Sunday, January 24, 2010

Obama a "FINANCIAL TERRORIST" who will not rest until he has DESTROYED the Democratic Party majorities in Congress....

 The RAHM EMANUEL  orchestrated "MASSACRE of Democratic Candidates in 2010" JUST PICKED UP STEAM,   thanks to President Barack Obama's increasingly Bushian "bubble boy" DELUSIONS of competence and self-righteousness.
 ExiledOnLine captures Obama's bullheaded arrogance and failure to understand American voters' rejection of Obama's "of, by, and for Wall Street" agenda:  
"So far, Obama seems to have learned exactly the wrong lesson—he told ABC News that the election defeat came not from substance, but from bad style:  (below Obama direct quote from ABC news story)
“If there’s one thing that I regret this year is that we were so busy just getting stuff done and dealing with the immediate crises that were in front of us that I think we lost some of that sense of speaking directly to the American people about what their core values are and why we have to make sure those institutions are matching up with those values.
Today's   news headlines unfortunately bear out Exiled's assessment:
  What this means is RAHM EMANUEL  is TAKING CONTROL over those parts of the (formerly) "Democratic" Party that he hasn't already usurped power in,  thanks to Nancy Pelosi making Emanuel DCCC Chairman in 2006, and Barack Obama making Emanuel Chief of Staff of the White House in January 2009. 
 And, "Conventional Wisdom" quite to the contrary,  Emanuel's record of running elections for Democrats IS DISASTROUS:   Emanuels specialty is SELECTING REPUBLICAN candidates to run in DEMOCRATIC Primaries, and when Democratic primary voters REJECT Emanuel's  dictatorial "tax cuts for rich & expanding US wars" candidates,  Emanuel DENIES FUNDING to those genuinely Democratic, outside of Washington, "liberal"  Congressional candidates who actually reflect voters'  "anti-war, anti-tax-cuts and bailouts for wealthy" agenda.   has the full story, perhaps the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ARTICLE WRITTEN in America these past half-dozen years, from a few days after election night, November 2006:
 Note how, if Rahm Emanuel had SUCCEEDED in SABOTAGING the Democrat's 2006 opportunity to TAKE BACK THE HOUSE (and Senate) majorities,  that 2006 midterm election WOULD HAVE EMPOWERED the Bush-Cheney administration...  and the Cheney-Wolfowitz-Rumsfeld WAR MACHINE would almost certainly have ATTACKED and/or INVADED IRAN,   as this video captures AIPAC voters (Rahm Emanuel's CAREER POLITICAL CORE of support)  LOUDLY CHEERING Vice President Cheney's bombastic "Bomb Iran Now!" speech at the AIPAC annual conference, March 2007...  American voters' REJECTION of the Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz-EMANUEL  EXPANDING WARS agenda notwithstanding!!
 This is the crux of the American nightmare of DEPRESSION level UNEMPLOYMENT in some cities (Detroit, parts of California), while spending TRILLIONS of dollars for both overseas wars of conquest and occupation, AND  TRILLIONS MORE in HANDOUTS "bailouts for bankers" - to Wall Street:   Are Rahm Emanuel and the Neo-Con, Goldman-Sachs infested Democrats MERELY INCOMPETENT at  _representing_ the concerns and winning the votes of millions of American families....  or ARE the Emanuel/Goldamn-Sachs/Summers Neo-Cons DELIBERATELY TRYING TO SABOTAGE Democrats in election 2010 - AS Emanuel's fellow "Israel first" Neo-Con, JOE LEIBERMAN, TRIED TO SABOTAGE the Democrats in 2006 and 2008, Lieberman relentlessly campaigning with REPUBLICAN pro-war candidates?!!

