Friday, August 21, 2009

Rahm Emanuel, Joe Lieberman, Goldman-Sachs, and the INSIDIOUS MURDER of American democracy.....

- HOW INSANE is the EMANUEL/LIKUDNIK/neo-con/GODDAMN-SACHS TAKEOVER of the "Democrat" White House, "Democrat" Senate, & Congress??

ans. - SO INSANE, that RIGHT-WING-NUTS are FREE TO CARRY GUNS to OBAMA and Democratic health-care reform rallies, but when President BUSH was in office, CINDY SHEEHAN and other anti-war protesters WERE ARRESTED for merely wearing T-shirts!!

THAT is how the Right-Wing Jewish "LIKUDNIK" WAR-MONGERS WANT IT, GUNS & INTIMIDATION are THEIR VISIONS of "freedom" and "democracy" in America, just as so many Likudnik Right-Wing Jews - Sheldon Adelson, Sam Fox, Willm Safire, Charles Krauthammer, Arthur Sulzberger, Michael Chertoff, Ken Mehlman, Josh Bolton, John Bolton, Michael Mukasey, and others SUPPORTED the Bush adminsitration AT EVERY TURN....
- ONE STANDARD for PRO-WAR and RIGHT-WING Republican protesters, and entirely different, more GESTAPO standard or ARREST, INTIMIDATION, and government surveillance for anti-war, pro-health-care, and other genuinely democratic activists...
JUST HOW RAHM EMANUEL, JOE LIEBERMAN, MICHAEL CHERTOFF, MICHAEL MUKASEY, BILL SAFIRE, Arthur Sulzberger, Charles Kruathammer, Bill Kristol, and the entire America-hating CABAL of DUAL-CITIZENSHIP LIKIDNIKS (and now "Democrat" President Obama himself) WANT IT !

** New! ** -
Rachel Maddow show catches "Democrat" LIKUDNIK WAR-MONGERING Senator JOE LIEBERMAN playing the BROWN-SHIRT MEDIA BULLY, Senator Lieberman "questioned THE SANITY of anybody who who think that any politician would EXAGGERATE a threat to national security FOR POLITICAL GAIN" even as Countdown's Keith Olbermann documented and graphed the Bush administration manipulated the public's fear by RAISING such terror alerts.... a contention recently born out by (then DHS Secretary) Tom Ridge's own, recent book -

As Ed Schultz said on his radio show opening yesterday, "they are INTELLECTUAL TERRORISTS," who can DRAG DOWN ANYONE, from a DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENT (with the RELENTLESS s***-storm that the Jewish-owned NY TIMES and WASHINGTON POST HELPED REPUBLICANS THROW AT at the Clinton White House all through the 1990s), to ARMY Chief of Staff GENERAL SHINSEKI SNEERED AT at SCORNED by uber-Likudnik war-monger PAUL WOLFOWITZ, and his cackling minions at he Washington Post, to WHITEWASHING STOLEN ELECTION 2000 (and 2004) - the Neo-Con LIKUDNIKS _PRETEND_ that there is a SEPARATION betweent the RADICAL RIGHT-WING BUSH/Cheney/REPUBLICAN/Goldman-Sachs agenda and the EMANUEL/GOLDMAN-SACHS TAKEOVER of the "Democratic" Party - even though President Obama has BLATANTLY STACKED his adminsitration with NOTHING BUT Goldman-Sachs economic HIT MEN, and even as Rahm Emanuel & the Goddamn-Sachs White House crowd PRETEND NOT TO NOTICE the INTELLECTUAL TERRORISM of democratic voters !!


