Thursday, August 27, 2009

Honoring the Legacy of Ted Kennedy is as easy as Contrasting the Senator with the Emanuel/Obama White House...

HONORING the memory & legacy of Senator Ted Kennedy is as easy as contrasting his life-long advocacy - what he CHAMPIONED - vs. the anemic policies and vague deceptions of the EMANUEL/GoddamnSachs/Obama White House. Last night Chris Mathews hosted an MSNBC video retrospective, of five decades of the 3 Kennedy brothers - John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Ted Kennedy - in American public life.
Of the three famous Kennedy brothers, TED KENNEDY was unrepentantly THE MOST LIBERAL and democratic, and as a result, "mainstream" (which is to say "establishment," usually conservative) observers today suggest that Teddy may well have been "THE GREATEST Kennedy of them all,"
because Ted's RELENTLESS EFFORTS to CHAMPION "LIBERAL" legislation and causes have over the years HELPED MILLIONS of Americans, from single-mothers struggling to raise their children on minimum wage, to helping Union workers overcome corporate efforts to raid and steal pension funds, to Senator Kennedy working to help American families get health-care NOT HELD HOSTAGE to profiteering insurance executives and their big-finance, corporate allies.

- Rahm Emanuel and the GoddamnSachs/Obama White House CHAMPION GoldmanSachs & Big Finance, and have done NOTHING to SUPPORT "Card Check,' THE RIGHT for workers TO UNIONIZE IF given a chance to VOTE FOR unionizing.

- Senator Kennedy CHAMPIONED America's MINIMUM WAGE workers.
- Goldman-Sachs has ALWAYS OPPOSED raises in the Minimum Wage, and Obama now gets ALL of his "economic advice" from his GoddamnSachs ANTI-AMERICAN banksters.

- Senator Kennedy SUPPORTED THE BEST in Public Education.
- MSNBC and other news outlets point out that Senator Kennedy COULD BE BIPARTISAN, and point to Kennedy supporting President Bush's "No Child Left Behind" 'education reform' as an example of Teddy's 'bipartisanship' -
- what observers FAIL to point out here, is that Senator Kennedy REGRETED his "NCLB" vote, because it was a REPUBLICAN SWINDLE, President Bush NEVER AUTHORIZED THE FUNDING that would have made NCLB an effective educational program, Bush's DECEIT _UNDERCUT_ the "bipartisanship" that Kennedy thought he was voting for.

- President Obama and his GoddamnSachs/Rahm Emanuel White House are HELPING the CORPORATE LOBBYISTS and RIGHT-WING MEDIA SOW HATE AND CONFUSION towards GENUINE health-care reform (ANY reform that REMOVES life & death medical DENIAL decisions FROM INSURANCE EXECUTIVES, MUST have a "public option" or government component.)
(note: PRIVATE INSURERS could CONTINUE to sell SECONDARY, or PREMIUM insurance, ON TOP OF a Public Health Care system; but this alternative would DENY the industry their #1. Profit Center, DENYING CARE or coverage TO THOSE WHO MOST NEED IT.)

- Senator Kennedy WAS NOT AFRAID TO CONFRONT THE HATE-MONGERS, including those who assassinated his two brothers.

- President Obama and his Emanuel/Goddamn-Sachs White House PRETEND NOT TO NOTICE that his "bipartisan friends" like Republican Senators CHUCK GRASSLEY and TOM COBURN are DOING EVERYTHING THEY CAN to WHIP UP FEAR, RESENTMENT, HATRED, and EVEN DOMESTIC TERRORISTS (see our previous post), so TO KILL genuine health-care reform at the BEHEST of the TREASONOUS Insurance lobby and Big Finance corporations,, who SEE the SICKNESS & SUFFERING of American families AS A PROFIT CENTER.


- While 2006 Senate candidate Barack Obama claimed he would have voted "NO" to the Bush-Cheney Iraq War authorization, since becoming President (and beholden to his LIKUDNIK pro-war advisers), President Obama has DONE NOTHING to EXAMINE THE FRAUD, LIES, and ABUSES OF POWER which led to the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-PNAC-Wolfowitz Neo-Con INVASION of Iraq, President Obama is thus actually DOING EVERYTHING HE CAN to LEGITIMIZE and JUSTIFY the ongoing US wars in Mideast & Afghanistan.

Here's a fascinating MSNBC discussion between (nominally "liberal") Chris Mathews and blatantly 'conservative Republican former Nixon Speechwriter Pat Buchanan on the Kennedy brothers' legacy. Pat Buchanan is like a baseball batter: he is awful (strikes out) 2 out of 3 times, but every so often, Buchanan's provides insights on the DC political machine that no one else can match. In this case, Buchanan discusses the "SAVAGE PARTISANS" feud between Richard Nixon and the Kennedy families, through not one, but three presidential elections - and Watergate.


NEW! THE American PUBLIC - NOT the corporate-funded Astro-turf RABBLE-ROUSING, DOMESTIC-TERRORIST INCITING lobbyists, and their HATE-MONGERING intellectual TERRORIST GUNMEN (showing up at Health Care reform rallies with RIFLES & PISTOLS to DEMONIZE and intimidate support for "socialized" health care reform) ARE GROWING ANGRY at the TIDAL-WAVE of RIGHT-WING & CORPORATE LIES that are being used, and that are necessary, to MAINTAIN the CURRENT "FOR PROFIT," HEALTH-CARE DENIAL system.

Republican Senator McCain Evicts Woman from Health Care Reform Town Hall

Sen. John McCain listens to a question from the crowd at a health care town hall meeting in Phoenix on Wednesday.

‘You’re going to have to stop or you’re going to have to leave,’ senator says.

After [a first woman was forced to leave the rally for speaking over the Senator] McCain opened it up to questioning, ONE MAN ANGRILY POINTED AT HIM and asked the senator WHY HE deserves a BETTER Health Care Plan than him.

"I'm trying to get it for you," McCain told him. "We'll do it for you. We'll make it affordable and available to you."
[note: "make it affordable" and "cost cutting" are RIGHT-WING TALKING POINTS that LEAVE the CURRENT industry "DENY COVERAGE & CLAIMS" 'business model' IN PLACE, because BUSINESSES MAKE PROFITS, by TAKING IN MORE money, than they shell out.]

Other audience members in the crowd of 2,000 told McCain about their medical problems, such as HIV and multiple sclerosis.

McCain urged them he would fight for health care reform but reiterated his opposition to President Barack Obama's plan to create a government option to compete with private insurers, arguing that it would be the eventual end of private insurers in the U.S."
THE TIDE IS TURNING, NO MATTER HOW MANY THOUSANDS of PROPAGANDA PUSHING PIGS - whether in media, in Congress, in the Senate, OR IN the EMANUEL/GODDAMN-SACHS/OBAMA WHITE HOUSE - the Insurance lobbyists AND BIG FINANCE PROFITEERS buy (bribe) to SELL their SNAKE-OIL greed, lies, and horse-s***!