Friday, August 7, 2009

Obama's Health-Care TREACHERY: Obama's policies now Identical with MAX BAUCUS and BILL KRISTOL's...

FOR SHAME, President Obama!
YOUR administration is now on THE SAME SIDE of the "Health Care 'Reform' debate" as uber- Right-Wing Republican BILL KRISTOL and the "health care industry," - inclubing the corporate-lobbyists' bought-and-paid obstructionist Democrat-in-name-only Senator MAX BAUCUS!.
Here is the video of Bill Kristol LAUGHING (at 59 seconds into video) at the prospect of American schoolchildren DYING - "HOW PATHETIC IS THAT?" sneers the Wall Street millionaire, entitled heir, and relentlessly recurring media ghoul & war-monger Kristol - because if American childrend come down with a major illness but their families DON'T have PREMIUM health care, they will be EXCLUDED from long-term care - and Bill Kristol DONS his CONCENTRATION-CAMP GUARD cap, sneering that American children with deadly diseases but without PREMIUM health-care SHOULD JUST GO AHEAD AND DIE already !!!!

Then "Democrat" Senator Mzx Baucus TOPS Bill Kristol's elitist, entitled, multi-millionaire NY media heir ghoulish arrogance & scorn and contempt for American families, Baucus LAUGHING as doctors and nurses ARE ARRESTED from his damn Senate Finance Committee, for protesting Baucus' FIFTEEN TO ZERO EXCLUSION of Single-Payer advocates from even THE MOST PRELIMINARY of health-care reform hearings - hearings DOMINATED BY INDUSTRY LOBBYISTS and corporate reps!

WHO NEEDS Right-Wing media & Republican "astroturf" Lobbyists & corporate-funded MOBS to DISRUPT the American public & congressional DEBATE on genuine Health-Care reform..?? The Right-Wing MOBS are MERELY FOLLOWING so-called "Democrat" Senator Baucus' lead, WHO NEEDS citizen MOBS, when you can MERELY ARREST doctors and nurses and reform-advocates for stepping on a "Democrat" Senator's precious turf and REFORM-KILLING perogative?!!

This - ADOPTING THE RADICAL Right-Wing REPUBLICAN and corporate-lobbyists' BRIBED "Democrat Senator" talking points and policies in the 'health care reform' debate - is needless to say A MAJOR BETRAYAL of candidate Obama's pledges and promises from HIS 2008 campaign.


The first two paragraphs and headline of this June 28, 2009 Washington Post article by 'reporter' Ceci Connolly, allegedly about "Health-care REFORM" efforts in Congress in Washington this summer, is a TEXTBOOK EXPOSITION of the Washington Post's GHOULISH NEO-CON TENDENCIES. Our CAPS and [notes] indicate how the awful Washington Post is a PROPAGANDA WHORE for the big corporations who want to KILL health-care access for MILLIONS of terrorized American families:
Health-Care Activists Targeting Democrats
Sniping Among Liberals May Jeopardize Votes Needed to Pass Bill

By Ceci Connolly
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, June 28, 2009

In the high-stakes battle over health care, a growing CADRE of LIBERAL ACTIVISTS is AIMING ITS sharpest FIREPOWER [those despicable commie anarchist agitators!] against [those poor, responsible] Democratic senators who they accuse of being insufficiently committed to the cause. [WHO ARE TAKING MULTI-HUNDERED-THOUSAND DOLLAR BRIBES from the health-insurance industry to CONTINUE the THUG FOR PROFIT EXTORTION of America's health care needs.]
The ATTACKS -- ranging from TART news releases to full-fledged advertising campaigns [as if Republicans don't use "tart" news releases and "full-fledged advertising campaigns"] -- have elicited rebuttals from [those poor, beseiged] lawmakers and sparked a debate inside the party over the best strategy for achieving President Obama's top priority of a comprehensive health-system overhaul.
Note how the WHORE Post frames AMERICANS WANTING genuine HEALTH CARE reform as "SNIPING" "libeals" - as if somehow "LIBERAL ACTIVISTS" are NOT "Democrats," while HEALTH-CARE REFORM OBSTRUCTING Republicans-in-Democrats' clothes Senators & Congress-critters ARE 'Democrats,' and the Whore Post painting "Democrats" who OBSTRUCT REAL reform, as actually _wanting_ "COMPREHENSIVE health-care reform" - when in fact ALL the corporate bought-and-sold Senators & Congress-critters want is to FORCE Americans to GIVE MORE MONEY to the health-care EXTORTING industry!

This is NAZI, GOEBBELS-esque PROPAGANDA before our very eyes, thanks to the NEO-CON WAR-MONGERING & POLICE-STATE and TAX-the-poor to ENRICH-the-rich WHORES at the WashPost: PRETENDING that those who want to KILL genuine health-care reform actually WANT "comprehensive health-care reform," and PRETENDING that the CORPORATE, lobbyist-owned DINO ("Democrat in name only") Republican wolves in 'Democrat' sheep's clothing Senators & Congressmen/women are "DEMOCRATS," and those DEMOCRATIC VOTERS who WANT HEALTH CARE for their families, are somehow NOT Democrats, they are vile, commie agigators and provacateurs and terrorist-lites!

Which DECONSTRUCTION of the WHORE Post's awful Neo-Con nazi-elitist spin merely frames the prelude to an even bigger, awful truth: The OBAMA ADMINISTRATION is ON THE SIDE of the REFORM KILLING DINO's ("Democrats in Name Only") & RIGHT-WING REPUBLICANS, and, left to the tender mercies of the EMANUEL/GOLDMAN-SACHS/obama Administration, AMERICANS WILL NOT have a LICK of GENUINE "health-care reform" to show for their months of campaigning, donations, votes, and efforts to get a "Democratic" president elected to the White House!