....  (cont'd)