Sunday, August 9, 2009

Obama Health Care TREACHERY - his BETRAYAL of American Families now in cold black & white...

** New! ** Obama's CAMPAIGN PLEDGES, to DO SOMETHING MEANINGFUL in Health Care Reform.... Obama earnestly PROMISES to CONFRONT the "Pay-to-Play" CULTURE of blatant BRIBERY, CORRUPTION, and corporate-funded PROPAGANDA LIES if he won election to be president, he would return to Washington RECHARGED to CONFRONT the "good ol' boys" insider racket -
"WE DON'T NEED someone to DUST OFF AN OLD, FAILED, Bush Health-Care reform policies, WE NEED REAL REFORM"
(YouTube video of candidates comments at) -
"Dusting off OLD, FAILED, 'bi-partisan' Republican and 'Blue-Dog' DINO ('Democrat In Name Only) Health Care fake-reform" is EXACTLY what PRESIDENT Obama did, when he let his former fellow senators SEND the ALL IMPORTANT Health Care Reform Bill to Senate Finance Committee Chairman MAX BAUCUS' committee - which was STACKED with FIFTEEN Industry lobbyists and REFORM-KILLING 'experts', with NOT ONE SINGLE ADVOCATE for single-payer or even Public-Option insurance!
FOR SHAME, President Obama!! YOUR GOLDMAN-SACH administration WRECKING CREW, IS MAKING A fool and a LIAR out of you!
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The cold, cruel treacheries & BETRAYALS of the Obama White House in the 'Health Care Reform' crisis have come to their predictable cruel results, in cold black & white headlines:

Those cold headlines now officially in print, to CONFIRM what anyone could tell MONTHS ago, that the Emanuel/Goldman-Sachs/obama White House is ON THE SIDE OF the insurance industry and for corporate EXTORTION of American families, a BETRAYAL of Obama's campaign 2008 pledges, a TREACHEROUS BETRAYAL of American families' life-& death health-care needs.

Note: the ENTIRE below rant can be summed up in one sentence:
>> President Obama DID NOT LIFT A FINGER to support the DOCTORS & nurses ARRESTED out of Sentor Baucus' dictatorial Senate Finance Committee (back in February 2009), those doctors protesting Baucus' FIFTEEN-to-ZERO EXCLUSION of genuine reform advocates from his very preliminary "health care reform" hearings (which, of course, were STACKED with INDUSTRY LOBBYISTS);
ALL the months SINCE then are merely a REPEAT of this most basic Obama White House abandonment, TREACHERY, and BETRAYAL!!


The chain of items supporting the above horrendous conclusion are now all availablein on-line videos.
Here is uber- Right-Wing Republican PNAC (Likudnik) War-Monger, and entitled NY multi-millionaire media heir BILL KRISTOL saying, (our slight paraphrase, Kristol's actual comments start at 59 seconds in the video) -
'WHENEVER I hear of American school CHILDREN who will DIE because they are DECLINED HEALTH-CARE COVERAGE for a DEADLY DISEASE,'
Here then presidential candidate BARACK OBAMA PLEDGES to obtain "UNIVERSAL HEALTH-CARE REFORM" by the end of his first term in office - -
(note: the VIDEO INSERT of the above link is NOT EVEN WORTH putting here, because Obama's words ARE such CHEAP TRASH! Now _President_ Obama has so BETRAYED his pledge, he has SO BOTCHED the Health Care "reform" effort in his first 8 months, that it will be impossible to resurrect a GENUINE "universal" health care option in the final three yeas of his term of office.

Here so-called "DEMOCRAT" Senator MAX BAUCUS SLAMS HIS GAVEL DOWN, CALLING FOR MORE POLICE, and LAUGHING as Doctors & Nurses from are ARRESTED by cops right out of the audience gallery of Baucus' Committee, Senator Baucus LAUGHING as those Doctors risk their careers PROTESTING Baucus' 15:0 FIFTEEN-to-ZERO dictatorial EXCLUSION of single-payer advocates from even THE very MOST PRELIMINARY of health-care reform hearings, even as one lady doctors shouts out as she is hauled away by the burly cops, "20,000 people DIE every year, Senator, because they do not get medical treatment after they have been denied coverage," a figure that probably does not count thousands more American denied claims even when they HAVE "health insurance," and are left to DIE or go bankrupt by the insurance industry bean-counters & paper-pushers who put THEIR PROFITS over and above the life-and-death health concerns for millions of American families:

