Sunday, August 23, 2009

WaPost's Eugene Robinson confirms: the RAHM EMANUEL/Joe Lieberman/Goldman-Sachs Neo-Con TAKE-OVER of the Democratic Party AIN'T POPULAR with America

WaPost's Eugene Robinson confirms: the RAHM EMANUEL/Joe Lieberman/Goldman-Sachs/ Neo-Con Likudnik WARMONGER TAKEOVER of the "Democrat" Party AIN'T THAT POPULAR with the American public in general, and with Democratic voters in particular.
Indeed, as we will illustrate in a moment, THE RAHM EMANUEL/Goldman-Sachs/Obama administration agenda IS NEARLY IDENTICAL with the DICK CHENEY "more wars, MORE POLICE STATE POWERS, LOOT THE PEONS INTO POVERTY" agenda -
- which is to say, FAR from being a "liberal Democrat" agnenda, the Emanuel/Lieberman/Obama agenda is NOW AS RADICAL RIGHT-WING as the treacherous Likudniks can make it, short of STARTING ANOTHER US WAR in Mideast, triggering new terrorist attacks against Americans, and then actually setting up the CONCENTRATION-CAMP GULAGS that Dick Cheney practically lusted for - and that the AIPAC Jewish lobby would have loudly cheered him for - had Cheney & Bush been able to attack Iran after the Democrat takeover of the Congress in 2006.

In 2000, Democrat VP candidate TRAITOR Joe Lieberman PLEDGED to Democratic voters
"I'll FIGHT FOR YOUR VOTES" - but then, upon the George Bush/Jeb Bush/Katherine Harris/Florida Republican Party neo-segregation DISENFRANCHISEMENT THEFT of THOUSANDS of Democratic votes in Florida in November of 2000, "TRAITOR JOE" Lieberman CONTINUALLY COUNSELED GIVING UP to the Rethuglican vote-stealing machine.

- AGAIN in 20006, when, HAVING LOST the Democratic Primary in Connecticut to Ned Lamont's GENUINELY "Democratic" campaign, "TRAITOR JOE" Lieberman RECAST HIMSELF as a "liberal, anti-war Democrat," but as soon as his DECEITFUL campaign led to a 3-way election victory (funded by the usual Golddamn-Sachs bankers and Big Finance, Insurance, & credit-card loan sharks), "Traitor Joe" Lieberman IMMEDIATELY REVERTED to his normal PRO-WAR REPUBLICAN persona.
(so much that the TRAITOROUS Senate Candidate who ran as an ANTI-WAR 'liberal Democrat" in Connecticut in 2006, started appearing with REPUBLICAN Senator John McCain "bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb bomb Iran" campaign appearances in 2007 and 2008!)

- and AGAIN in November 2008, when president-elect Barack Obama TREACHEROUSLY selected uber- Neo-Con Likudnik warmonger, Joe-Lieberman-clone RAHM EMANUEL to be his White House Chief of Staff...

...the DC "Democrat" Party JUST LOVES TO RAM RADICAL, RIGHT-WING, Neo-Con Likdunik Goldman-Sachs money-grubbing, loot-the-treasury, FIRE American workers and STEAL their pensions" RIGHT-WING REPUBLICAN WARMONGERS in-Democrat's-clothes down American throats.

PRESIDENT OBAMA MIGHT WAS WELL have selected PAUL WOLFOWITZ, HANK PAULSON, "Scooter" Libby, Josh Bolton, Michael Mukasey, Michael Chertoff, or any of the other LIKUDNIK Right-Wing REPUBLICAN war-mongering, Constitution-gutting, Treasury-looting Bush administration apparatchiks for his administration - THEIR agenda is IDENTICAL with RAHM EMANUEL's Right-Wing Likdunik "pose as a Democrat" treachery.

The LIKUDNIK TREACHERY that now OWNS the "Democrat" Party is SO ATROCIOUS, that the RAHM EMANUEL White House PRETENDS NOT TO NOTICE GUNMEN stalking America's HEALTH-CARE town-hall meetings - POLITICAL BULLYING and "intellectual TERRORISM" RIGHT OUT OF the NAZI Brown-shirt THUGGERY in Germany of the 1930s, which POLITICAL TERRORISM _every_ Jewish voter and politician grows up reciting as proof of just how evil the Germans were. ,

- And the RAHM EMANUEL White House has ALSO GIVEN A KISS OF APPROVAL to KARL ROVE's hyper-partisan REPUBLICAN PROSECUTORS still in place in US District Attorneys' offices nationwide - while EVERY president before Barack Obama has DEMANDED the RESIGNATIONS of all partisan US Attorneys upon taking office, Mr. Obama TREACHEROUSLY leaves KARL ROVE's hand picked Republican LYNCH-MOB prosecuting, voter disenfranching, public TERRORIZING prosecutors in place - the BETTER TO TERRIFY and INTIMIDATE (genuine, non-warmongering) Democratic officials with!

