Saturday, January 30, 2010

More on Obama's disgraceful, bald-faced ORWELLIAN LYING: health care "Reform" SABOTAGING Obama, PRETENDS he is concerned with cost containment!

In the below video, we have a disgraceful, positively ORWELLIAN (which is to say, "Nazi-esque") example of President Obama's  ARROGANCE, DECEIT,  and DICTATORIAL tendencies.  
(photo, left: Obama PRETENDS to SCOLD Republicans for "obstructing" genuine health care reform... even as his own "Economic Hit Man" enforcer of a White House Chief of Staff,  Rahm Emanuel, does the Republicans' DIRTY WORK FOR THEM,  it is EMANUEL & Obama and their "Blue Dog" Senate "Democrat" allies who have been SIDING WITH Big  INSURANCE,  Big Pharma, and Big HMOs  to OBSTRUCT a  "public option"  health care reform... from even consideration, from even   DEBATE,  for ALL of 2009.
Photo, right: Obama's dictatorial ENFORCERS:   Baltimore downtown cops, and hotel management, collude to ARREST Doctor Jennifer Flowers for holding a sign, and for trying to hand Obama staffers a letter advocating a form of government run health  care (Medicare for All)  at a hotel entrance that Obama staffers will use.  
Access to the president &  his staffers is VERBOTTEN in Barack Obama & Rahm Emanuel's DICTATORIAL,  cynical, bullying, deceitful,  profiteering, kick-backs,  & slush funds corruption,  lying from the presidential podium America.... 
see for yourself in the  video -

   As we've said before here at DemNationUSA,  Mr. Obama is fast becoming a 20th century version of an African SLAVE TRADE KING,  profiting from the misery, death, despair, and enslavement of his neighboring tribes,   as those slave-trade kings held the freshly enslaved captives in their fortress castle trading ports, and traded them to European merchants and slavers for imported wealth, whether guns, rum, cloth, gold,  or any of the other products of the 14th to 19th century slave trade that West Africa ports received from the trans-Atlantic slave trade. 
   In this case, Mr. Obama, who is owned by the Wall Street,  Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan-Chase  "Financial Terrorists" financiers who have crashed the U.S. economy,   has privately and behind the scenes SABOTAGED genuine health-care reform on behalf of the very BIG INSURANCE COMPANIES (an element of Wall St. and the Big Finance financiers) that he campaigned against all through 2008. Whether OBSTRUCTING  the "Public Option" that THE MAJORITY of Americans want (nearly 65%, despite the corporate media's disgraceful complicity with the Big Insurance Jihad to smear and diminish a Public Option alternative to private, for profit health care) ,  or some version of SINGLE PAYER insurance that most of the industrialized world already has,  President Obama disgracefully  used his State of the Union (SOTU) speech to PRETEND that such options  don't even exist! 
   And the cost is far from trivial:  In true Wall Street/Financial Terrorist manner,  Mr. Obama's  focus   exclusively on   the "COSTS" of providing  health care UNDER THE CURRENT, PROFIT-uber-alles system....  implicitly defends the right of health insurance executives to SKIM  BILLIONS of dollars of "PROFITS" off the top of America's health care bills; "profits" and executive compensation which can only be obtained by DENYING  medical coverage to insurance policy holders who have paid their premiums, often for decades when they were healthy.
  Not only does this current system create 45,000 ANNUAL DEATHS from Americans dying of treatable illnesses but DENIED medical care... not only does that number include 17,000 AMERICAN CHILDREN per year....  but the number almost certainly understates the number of Americans who have cancers and other illnesses METASTASIZING in their bodies, because they have gone UNDIAGNOSED by lack of preventative health care until it is far too late (and costly) to treat those late-stage diseases. 
  And here's the fourth major cost of Obama's  HEALTH CARE REFORM SABOTAGE of 2009...
(besides  #1. Americans DYING from lack of health care;  #2. Americans DENIED PREVENTATIVE health care; and besides #3.  MEDICAL BANKRUPTCIES under the current "we want money, or you can just go ahead and  die" health care system)
...there are the Single Payer and Public Option supporters  Mr. Obama's government has HAD ARRESTED - on at least 3 different ocassions now, Mr. Obama has played "THE GOOD GERMAN"  feigning ignorance, as protesters supporting REAL reform, are HAULED OFF BY POLICE, at the call of Mr. Obama's  reform SABOTAGING allies, whether Senator Max Baucus LAUGHING as he CALLS FOR MORE POLICE to ARREST doctors from  
(and again a day or two later from another Baucus chaired conference hearing that SinglePayerAction doctors were arrested from)
 or the most recent case (top video) Dr. Jennifer Flowers ARRESTED at a Baltimore hotel trying to hand any Obama aide  a letter that would butress the argument for some form of government run health insurance.
 Below, the video of Obama's ARROGANT, DICTATORIAL DISGRACE:  PRETENDING to be concerned about health care costs, pretending to be concerned with genuine health care reform, even as, behind the scenes, he is SABOTAGING even discussion of the Public Option, even as Mr. Obama is CENSORING DEBATE on  the Public Option, and even as he coldly DOES  NOTHING as American doctors ARE ARRESTED, protesting a health care crisis  that leads directly to  UNNECESSARY AMERICAN DEATHS from medical care denied, leads to THOUSANDS upon millions of health care BANKRUPTCIES - here are Mr. Obama's own ORWELLIAN,  lying-in-our-faces words:
  Obama from his disgraceful Jan. 2010 SOTU speech:  "If ANYONE from either party, has a better approach that will BRING DOWN PREMIUMS, bring down the deficit, cover the uninsured,  strengthen medicare for seniors, and stop insurance company abuses, LET ME KNOW... I'm EAGER to see it!"
  FOR SHAME, Mr. Obama!  You are both a bald-faced liar, AND a DICTATORIAL BULLY,  you are CENSORING and ARRESTING  those who would bring your abject lies (and craven corporate donors KICBACKS and slush-fund corruption)  health care reform SABOTAGE  to public attention!

 ( Mr. Obama's relentless lies and sabotage have even corrupted Ed Schultz, who plays Mr. Obama's comments at face value,  so to "finally get something going"  in the way  of  health care "reform." 
Radio talk show host Big Ed  was once America's most vocal Public Option advocate,  he his now effectively helping Obama, Emanuel, Baucus, and the despised joe Lieberman   RAM their  Senate 'health care reform"  atrocity through the Congress,  in order to "get it done" in Mr. Schultz's words.
At least Mr. Schultz had Congressman Kucinich on to give the rational, sane, humane  approach to health care reform:  REJECT Obama's INSANE SENATE ATROCITY of a BILL,  in its entirety,  as a "non starter"!)

 If you support the courageous efforts of Americans like Dr. Flowers and Dr. Carol Paris to BREAK THROUGH the abject LIES and Republican,  insurance company, corporate media, AND "Democratic"  Party  dictatorial CENSORSHIP of the health care debate, please support with your contributions, or send Dr. Flowers a letter of encouragement and support for her sacrifice of time, career, and psychological   effort trying to break through President Obama's disgraceful obstruction of genuine health care reform.
  (to)   Dr. Margaret Flowers, M.D.
Maryland chapter, Physicians for a National Health Program