Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Army Soldier Enlisted for hazardous Afghan War duty... to provide Health Care for his family. Now they have no father...

The NEO-CON & Neo-Confederate GOALS: of TURNING AMERICANS INTO PAUPERS, SERFS, and wage-slaves peons continues to reap dividends for the WAR-MONGERING, predatory finance, and loot-the-treasury Neo-Cons & Neo-Confeds: as their INTENTIONAL SABOTAGE of the American economy continues, with RECORD UNEMPLOYMENT, DECLINING WAGES, and SKYROCKETING "fixed" costs, including especially Health Insurance premiums, one American family mourns the death of that family's husband and father - a US soldier, killed in an ambush in Afghanistan, volunteered for duty there IN ORDER TO PROVIDE HEALTH-CARE for his family.
- Army Spc. Gregory James Missman died in Afghanistan after suffering wounds from an improvised explosive device in July.
Missman, 36, re-enlisted in the military after being laid off from his job as a computer consultant. Missman served in the Army 11 years earlier.
According to Missman's father, HEALTH CARE IS WHAT PUSHED HIS SON BACK INTO THE SERVICE. After losing his job, Missman's young family, a wife and son were no longer insured.
He was deployed to Afghanistan June 5 and mortally wounded July 8.
Missman was awarded the Purple Heart before he died.