Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dictatorship USA: US Military halts flights of critical Haiti earthquake patients out of Haiti.. because Haiti is a DICTATORSHIP run COLONY of the US military...

Since when did THE US MILITARY determine who could, and could not, fly out of Haiti? 
 Oh yeah... since Haiti became a de facto DICTATORSHIP COLONY of America, going back.. well, going back to at least the days when the Likudnik "Israel first" Neo-Cons, and Southern radical Right-Wing George Bush-Jeb Bush-Dick Cheney-Tom DeLay-Bill Frist-Trent Lott-Strom Thurmond & Jesse Helms (etc.) neo-Confederate Republicans  conspired together to steal  the election of 2000.
(And since the President Bush,  CIA, and US Big Business ORCHESTRATED  DICTATORSHIP COUP in Haiti 3 years later, in Feb. 2004.)
  Flowery Ivy League words and speeches notwithstanding, THIS - rule by US military dictatorship - IS the "model" for the future, according to President Barack Obama and his "brain-trust" of  Neo-Cons, war- profiteers, Big Finance financial terrorists, and the other Clinton-Bush administration economy-killing  retreads in the Obama White House and throught the NY/DC Washington "establishment" and US government.
  Hell, LETTING PEOPLE DIE from LACK OF MEDICAL CARE,  _is_ America's policy... for THOUSANDS  of AMERICANS families! 
 TRILLIONS of American taxpayer dollars  for the US Likudnik run military to run overseas wars, and de facto U.S.  dictatorship colonies...  so those US forces can FORCE PATIENTS TO DIE  from medical neglect... whether in Haiti or in America, praise Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and Moses!  
US Halts Airlifts Of Haiti Patients, Citing Space
by Jennifer Kay, AP
Jan. 30, 2010

 MIAMI — The U.S. military has halted flights carrying Haitian earthquake victims to the United States because of an apparent dispute over where seriously injured patients should be taken for treatment.
An American doctor treating victims in Port-au-Prince warned that at least 100 patients needed to get to better hospitals or they could die, while the U.S. government said it was working to expand hospital capacity in both Haiti and in the U.S.
It was unclear exactly what prompted the Wednesday decision by the U.S. military to suspend the flights, or when it would end. Military officials said some states were refusing to take patients, though they wouldn't say which states.
"There has been no policy decision by anyone to suspend evacuee flights," White House spokesman Tommy Vietor said. "This situation arose as we started to run out of room."
[the good ol' Obama White House "IGNORANCE" and "INCOMPETENCE" whitewash _excuses_  for DICTATORSHIP, "We'll help 'em die by the thousands" policies...]