This is the NIGHTMARE that Democratic voters, and American citizens HOPING for "CHANGE!"  from the Bush-Cheney era's "of, by, and for Big Business" era, are being CRUSHED by:  under Rahm Emanuel and Lawrence Summers,  President Obama's "Of, by, and for BIG FINANCE, Goldman Sachs & JP Morgan-Chase, EXCLUSIVELY!" agenda, is starting to make Bush and Cheney's corruption look positively benevolent by comparison, a stunning, _insane_ conclusion that is sadly born by the numbers:  the VAST MAJORITY of the "Bailouts for Big Bankers" now well over TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS to the "TBTF" bankers - have come under the reign of King Obama, the Imperial Majesty who sees NO NEED to inform the peasants and serfs of just how much money their government is giving away to connected lords and barons, "campaign donating bankers."
 Here's the backstory to President Obama's Bushian delusions, promising "CHANGE!" to voters in 2008, and then giving billions upon trillions of taxpayer obligated dollars to bankers in 2009, and refusing to accept "No!" for an answer when Mass. voters stunningly REJECTED the White House's  hand selected Senate candidate

IN the previous iteration of this blog, "DemocraticNationUSA," we called our blog "COWARDLY DEMOCRATS," (a blog we STOPPED publishing in January 2007, when Democratic Majorities took over the House and Senate)... with the anticipation that "Democratic" Party leadership would no longer use  the FEAR of roiling a "they're unpatriotic and  SOFT-on-Terror!" BACKLASH as an __EXCUSE to ROLL OVER__  for the Bush-Cheney Republicans.
   Even so,  we were forced to add two, new updated post to  "CowardlyDemocrats" almost 2 years later,  in November of 2008, when stories leaked out about how President Bush's Treasury Secretary - AND FORMER GOLDMAN SACHS CHAIRMAN  Hank Paulson - had  THREATENED Congress that "THERE WOULD BE  a MARTIAL LAW  response to RIOTS IN THE STREET"  if the Congress did not pass Paulson's insane,  three-page BLANK CHECK  $700 billion  Wall Street bankers' "BAILOUT" bill - the three pages that Paulson had sketched out being the sum total of ALL regulations overseeing the bailouts,  which is to say, NO oversight rules or regulations as Bush's Treasury Secretary, Hank Paulson, first handed the "bailouts" request to "Democrat" Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and "Democrat" Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, back in September of 2008. 
   Surprisingly FULFILLING its CONSTITUTIONAL MANDATE to be THE ULTIMATE OVERSIGHT of all federal government appropriations and spending, the US Congress BALKED at Paulson's bailout bill,  individual Representatives from BOTH parties categorically REJECTING  their Party Leaders'  demands - whether Republican Party or "Democratic" Party -  to vote for the bill... and the FIRST  Bush-Hank Paulson-PELOSI  $700 BILLION dollar,  "no strings attached" "bailout" bill WENT DOWN IN FLAMING DEFEAT, to the surprise of most, and utter consternation of the soulless, predatory NY & DC "establishment," whose   members  ("Heathers")  of course park their own ill-gotten millions (such millionaire D.C.  lying talking heads as Geore Will, Chris Mathews, Tim Russert, George Stephanopolous,  Bill "I'll legitimize a DICTATOR REGIME for a few million dollar 'speaking fee'" Clinton, etc. etc. etc.)  in stocks and banks  on Wall Street as well.
 Needless to say,  Goddamn-Sachs and the other Big Wall Street bankers ("TBTF" = "To Big To Fail" banks)  did not take "NO" for an answer at THEIR OWN LOOMING BANKRUPTCY and DEMISE,  so, with their financial lives at stake - with billions upon trillions of losses and bankruptcies and criminal fraud cases hanging in the balance - the Bankers, hedge funds, their lobbyists, and other corporations on Wall Street (including the New York Times and Washington Post, CNN/Time/Warner,  all three RADICAL RIGHT WING "news" organizations MASQUERADING as "liberal" news organizations)  went on a "beg borrow, steal, incite, and EXTORT" jihad to EXTORT from Congress the bailouts request  that had GONE DOWN to CRUSHING DEFEAT the first time around. 

