Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Keith Olbermann EXPOSES BRIBE-TAKING Senators & Congress-critters who OPPOSE HEALTH CARE for MILLIONS of Americans... !!!!


BRAVO for Keith Olbermann!
Mr. Olbermann, host of MSNBC's "COUNTDOWN" news show, is stepping up where the ENTIRE "Democrat" Party - INCLUDING the EMANUEL/Goldman-Sachs/Obama White House - FEAR and REFUSE to tread.

For the past 2-dozen years, the DC "Democrat" leaders FAIL to MAKE THE CONTEXT of where America would be without ONE HUNDRED YEARS of "liberal," small-'d' "democratic," progressive, progress -

- From prohibitions on child labor,
to the right to unionize against murderous corporate bosses, from minimum mine safety & job safety standards to prevent mine & factory owners from treating workers as being as DISPOSABLE as firewood
(some mines in the pre-union era had DAILY fatalities);
- from regulations to oversee the horrid conditions in meat-packing plants,
- to the right for WOMEN to vote;
- to the GI bill to empower the post-WWII academic & scientific boom which powered America as the premier nation of "The American century:
- to CIVIL RIGHTS FOR WHITES & minorities alike....
- ALL the above programs, & countless more, were created as a DIRECT RESULT of Americans FIGHTING FOR, & Democrat legislators passing, "LIBERAL," progressive laws & policies...
- a "back-history" that today's Democrat "leaders" have been EXTREMELY POOR at explaining to American citizens. (Which is to say, "TV viewers").

From the start of his Special Comment, Mr. Olbermann PROVIDED THAT CONTEXT, how in 1919 NY companies ATTACKED & RESISTED a FIRE COMMISSION REPORT demanding SPRINKLERS & fire safety measures for workers in manufacturing buildings in the city - and how, sure enough, mere DAYS after the companies KILLED those insurance commission safety improvements, the infamous Triangle ShirtWaist Factory fire erupted, KILLING 150 workers, many of who died JUMPING OUT of the burning building.
From that graphic image of firefighters DODGING falling bodies - dodging falling, BURNING bodies - Olbermann seamlessly went into an explanation of America's current 'Russian roulette' 'Health-care' system: How "[We] ALL KNOW THE DRILL," no matter HOW many BILLIONS of dollars we Americans pour into our system, we all know that we are just major illness away from HAVING TO SELL OUR HOMES, and GO INTO POVERTY, if we should be afflicted by an illness that can only be treated with costly, long-term care.

From there, Mr. Olbermann went into his "BRIBE-TAKERS" exposition, how EVERY SINGLE Senator & Congressional Representative who is OPPOSED to genuine health-care reform has received TENS OF THOUSANDS, upon HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, upon MILLIONS OF DOLLARS of lobbyist BRIBE money, to OBSTRUCT genuine health-care access for MILLIONS of Americans now EXCLUDED by the industry's CHERRY-PICKING, for-profit ghoulishness..
a system that effectively is DESIGNED to DENY COVERAGE, and DENY claims, to those who most need it!

A "PUBLIC OPTION" would give American consumers, and the insurance company MONOPOLIES that own aMERICAN health-care, some REAL COMPETITION.

- Mr. Olbermann explained BOTH the CONTEXT of a Representatives' OWN CONSTITUENTS __NOT__ being able to obtain health-care because of an prior illness or health problem
(or "pre-existing condition" as the parasite industry calls it) ,
and those Representatives OPPOSING the ability of their own constituents to obtain real Health Care, because THEY HAVE BEEN REWARDED with HUNDREDS-of-THOUSANDS of dollars, sometimes MILLIONS of dollars, of corporate lobbyists BRIBE money.

BRIBE MONEY with ONE sole purpose, to MAINTAIN this criminally outrageous "FOR PROFIT" system where industry executives & CEO's walk away with multi-million-dollar "BONUSES" and pay, WHILE AMERICAN FAMILIES can NOT GET affordable, reliable, and rock-solid health-care, and families are OFTEN FORCED IN TO BANKRUPTCY when a family member comes down with a major illness.