Here INDEPENDENT Senator BERNIE SANDERS of Vermont, makes the arguments (at 3:02 into the video) FOR a Public Option (a government run insurance alternative) that PRESIDENT OBAMA & his so-called "Democratic" (but actually right-wing corporate) Emanuel/Goldman-Sachs White House REFUSE TO MAKE:
- But ONLY after MSNBC "Countdown" news host Keith Olbermann first runs video clips of REPUBLICAN MOBS, whipped to hysterics by corporate lobbyists and Republican operatives, trying to SHUT DOWN the debate on genuine health care reform, by BULLYING town hall meetings, SHOUTING DOWN the conversation, and THREATENING Democratic pro-reform legislators, and even THREATENING those members of the public who support genuine health care reform!

- Senator Sanders FIGHTING for the ONLY prospect of GENUINE health-care Reform, that was a PROMISE & PLEDGE of the 2008 Obama campaign!

Here, CNN makes the RIGHT-WING argument that a Public Option (government insurance, or Medicare-for-all) in the reform debate is 'too radical' for most Americans - CNN effectively taking Senator Baucus' position that BIPARTISAN, FAKE 'reform' is more important than Partisan (Democrat)legislation that ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISHES reform, that would actually PROVIDE LESS TERRORIZING health-care for those MILLIONS of AMERICAN FAMILIES who can not now obtain it:
(NEITHER the Democrat "leadership," nor the Republicans, pointing out that Republicans have ALWAYS OBSTRUCTED and Republicans have ALWAYS DESPISED public (government) run health & insurance programs, whether Medicaid or the very popular MEDICARE or the even MORE POPULAR Social Security.)

Here, Keith Olbermann's "Special Comment" rigorously (as much as a few minutes can allow) details the INSURANCE INDUSTRY JIHAD AGAINST affordable public access to health care, the industry CONCERNED WITH MAINTAINING its defacto MONOPOLY on health care distribution, at the expense of MILLIONS of terrified American families who are treated as DISPOSABLE CHATTEL for industry profits:

The looming FAILURE to DRAW UP a "Public Option" by the CRAVEN, COWERING, CORRUPT Obama White House will mean the KILLING of GENUINE health-care reform this year, because the INSURANCE COMPANY MODEL, of DENYING COVERAGE, and DENYING CLAIMS for those Americans who MOST NEED Health Insurance (i.e. cherry-picking ONLY HEALTHY customers, and DROPPING those customers the moment they come up with an illness which is now defined as "a pre-existing condition") will remain in place - and ANOTHER MILLION AMERICAN FAMILIES WILL DECLARE BANKRUPTCY _NEXT_ year, as have done this year, from skyrocketing HEALTH-CARE COSTS.
Finally, to prove, if anything, that our above hysterics are, if anything, UNDERSTATED, here is BusinessWeek declaring "THE HEALTH INSURANCE INDUSTRY HAS ALREADY WON" -
BECAUSE of the atrocious Emanuel/Goldman-Sachs/obama administation's TREACHERY, DUPLICITY, DECEIT, and BETRAYAL, from THE MOMENT that President Obama selected Chicago Big-Finance "fixer" RAHM EMANUEL to be his White House Chief of Staff, THE FIX WAS IN, the president would SABOTAGE a public-option for health care (much less the single-payer plans ALL OTHER industrialized nations have), JUST AS President Obama DID NOT LIFT HIS LITTLE FINGER to SPEAK UP in SUPPORT of those Doctors & nurses ARRESTED out of Senator Baucus' fixed, rigged, autocratic, DICTATORIAL committee so many months ago!

(To end on a positive note, one courageous Congressman, former Doctor Steve Kagan (D-Wisconsin), has PERSONALLY DECLINED the HEALTH CARE COVERAGE AVAILABLE to Congressmen/women & Senators, because Congress REFUSES TO PROVIDE SUCH HEALTH CARE to the AMERICAN CITIZENS whose TAXES fund their salaries and health-care!

Needless to say, for BEING HONEST about how ELITIST and CORRUPT the US Congress is about THEIR entitled Health-Care, Congressman Kagan has to endure THREATENING, DISRUPTING BULLYING MOBS when he goes home to Wisconsin to discuss the health-care needs of his constituents -
A BULLYING lynch mob mentality the DISGRACEFUL, corrupt Emanuel/Goldman-Sachs/obama White House PRETENDS NOT TO NOTICE !!