    This is where, ONCE AGAIN, the "Democratic" Party "leadership"  CAVED IN to the demands of Wall Street, Big Finance, and Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan-Chase, and Citi-bank  executives in particular,  the "Democrat" Party having become DEPENDENT, over the years, on Wall Street donations to counter-balance the flood of other corporate money flowing to the Republican Party.
  Hank aulson's  GoddamnSachs WET DREAM of a "Bailouts" bill was passed - not only did THE PELOSI Congress authorize  $700 BILLION dollars for HANK PAULSON to DISTRIBUTE AS HE WISHED - with very little, next to NO oversight -  but THE SAME WEEK,  Federal Reserve Bank Chairman BEN BERNANKE  dished out ANOTHER  $630 Billion in "LIQUIDITY INJECTIONS" cash... that WOUND UP in the SAME  TBTF banks' vaults, that were receiving  Paulson's  up-front $700 billion bailouts! 
   The Congress PRETENDED NOT TO NOTICE  that the TBTF banks, led by the unholy GoddamnSachs/Citi/JPMorgan-Chase troika, were actually almost DOUBLING the "BAILOUTS" amount they had been authorized... from $700 billion to $13,300-billion in just one week, alone, (yes, that $1.3 TRILLION dollars)   with MUCH MORE TO COME just as quickly and Bernanke... and Bernanke's flunky,  TIM GEITHNER, President  at the New York  Fed... could find more "back door" means to pour huge chunks of American taxpayer obligated cash  into the vaults of those TBTF bankers that had been Geithner's and Bernanke's sponsors and patrons for their entire careers! 
  You effectively had  Congress authorizing (under threats of extortion and martial law by a former Goldman Sachs chairman)  "FRONT DOOR" bailouts, and PRETENDING NOT TO NOTICE the Fed Reserve "liquidity injection" BACK DOOR BAILOUTS - even with the debate of the two bailout bills, (and rejection of first)  Congress was STILL,  SHIRKING  its Constitutional obligation to oversee the nations finances, taxes, and revenue distribution!
  ("Revenue distribution" i.e. government spending, or, in case of "bailouts" to bankers, the US government GIVING MONEY AWAY, wholesale, by literally the ton.)  

  All the above is merely prelude to today's post:  President Barack Obama, and the Emanuel/GoldmanSachs infested White House,  REFUSE to TAKE "NO" for an answer from American voters, and, not taking the loss of  the Massachusetts senate seat formerly held by Ted Kennedy over to Republicans as a wake-up call,  the Obama/Emanuel  White House is going to CONTINUE to PLOW FORWARD with its Rahm Emanuel overseen "OF, BY, and FOR BANKERS,  CRUMBS for American families'" agenda -    today's Huffington Post front-page headline reads:
 (Plouffe is a current Obama administration senior advisor, who, among others, has been a participant in the Obama/Emanuel Health Care 'Reform' SABOTAGE  FOLLY of 2008; in 2008 Plouffe was manager over  Obama's presidential campaign.)
  In short,  "Democratic" President Barack Obama CARES NO MORE for voter and American citizen opinion, than President George W. Bush did before him. 

  In his insane arrogance  and Bushian self-righteousness,  Mr. Obama  has forced TRILLIONS of dollars of  bailouts to TBTF bankers through, despite public resistance;  he REFUSES to provide FINANICIAL OVERSIGHT, much less PROSECUTE FRAUD, from both the Goldman-Sachs "DOUBLE DIPPING" from AIG bailouts, much less for the BLATANTLY FRAUDULENT CONDITIONS (which Current Goldman Sachs Chairman, Lloyd Blankfein, even ADMITTED TO, briefly, in Congressional testimony earlier this month!)  which led to this economic crisis,  the most blatant of which are right there in the AIG written Goldman Sachs "Credit Default Swap" CDO's and other "TOXIC DERIVATIVES" "securities" which were nothing but Casino gambling bets.
   Indeed, Goldman Sachs was _selling_ "securities" to its customers MARKED as "Grade-AAA," while  GS execs were SIMULTANEOUSLY purchasing CDO (Credit Default Obligations)  "default"  Derivatives, from AIG,   that would PAY OFF  _IF_  those "Grade A"  "securities" Goldman was selling to its customers failed...
    Goldman Sachs STOOD to PROFIT if they  SABOTAGED the very securities they were  selling unwary customers, and 2, 3 or 4 years later, "Democrat" President BARACK OBAMA  PRETENDS NOT TO NOTICE!!!!
  President Obama is now running a PROTECTION RACKET for Wall Street in general, and Goldman Sachs in particular, and he is either so corrupt, or so insanely arrogant, that he cares not if he DESTROYS the Democratic majorities in Congress,  he will CONTINUE to INFLICT the DESPISED  Rahm Emanuel/Goddamn-Sachs agenda on Democratic voters, come Hell or High Water;  come the  looming "MASSACRE of DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES" in 2010, and HIS OWN POTENTIAL Ken Starr-esque IMPEACHMENT, should the Republicans gain the House majority in 2011!