Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Rahm Emanuel/Goddamn-Sachs MASSACRE of Democrats now well under way: Democrats Nervous of LOSING TED KENNEDY's "Blue state Massachusetts" Senate seat!

The on-going tragedy that is the RADICAL RIGHT-WING  Rahm Emanuel/Goddamn-Sachs TAKEOVER of the "Democratic" Party continues to roll on, if not pick up steam: 
FDL reports that even BLUE STATE MASSACHUSETTS Democrats are WORRIED ABOUT LOSING the TED KENNEDY  SENATE SEAT in the upcoming 2010 midterm  elections!
   Which of course is exactly what you would expect IF the "Democratic" Party were PUSHING _the_  RADICAL-RIGHT-WING  REPUBLICAN AGENDA -
  •  Tax-Cuts for Rich  (in time of War, when EVERYONE ELSE is expected to sacrifice, at that!)
  • DEREGULATION of Financial markets, so WEALTHY SCAMMERS could SWINDLE millions of American consumers & investors  out of their jobs,  savings, investments and  even home values)
  •  MORE & expanding  WARS, Gestapo torture gulags, unlimited government surveillance & intrusion into private lives; and relentless incitement  of Muslim men worldwide to take on TIMMY McVEIGH style "LONE WOLF" terror attacks. (note:  McVeigh's bombing of the US govt. building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in 1995 was technically not a "suicide bombing," but it WAS a "lone wolf" terror attack - IF the government's prosecution of McVeigh is to be believed.) 
  •  NO OVERSIGHT BAILOUTS....  the DIRECT EXTORTION, from taxpayers, to the wealthy, of  those savings and investments ("money" or "capital") not already SWINDLED out of the public by the Deregulation jihad), by the government extortion & siezure arm (aka the IRS), "BAILOUTS" = "CORPORATE COMMUNISM" -
  • and of course THE BLATANT, unapologetic BRIBERY of Congress, to ENABLE the above.
  The above of course IS _the_ RADICAL RIGHT-WING  REPUBLICAN agenda - as so perfectly articulated and enacted by the PHIL GRAMM, Tom DeLay, Dick Armey,  Newt Gingrich, Trent Lott, Haley Barbour, Bill Frist, Steny Hastert, Paul Wolfowitz, Bill Kristol,  George W. Bush, & Dick Cheney Republicans (et al) BUT!   the above  of course IS ALSO _the_  AGENDA of the Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Hillary Clinton,  Max Baucus, Bill Nelson, RAHM EMANUEL, ROBERT RUBIN, LAWRENCE SUMMERS, and  Barack Obama "Democrats"! 
 In a year when they are out of power,  the lunatic fringe, radical Right-Wing Republicans can at least claim (even if they are LYING through their teeth  - SOMEONE HAS TO PAY for all those WARS and TAX CUTS FOR WEALTHY)  that they are for "cutting taxes."
  The Democrats, in power,  having an IDENTICAL AGENDA (of tax cuts for rich, Deregulation, and expanding wars)  CAN'T  cut taxes, without  SLASHING the SOCIAL SERVICES of THEIR OWN VOTERS -  which of course IS  the Emanuel/Rubin/Goddamn-Sachs agenda!! 
 (see the MANDATES and NEW TAXES on the hard-fought-for,  Union won, so-called  "Cadillac health care plans" that Mr. OBAMA and his treacherous Rasputin, Emanuel, want to inflict on the millions of Americans who voted Obama into office in 2008)
  WHICH IS PERFECTLY OK with TRAITOR Joe Lieberman and TRAITOR Rahm Emanuel:    BOTH OF THEM would WELCOME a REPUBLICAN RESTORATION to power - whether a takeover of House majority in 2010, or merely a DEADLOCKED Senate - as that would bring the BLATANT WARMONGERING  WOLFOWITZ-CHENEY-PERLE-FEITH-CHERTOFF-MUKASEY-Bolton-Bolten crew BACK TO POWER,  where they can ENGINEER THE US ATTACK & INVASION OF IRAN,  which is THE top long term goal  of the Emanuel-Lieberman-Wolfowitz-Netanyahu  Likudniks. 

  In Short, Republicans can BRAG on their OBSTRUCTIONIST agenda, while,  under the Radical Right-Wing Emanuel/Lieberman/Likudnik TAKEOVER of the "Democratic" Party,  "Democrats" CAN ONLY GIVE MONEY TO WALL STREET (and incite new terror attacks world wide), and COWER when the realization of that TREACHEROUS agenda hits home to Democratic voters!
   < When we last left Massachusetts, Martha Coakley had cruised to a triumphant victory in the Senate primary to replace Ted Kennedy, and was thought to be a lock to win the formality of a general election against Republican state Sen. Scott Brown. Coakley responded to her victory by practically dropping out of sight, and recent polling showed the race down to single digits.
The New York Times had a story today about the Coakley/Brown race, and how Democrats are starting to get nervous. Keep in mind that if they lost the seat, Democrats would be down to 59 votes in the US Senate, and under current rules that would not only blow up the health care bill but end any hopes of governance, period. Brown is running around saying he’s the #41 vote against health care and basing a good bit of his campaign on that fact.  >
 (OBSTRUCTING the ATROCIOUS "MANDATES" of the awful  Emanuel/Baucus/Lie.berman/insurance-industry-written "Obama health care 'reform' plan"   is a POPULAR ITEM IN AMERICA - over 50% of Americans OPPOSE  government MANDATED "health" insurance, including even those Democrats who favor some type of health care reform, but don't know the full details of the Obama plan!  And the Obama/EMANUEL plan's other SIGNATURE funding item - TAXING  GOOD  health insurance programs [called by the insanely HYPOCRITCAL Emanuel/Obama White House "CADILLAC PLANS" - AS they pour BILLIONS of dollars in to Wall Street coffers!]  obtained by union workers as part of their pay and benefits - will RILE UP _ANOTHER_ core Democratic voting constituency!

(IF  Rahm Emanuel WERE TRYING to KICK  Democratic voters in the teeth, HE COULD HARDLY DO A BETTER JOB, unless he actually  sent  machine-gun armed  "settlers" to TAKE OVER Democratic voters'  homes - and, in fact, with FOUR MILLION NEW UNEMPLOYED in the past 12 months of the Obama/Emanuel presidency, and with Banks DOING NOTHING to ameliorate their FORECLOSURE JIHAD, even as the wallow in bonus billions and trillions of dollars of taxpayextorted bailout dollars,  Emanuel IS EFFECTIVELY DOING  EXACTLY THAT!)