Friday, January 22, 2010

CONCENTRATION CAMP HAITI??! Hell, Under Rahm Emanuel and the Golddamn-Sachs financed COUP in America, AMERICA is shaping up to be the next Gaza/West Bank CONCENTRATION CAMP!

Do we here at DemNationUSA really have to spell it out?

As the book, "The War Nerd" illustrates (with example after example after example), the British, and their British empire, were EVERY BIT as GENOCIDAL as some of history's most feared and despised ancient conquerors
(Mongols, Romans, Turks, Assyrians, etc.) 
  or  as other, more modern  European colonial conquerors
(think "Spanish Inquisition conquest and bloody mass  purges  of much of Europe" and the  Spanish Conquistador conquest of the New World; or the King Leopold II's  "Belgian Free State" Congo, which colonial "free state" wiped out between 30% and 50% of the region's native population),
...nonetheless the  British and their armies of bureaucratic colonial administration officials mastered the PR narrative that (to steal a phrase) "they came in peace" -
   -  That  in exchange for complete and total subordination to British military occupation  dictatorship rule, countries like Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Burma, India, Egypt, and other British occupied terrorities could enjoy the benefits of railroads, bridges, canals,  and the benefits of  Britain's army of imported low-wage India (slave) labor,  etc.

 This above paradigm PERFECTLY explains America's  "MAJOR MEDIA" treatment of  the HAITI CRISIS, where merely by showing a few moments of video of American military troops handing  bottles of water to earthquake devastated Haitians on US national network TV,  the US press & media    create AN IMAGE  of a BENEVOLENT America. 
  NOTHING could be further from the truth. 

 Under the "leadership" of America's FINANCIAL TERRORISTS - at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan-Chase, Citi-bank,   and the other Rothschilds/Likudnik dominated Wall Street banks that now OWN the United States of America -  HAITI is now effectively a US RUN  CONCENTRATION CAMP! 
 (Hatians now crowding into Africa war-refugee style camps.) 

We thought we were among the first to notice this trend -  what with so-called "Democratic" ex- President   BILL CLINTON   (and, effectively,  current "Democratic" President Barack Obama)      putting an _official_ "Democratic" Party  SMILEY FACE  stamp-of-approval on   the George W. Bush orchestrated, US imposed DICTORSHIP COUP in Haiti  of 2004... 

 ...and  what with the announcement that the UNITED STATES now has a MILITARY, naval  EMBARGO SURROUNDING HAITI, to KEEP Haitians from staging another massive, "Mariel style boat-lift  EXODUS" to America -  but good old Max Keiser one-upped us,  mentioning that the US DICTATORSHIP OCCUPATION of Haiti - 30,000 US troops there now, troops who have little to ZERO interest (much less training and supplies)  in rebuilding Haiti's wrecked economy and democracy -  could well be merely a prelude, or   STAGING,  for a pending US OCCUPATION OF CUBA
(As Kuwait was the STAGING area for the US INVASION of IRAQ in 2003.) 

  Elsewhere  some good reporters  have  pointed out JUST HOW LAGGARDLY,  and as an AFTERTHOUGHT,  US disaster relief to Haiti has been;   that little old ICELAND 
(beseiged by the "pump & dump," inflate and deflate" bubble of  billions of dollars of  massive CREDIT FRAUD inflicted on it by London bankers, at that)
 was able to... send a team of expert relief workers to Haiti WITHIN 36 HOURS! - while the great US military hospital ship arrived in Haiti...  ONLY yesterday, and similar US disaster team were also DAYS in making their ardous journey to Haiti?!!,iceland-sends-rescue-team-to-haiti.html
U.S. Hospital Ship Arrives in Haiti - [A WEEK after Earthquake devastation!]  

     Bravo, America! 
The (literally) former victims and survivors    (and refugees from, and their Israel and American born descendents)    of the  Nazi  Concentration Camps, are NOW RUNNING AMERICA,  and are turning HAITI, HONDURAS,  IRAQ,  AFGHANISTAN,  (and,  next up, Cuba? Venezuela? Bolivia?  Georgia?)  INTO  de facto CONCENTRATION CAMPS under eternal US/Israel Likudnik domination (both financially and  militarily),  complete with   "War on Terra" military, wartime, police state surveillance and  Gestapo torture gulags occupations,  and economic  sabotage ("outsourcing" entire US industries to Communist China)  and  political & economic disenfranchisement.
US Troops Surge by 30% in Haiti; Preparing for Cuba?
by Stacy Herbert, the Keiser Report,
January 21st, 2010

 Stacy's  Summary: Clearly, the US troops are not there to provide humanitarian support or aid. Who wants to bet that the number of troops will near 30,000 and that those troops will be used to occupy Cuba within the next 12 months?
US troop numbers surge in Haiti 
  The back-story to Haiti's  endless POVERTY:  ENDLESS Western, now US, NAVAL BLOCKADES  and military embargoes:
  Homeliving Haiti has been looted by many for centuries 
Greg Palast: History of a Haitian Holocaust's Michael Collins discusses the  Ayn Rand, NY Times, WashPost, Bill Kristol, William Safire, Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Robert Rubin, Lawrence Summers, Lloyd Blankfein,  Jamie Dimond, Hank Paulson,  Leo Straussian,  Milton Friedman,  Thomas Friedman-esque,    "NEO-LIBERAL"  post- Katrina New Orleans-esque looming  BLACKWATER/US military  OCCUPATION of Haiti...