SHEER GESTAPO TREACHERY on the part of the Emanuel/Obama administration!

Here it is, in all its undiluted treachery: THE REAL RAHM EMANUEL, Joe Lieberman, and LIKUDNIK Neo-Con agenda for America:
AIPAC, the "ISRAEL uber alles" American Jewish lobby, CHEERS then Vice President DICK CHENEY's uber- RIGHT-WING REPUBLICAN "NUKE IRAN NOW!" speech at the March 2007 annual AIPAC conference in Washington DC, the AIPAC JEWISH LOBBY are UNREPENTENTLY Dick Cheney's MOST VOCAL, ASSERTIVE, and coherent allies - the wishes of MILLIONS of Americans who are tired of the Dick Cheney agenda BE DAMNED!

RAHM EMANUEL is a JOE LIEBERMAN clone: A TREACHEROUS RIGHT-WING Likdunik warmongering, big-finance REPUBLICAN, MASQUERADING as a "Democrat," and after PROMISING us American voters "CHANGE," President Obama has instead DELIVERED MORE of the treasonous Goldman-Sachs, warmongering & big-finance extortion agenda - RIGHT OUT OF DICK CHENEY & Karl Rove's ANTI-AMERICAN slavery, wars, & police-state playbook.

A Little More Heat, Please
By Eugene Robinson
Friday, August 21, 2009

Here's the least surprising news of the week: Americans are souring on the Democratic Party. The wonder is that it's taken so long for public opinion to curdle. There's nothing agreeable about watching a determined attempt to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

note: CONNECTING the very obvious, VERY SHORT LINES between the BUSH, ROVE, CHENEY, LIKUDNIK Neo-Con WAR LOBBY, and the Joe Lieberman and RAHM EMANUEL/Goddamn-Sachs TAKEOVER of the Obama White House does NOT make this website "anti-Jewish" (much less "anti-Semitic," which is actually a racist term that seeks to marginalize the millions of non-Jewish Semites).
Here's Jewish former Clinton admin. Labor Secretary ROBERT REICH, explaining that the EMANUEL/Obama White House has ALLOWED SIX lousy senators, representing at most a few million constituents, to DICTATE THE TERMS of the Health Care reform debate, for THREE HUNDRED MILLION Americans, Mr. Obama's PRETEND "Bipartisanship" is actually A PREMEDITATED EMPOWERMENT of the RADICAL RIGHT-WING CORPORATE, reform-killing agenda! -
(Secretary Reich, I hate to spell it out for you, but, at the behest of his treacherous RAHM EMANUEL Rasputin, President Obama is INTENTIONALLY SABOTAGING genuine health-care reform, because he does what his GODDAMN-SACHS HANDLERS tell him to do!)
And as we pointed out in our previous post, OpEd news founder highlights the LINKS between between the HYPER-PARTISAN hand-picked KARL ROVE US Attorney LYNCH-MOB PROSECUTION of JEWISH Alabama Democrat Governor Don Siegelman
(robbed of his 2002 re-election win by the usual Rethuglican midnight VOTE STEALING cabal, then PROSECUTED by Karl Rove for Gov. Siegelman HAVING THE TEMERITY to merely pick himself up from his STOLEN election and proceed to set up a campaign run for the NEXT Alabama governor's race) and the RAHM EMANUEL/barack obama White House LEAVING those perjurous, partisan, LYNCH-MOB REPUBLICAN PROSECUTORS IN PLACE, for ONE REASON, and ONE REASON ONLY: so they can help the RAHM EMANUEL LIKUDNIK WARMONGERS TERRORIZE anti-war Democratic officials!!
Rham Emanuel IS A GESTAPO, BROWN-SHIRT pro-war TERRORIST, against HIS OWN Jewish co-religionists in the Democratic Party!
and more here -
In BOTH domestic agenda (TAX-CUTS, and now "BAILOUTS," FOR THE RICH, AT THE EXPENSE of MILLIONS of American taxpayers), AND in his pro-WARS overseas agenda, RHAM EMANUEL's policies & political ideology are IDENTICAL with the radical-right-wing KARL ROVE, George W. Bush, and DICK CHENEY agenda!