Sunday, August 30, 2009

Treacherous Emanuel/Lieberman Neo-Con HIJACKING of Dem Party: CLUELESS Dems DON'T EVEN TRY to CLAIM CREDIT for Medicare !!

HOW OBVIOUS is the treacherous Neo-Con Likudnik (Emanuel/Lieberman/Feinsetein/Harman et al pro-war, ALLIED-WITH the Republican Party War Lobby) TAKEOVER of the "Democrat" Party?!

SO complete, that STUPID COWERING, CLUELESS "Democrats" (and the insanely oblivious President Obama) DON'T EVEN TRY TO CLAIM CREDIT FOR MEDICARE, even as OBSTRUCTIONIST, sabotage Republicans, WHO HAVE WANTED TO KILL Medicare for 40 years, NOW cast themselves as "looking out for seniors on Medicare" without a peep of Democrat PR to contest the blatant Republican hypocrisy !!!

THE SENIORS who are SCREAMING THEIR OPPOSITION to genuine Health Care reform as "SOCIALISM!" run amok - ARE ALMOST ALL _ON_ Medicare & Social Security!

And the Obama White House IS NOT EVEN TRYING to explain this Republican propaganda MANIPULATION of millions of scared and insecure Seniors, millions of WHOSE ONLY lifeline to health care access, are DEMOCRATIC designed, enacted, and maintained programs!!

RAHM EMANUEL and the GOLDMAN-SACHS LIKUDNIKS who now CONTROL the 'Democratic' Party and Obama White House, could well be THE DESTRUCTION of the Obama White House (ALREADY BELOW 50% in polls, while the good days of summer are still here), if not THE DEATH of democracy in America should a new wave of economic failures lead to a new wave of Timmy McVeigh DOMESTIC TERRORISM and RABIN-STYLE ASSASSINATIONS by Right-Wing gunmen (which would empower Right-Wing calls for martial law.) :
The GOP's 40-Year Effort to "Pull the Plug" on Medicare
[GOES UNMENTIONED by 'Democrat' "leaders"!]

by Brian Beutler
August 25, 2009

<< During the health care fight this summer, the GOP has been warning seniors, in ominous tones, of the danger that Democrats might cut Medicare--CONVEINTLY FORGETTING that THIS HAS BEEN the REPUBLICAN PARTY's OFFICIAL POSITION for MORE THAN A GENERATION. >> !!