Saturday, August 29, 2009

MORE on Rahm Emanuel's LIKUDNIK "HATE Americans" TREASON....

Michael Lind's book, "MADE IN TEXAS: George W. Bush And The SOUTHERN TAKEOVER of American Politics"
this first decade of the 21st century, precisely because it spells out how, far from "LEADING" the world into a progressive, modern, democratic, egalitarian, multilateral, and cooperative new century, the UNHOLY, EVIL ALLIANCE of formerly "liberal" Neo-Conservatives Northeast intellectuals & big finance bankers, with their unrepentant "Neo-Confederate" former enemies of recent decades past,
that ALLIANCE is now THE RULING JUNTA that robs elections, transfers TWENTY-TRILLION DOLLARS FROM working-stiff Americans TO WEALTHY ELITES of Wall Street & corporate America, and, above all, both the Jewish Neo-Cons and the blatantly reactionary Protestant (and Catholics like Antonin Scalia and William Bennett) Neo-Confederates SUPPORT ever- EXPANDING US WARS overseas.

The so-called "New AMERICAN Century" as the Likudnik Neo-Cons and Bush/Cheney/Scalia/Helms/Lott/Frist/Thurmond/Gramm/
/Barbour/DeLay, et al (all textbook Neo-Confederates) see it, is a nation where the ENTIRE US economy is SUBORDINATED TO THE WAR MACHINE, a war industry that must and WILL BE USED in EVER EXPANDING US WARS... not just in Iraq, not just in Afghanistan, not just in Iran, but in Georgia, in Eastern Europe, in Venezuela & Cuba (and then ALL of the countries of Central & South America, see the $1-billion per year US "War on Drugs" and related bodycounts in Mexico, or the Kissinger/Bush Sr. "Iran-Contra" coups & death-squad genocidal wars of the 1970s and 1980s), and in all the "-stans" countries of Central Asia.

RAHM EMANUEL is a TEXTBOOK Neo-Con, he is a TEXTBOOK "tax the poor to ENRICH THE RICH," SECRECY in financial oversight (and especially re GIVING AWAY TRILLIONS of TAXPAYER dollars to his Goldman-Sachs banking buddies), COVER-UP and WHITEWASH of US run Gestapo TORTURE sites; hate-Iran and turn America into a police-state LIKUDNIK - in short, Rahm Emanuel is a TEXTBOOK JOE LIEBERMAN CLONE, "run as a moderate Democrat, RULE as a RIGHT-WING police state, tax-cuts-for-rich, and expanding US wars" Republican.

Lieberman and Emanuel can ONLY get away with their SHEER DECEIT agenda - MASQUERADING the above RADICAL RIGHT-WING policies as "Democratic" - with the abject DECEIT & TREACHERY of the "Major US media," and in particular the LIKUDNIK New York Times, the LIKUDNIK Washington Post, the LIKUDNIK TIME/Warner/CNN, and the blatantly RACIST HATE-MONGERING Rupert Murdoch owned FOX "news" outlets -
- all WHITEWASHING and 'spinning' that RIGHT-WING AGENDA as being "democratic" at EVERY opportunity their evil little black hearts can conjure!

Two items in recent news illustrate the SHEER TREACHERY of the LIKUDNIK White House and the Neo-Con/neo-Confederate radical right ENABLERS in the Major media:
#1. As Senator Ted Kennedy is memorialized during his lying-in-state and at his funeral, the "Major media" REFUSES to point out that Kennedy was a PARTISAN, UNREPENTANT "Liberal." The corporate media instead focuses on Senator Kennedy's "bipartisanship," the media propagandists FAILING to point out that on Senator Kennedy's most well known "Bipartisan" cooperation, for the "NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND" education program pushed by the Bush White House, the corporate "major media" FAILS to point out that after the NCLB bill passed Congress, with Kennedy & other "liberals'" support, KENNEDY felt that the Bush White House HAD BEEN DECEITFUL and FRAUDULENT, they pushed NCLB, BUT NEVER FUNDED IT - it was only a SHELL of a PROGRAM, DESIGNED TO FAIL, because ever since SLAVERY days, the (Confederate slave-owners & post- Civil War) Neo-Confederates HAVE DESPISED public education, whether for slaves or for anyone else!
(At the height of the ante-bellum Confederate oligarchy, the one-party dictators MADE IT A CRIMINAL ACT to teach one's slaves to read or write, so violently, murderously jealous owners would not have to fear that theeir CHEAP LABOR SUPPLY, kept in ENFORCED IGNORANCE, would have the means to communicate escape, much less rebellion.)

#2. A far more damning indictment of the
as mentioned above, the Holy Grail and foundation of the Likudnik AND neo-Confederate agendas are:
a.) EXPANDING WARS & eternal military-state war industry;
b.) POLICE STATE to enforce absolute war-powers of the ruthless oligarchy; and
c.) TAX CUTS FOR WEALTHY, ALL wealth, commerce, AND working-stiff taxes FLOWING UPWARD to the rich, just as slave plantations saw ALL the wealth & products of labor of the slaves flow upwards to the plantation owners.

THE WHOLE RATIONAL for having a POLICE STATE is to "PROTECT the public."

But in case of the right-wing REPUBLICAN/Neo-Con LIKUDNIK police state, NO ONE, ANYWHERE, bothers to point out that there have been FOUR Right-Wing gunmen MURDERS since LAST SPRING... two of which were ATTEMPTED MASS-MURDER MASSACRES - and NO ONE, ANYWHERE - not in "major media," NOT in the White House, NOT in the "Democrat Party" - points out that ALL FOUR MURDEROUS GUNMEN were TAKING THEIR CUES from RIGHT-WING HATE RADIO, at least two of the gunmen HAVING COPIES of books authored by Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, or Michael Savage, in their homes!

#1. Arkansas State Democratic Party Chair Bill Gwatney was MURDERED by a Right-Wing gunman at the State Democratic headquarters in Little Rock in August of 2008....
#2. An unemployed truck driver in Knoxville, Tennessee, "seething over liberalism" told police he opened fire in a church in July of 2008 "because it harbored gays and multiracial families and he hoped others would follow his example.",2933,509053,00.html
#3. Dr. George Tiller was MURDERED, in his Kansas church, by ANOTHER MURDEROUS RIGHT-WING GUNMAN in MAY of this year....
#4. and AGAIN in JUNE of THIS year, ANOTHER GUNMAN attempted to SHOOT UP AS MANY visitors to the Washington HOLOCAUST MUSEUM as he could, killing only one security guard before another returned fire and killed the gunman. -

AS Senator CHUCK GRASSLEY, Congresswoman MICHELLE BACHMAN, and other Republican "LEADERS" in Congress FAN THE FLAMES of RESENTMENT - IF NOT OUTRIGHT HATRED among their constituents and national TV audience, in their efforts to BLOCK genuine health care reform (on behalf of their corporate lobbyists and paymasters), The RAHM EMANUEL/GOLDAMN-SACHS/obama White House REFUSES to urge the GOP 'leaders' to REFRAIN from INCITING AN ATMOSPHERE OF HATE that is CONDUCIVE TO VIOLENCE AND is KILLING American citizens IN CHURCHES and Democratic Party offices!!!

JUST like Republican demagogues & violence inciting HATE-MONGERS, the Emanuel/Obama/GoldmanSachs White House PUTS CORPORATE PROFITS AHEAD of the SECURITY of American citizens, and in so doing ENABLES A CLIMATE OF DOMESTIC TERROR!!!!!

Mr. Obama's SUBORDINATION to Rham Emanuel's LIKUDNIK Right-Wing TREASON is SO complete, that the President PUTS HIS OWN LIFE AT RISK, there are now THOUSANDS of DELUDED RIGHT-WING Timmy McVeigh gunmen clones out there, many of whom ARE TRYING TO PUMP THEMSELVES UP to go down in history as the next JOHN WILKES BOOTH, Booth (according to Right-Wingnut talking points espoused by those like Tim McVeigh) the acclaimed "PATRIOT" of "Southern values" !!!
Obama ENABLES his own stalkers: by IGNORING the REPUBLICAN and "major media" INCITING of HATE & LIES, whether in the recent health-care debate, or (as documented above) since at least spring of last year, Obama NOT ONLY LEGITIMIZES that discourse, but he LEGITIMIZES, through repetition of hate-radio talking points LEFT UNDISPUTED by the Democrat Party - the HATE coursing through national discourse and Right-Wing (potential domestic) TERROR CELLS alike

And SINCE President Obama is FOOLISHLY, TREACHEROUSLY, and CALLOUSLY __IGNORING__ the RADICAL RIGHT-WING CALLS to HATRED and VIOLENCE - BOTH within the overtly radical-right "gun nuts" militia environment, AND IN THE "MAJOR MEDIA," which still to this day tries to portray genuine health-care reform as "SOCIALISM" - Mr. Obama is tempting his own fate!!

SINCE JULY of Last year, America has had FOUR murderously deranged RIGHT-WING GUNMEN, TWO attempting to CREATE MASS-MURDER MASSACRES - and the TREASONOUS Rahm Emanuel Likudniks - whether in the "Democrat" Party, in the WASHINGTON POST, in the NEW YORK TIMES, in CNN, or anywhere else in the US media -

...Because the LIKUDNIK POLICE STATE & WAR LOBBY DEPENDS on the RADICAL RIGHT-WING neo-Confederates "angry whites" to MAINTAIN THEIR police-state & war-state dictatorship power base -
- a "POLICE STATE" that, like Hitler's Nazi state, Stalin's Communist state, African "war-lord" tribal dictatorships, or North Korea's more-feudal-than-Communist regime, is FAR MORE CONCERNED WITH MAINTAINING ITS POWER, than in actually protecting American citizens!!!