Thursday, January 14, 2010

Democratic Nation USA, STUPID AMERICANS edition: Lloyd Blankfein, Jamie Dimon make it clear "WE will be BAILED OUT, AGAIN in future... YOU Americans CAN GO TO HELL!"

Democratic Nation USA, the "STUPID AMERICANS" edition:
  MEET YOUR MASTER(s), AMERICA:  THE BANKERS who PROFIT from YOUR DESTRUCTION, Golddamn-Sachs'   LLOYD BLANKFEIN, and JP Morgan-Chase Banks' Jamie Dimon!

 Golddamn-Sachs Chairman LLOYD BLANKFEIN, at the EPICENTER of the LOOTING, THEFT, and DESTRUCTION of America's economy,   smuggly having his cake and eating it to: In one moment piously stating [our slight paraphrase]
   "No bank is too big to fail,  they let Merrill-Lynch, Lehman brothers, and Bear Stearns fail"  (not quite mentioning that ALL those FAILURES were TO Golddamn-Sachs' BENEFIT, and many financial analysts consider that, in September 2008, then Bush-II  Treasury Secretary, and FORMER _Golddamn-Sachs Chairman_ HANK PAULSON was  a big part of why some banks & hedge funds failed.... and others BENEFITTED from BILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of  dollars of government "bailouts" handed to them by the Pelosi Congress and the Bush-PAULSON Treasury & GS allied Ben Bernanke/Tim Geithner Fed)
  And in the next moment, Blankfein forced to admit that, were market forces to AGAIN  turn against Golddamn-Sachs or "any of the other counterparty banks" at the hearings, HE'D EXPECT ___MORE BAILOUTS__  for them,  and his own "bank," too!  

  Here's the Business Week brief clip on the Congressional  hearings that MAKE IT OFFICIAL:  
    "SOCIALIZED BAILOUTS FOR BANKERS,  SCRAPS & CRUMBS for American Families"    LOOTING & THEFT of America, under BOTH   INSANELY CORRUPT  "Democratic"  AND  Republican Parties.
 and -
  Needless to say, THE REASON we title this post the "STUPID AMERICANS" edition, is because Americans are STUPID ENOUGH, and GREEDY ENOUGH, to TOLERATE THIS LARCENY,  while they prefer to STAY ENTERTAINED by their favorite TV dramas,  sports shows, or Hollywood movies....  even as their jobs, their SAVINGS, their PENSIONS, market investments and stock portfolios, their HEALTH CARE, children's education, and children's lifetime opportunities area all ERODED by the coordinated "PUMP AND DUMP"  hedge-fund assaults on the market, that are WRIT LARGE by  similar "INFLATE & BUST"  assaults, by the biggest bankers, on the money supply, i.e. on the  ENTIRE American ECONOMY.

BONUS SEASON is "on" for the RULING CLASS of America: