Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Obama now officially taking up where BUSH and CHENEY Left off: A RIGHT-WING PRESIDENT SLASHING SOCIAL PROGRAMS, while GIVING TRILLIONS to the wealthy and connected bankers....

(above, today's unnerving HuffingtonPost headline & photo)
 (Rahm Emanuel's bloody, right-wing "strangle America's social safety net" fingers all over this one.)
The proof that President Obama now has RIGHT WING DICTATORIAL TENDENCIES is simplicity itself....      Besides REFUSING to cooperate with (much less energetically lead)  public and government efforts to PROVIDE  oversight and TRANSPARENCY into the  "bailouts"  of Wall Street (and of AIG and Goldman Sachs in particular),  and besides supporting  President Bush's Fed Reserve Bank  Chairman nominee  - (Ben Bernanke, the man who presided over the destruction of 14 TRILLION dollars of American household wealth over the past 3 or 4 years) -
 - President Obama is now engaging in THE SIGNATURE policies and agenda of all Right-Wing autocrats:  He continues handing TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to the wealthy, via SOCIALIZED, tax-payer extorted "bailouts," tax-cuts, and favors to Wall Street, while SLASHING  Social programs for the American people who voted him in to office hoping for "Change."  

  Mr. Obama IS NOT EVEN TRYING to win PUBLIC SUPPORT for his ATROCIOUS  'health care' "reform" bill,  BECAUSE like any Right-Wing Republican (say, Right-Wing Neo-Con Republican Congressman Eric Cantor of northern Virginia),  Obama understands that THERE IS NOTHING for the public TO LIKE in his  Max Baucus/Joe Lieberman/insurance-industry-lobbyist written "reform," mandates & extortion of a  bill.
  Instead, in Bush-Cheney and Golddamn-Sachs fashion,  Obama and his  Economic Hit-Man enforcer of a White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, are running around smashing to oblivion any Progressive Democrats who dare stand up to their  "health" INSURANCE INDUSTRY "BAILOUT" of a bill.  
    We'll try to (literally) fill in the links later tonight...  but January 26th  of 2010 marks the week that President Obama dropped the veil of PRETENDING to OFFER ANYTHING to Democratic voters, besides more  blood, sweat, tears, low wages, rising unemployment, pink slips, outsourcing of US jobs,   eviction notices, and more garbage, over-priced "health" insurance,   but more TRILLIONS of dollars of taxpayer extorted, SOCIALIZED "bailouts"  for FAT-CAT bankers....
  one of the club... of right-wing, Joe Lieberman & Golddamn-Sachs tutored "more wars, police state powers, slashed social safety nets, and bailouts for billionaires"  autocrats.

below, candidate Obama REJECTS (at 51 seconds)  blanket "spending freezes" as an "unfair burden sharing, that's using a HATCHET to cut the federal budget, I want to use a scalpel.."