Thursday, January 7, 2010

Senator Dorgan retirement Highlights the ABJECT CORRUPTION of the Emanuel/obama White House.....

 As's David Dayen explains, the (pending late 2010) retirement of North Dakota Senator Byron Dorgan - one of the few "good guys" in either house of Congress - allows Senator Dorgan to highlight  TWO EXTREMELY RIGHT-WING  agenda items of THE INCREDIBLY CORRUPT  President Obama:
  #1. Prescription Drug re-Importation
 #2. a HOLD on  Ben Bernanke's confirmation for a new term as Fed Chairman.

 BOTH of these  Emanuel/obama policies are RIGHT OUT OF THE GEORGE W. BUSH and DICK CHENEY administration ledger of atrocities.
     For it was Bush who first nominated Bernanke for the Fed chair job -  in the years before the American public  saw FOURTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS of household wealth VANISH  under Bernanke's tenure at the Fed! 
     ...and OUTLAWING the "re-importation" of prescription drugs from Canada, that COST American consumers LESS than they MUST PAY for the IDENTICAL drugs purchased in America - was also a SIGNATURE  Bush  RIGHT-WING POLICY.

    PRESIDENT Barack Obama IS a radical 
 like Rahm Emanuel and Joe Lieberman,  MASQUERADING  as a progressive, much less "liberal" Democrat.

 (bonus:  It had to happen.  Barack Obama's  LIES, BETRAYALS, and TREACHERIES have cost American consumers & taxpayers SO MANY TRILLIONS of dollars, that former Obama supporters are now being FORCED to go back and examine candidate Obama's  2008 campaign pledges.   PROVING that Barack Obama IS A SERIAL LIAR, is as easy as COMING UP WITH VIDEO of his 2008 campaign: