Friday, August 14, 2009

Obama's Goldamn-Sachs CORRUPTION is now SO CORRODING.. that it is Making Obama STUPID in policy & politics...

HOW STUPID has Barack Obama become, SEDUCED as he is by his Goddamn-Sachs "SWINDLE AMERICA OUT OF TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS" handlers??

- SO stupid, that Obama FAILS to make the argument, "Righties like RUSH LIMBAUGH, Senator (lead "reform" OBSTRUCTIONIST) Chuck Grassley, and Sarah Palin (et al, ad infinitum) HAVE A HELL OF A LOT OF NERVE saying that "DEMOCRATS WANT elderly seniors TO DIE" if health-care reform is enacted...
BECAUSE KILLING Social Security... AND LETTING MILLIONS of seniors DIE in abject neglect & abandonment (AS THEY DID before and during the Great Depression) IS A CORE plank of the Righty, Republican agenda!

Obama is SO STUPID, that the INSANELY CORRUPTED president FAILS to point out that REPUBLICANS, NOT Democrats, WANT TO KILL MEDICARE!!

Obama is SO STUPIDLY CORRUPTED, that he REFUSES to point out that THE SENIORS mobbing health-care reform Town Hall meetings, to BITCH about how they "Don't like SOCIALIZED health-care" ARE ON MEDICARE & SOCIAL SECURITY !!

The President, Mr. Obama, IS SO CORRUPTED by his Big Finance handlers, that he is TOO STUPID to point out to Ameicans that Americans FACE "DEATH PANELS" now -
- they are called "INSURANCE industry EXECUTIVES who CANCEL POLICIES, and, worse, DENY CLAIMS for those who have paid for insurance for decades!

Mr. Obama is SO STUPID, that he REFUSES to find ONE Family, ONE FAMILY in America who has had a loved one DIE of a TREATABLE disease, because an Insurance Industry exec REFUSED a doctor's prescription for treatment!!

Mr. Obama is SO STUPIDLY CORRUPTED by his Goddamn-Sachs AMERICA-HATING handlers, that he, Obama, HAS NOT FOUND ONE Person, from ONE company, that was FORCED TO GO OUT OF BUSINESS by RISING HEALTH CARE!!

Mr. Obama is SO STUPID, that on an issue where nearly THIRTY PERCENT of American households have NO "health insurance," and where a huge chunk of the remaining 70% have DOUBLE-DIGIT PREMIUM INCREASES that are DESTROYING family budgets (and driving MILLIONS of families in to BANKRUPTCY) - Obama is LETTING some TINY PORTION of people SATISFIED with their coverage, DETERMINE the ground of debate!!

IN SHORT, AMERICANS are now SO STUPID, and our president is now SO STUPID, that Americans DESERVE to be TERRIFIED by their Goddamn-Sachs overlords, and Insurance industry "CLAIMS DENIED, WE NEED ANOTHER BILLION-DOLLARS FOR BONUSES" executives!!