Tuesday, August 11, 2009

DEATH PANELS: Right-Wing MAD DOGS Accuse Democrats... of what THEIR CORPORATE Insurance Donors DO.. KILL Patients, by DENYING Claims & Coverage!!

The below 5-sentence comment shamelessly SWIPED from this weeks' Bartcop.com (edition #2377) - because the President and his cowering, complicit, CORRUPT, entitled, treacherous Goddamn-Sachs GANGSTERS REFUSE to make the point:
Americans ALREADY FACE "DEATH PANELS" - - - called your local (or across-the-country) INSURANCE company "MEDICAL DIRECTOR,"
aka the "CLAIMS DENIED Inquisitor & DEATH Czar" !!!

Subject: death panels
http://www.bartcop.com/ #2377
Aug. 11-12, 2009

We already have death panels. Every insurance company has one.
They call him/her The Medical Director.

The one who says you are denied coverage because a kidney transplant is "experimental"
or that you have reached their imposed "cap" on treatment. They are the real death panels,
and they get paid very well for making their "informed" decisions.
Nanci the Paralegal