All through the late 1990s, HALLIBURTON Chairman (and concurrently CEO) DICK CHENEY was DEALING with SADDAM HUSSEIN's IRAQ, using Halliburton's EUROPEAN SUBSIDIARIES to SELL Saddam $73 million in Halliburton's latest oil drilling technology.... BEHIND the back of the US EMBARGO on Iraq, behind the back of the $1-billion per year US enforced UN sanctions on Iraq.
It was a PURE TREACHERY _BETRAYAL_ of American policy and US citizens
that, had a Democrat business leader committed such an act, would have INSTANTLY been labelled "TREASON!" by the Right-Wing Media and Republican senate & congressional leaders. Not only had the United States spent millions of dollars during Gulf War-1 PORTRAYING Saddam as a GENOCIDAL MASS-MURDERING dictator (Dick Cheney had been President Bush (Sr.s) Secretary of War during the Gulf War in 1991), but in 1997 Mr. Cheney himself SIGNED the PNAC ("Project for a New American Century") manifesto,
declaring that America must rebuild its military, and exert extremely militaristic US policies overseas, in order to combat severe future threats to American allies, and to America's very freedoms and economic securities! (aka "freedom" of oil and oil shipments in the region.)
In PNAC's very next official document, a letter written to President Clinton in January 1998, PNAC spelled out just which country was THAT THREAT to America's SECURITY... none other than Saddam Hussein's IRAQ!!
While then Halliburton Chairman Dick Cheney did not sign that second PNAC document SPELLING OUT that SADDAM HUSSEIN's IRAQ was a dire THREAT to America and to America's core, vital security, it is not much of a stretch to conclude that Mr. Cheney, as Halliburton CEO, was DEALING WITH AN ENEMY, for profit, behind the back of the expensive US embargo on Iraq, at the very time HE and his PNAC partners in whipping up WAR HYSTERIA were declaring Iraq to be that grave threat to America.
And we haven't even mentioned, that during this time period, not only was America conducting an EXPENSIVE EMBARGO of the entire nation of Iraq, but at the time, American jets were BOMBING Iraqi military positions in the "No Fly Zones" that had partitioned Iraq into three sectors after the American & allied victory over Iraq at the end of Gulf War-1, and Iraqi rocket and anti-aircraft guns were returning the favor, shooting back at US bomber jets.
DICK CHENEY was DEALING WITH AN ENEMY that was TRYING TO KILL American pilots... and no one cared!!
The ENTIRE NY and DC "establishment" WERE "IN" on Dick Cheney's TREASONOUS TREACHERY, from the NY TIMES to the WASHINGTON POST to the "major news networks" to the "Democratic" administration of President BILL CLINTON and Vice President AL GORE - ALL of official Washington, and the neo-con dominated US foreign policy establishment, and the US "major media" - EVERYONE IGNORED DICK CHENEY's efforts to UNDERMINE the US EMBARGO on Iraq, even as Mr. Cheney and his PNA hucksters were trying to sell America on the notion that Iraq was a looming, DIRE THREAT to America!!

NOTHING has changed since 1997 & 1998, except that Dick Cheney and his PNAC warmongers have NEVER MISSED AN OPPORTUNITY to SHOVE SOME NEW TREACHERY, SOME NEW TREASON, down America's throats...
and, once again, in 2009, a so-called "Democrat" is in the White House, not only TURNING A BLIND EYE to Republican CRIMES and TREACHERIES, but the Obama administration on far too many issues is ACTIVELY ENGAGED in PUSHING, PURSUING, and carving into stone those radical, warmongering, police-state, and concentration-of-wealth (at expense of American working-stiff & tax-paying peons) policies that ARE the Neo-Con agenda.

That's where RAHM EMANUEL and JOE LIEBERMAN come in. Just as "Democrat" VP candidate JOE LIEBERMAN __REFUSED__ to make Cheney's "DEALING WITH IRAQ BEHIND BACK of US EMBARGO" TREACHERY a ONE-PUNCH-KNOCKOUT of a campaign issue in 2000, so too today does RAHM EMANUEL AIDE & ABETT the RADICAL RIGHT-WING REPUBLICAN AGENDA at EVERY TURN, from GIVING TRILLIONS of TAXPAYER DOLLARS to Goldman-Sachs, JP MORGAN, and other FAILED, BANKRUPT, CORRUPT Wall Street bankers; to Mr. Emanuel LEAVING KARL ROVE's LYNCH-MOB PROSECUTORS IN PLACE at the 'Department of Justice,' to Mr. Emanuel having President Obama SELL OUT on Prescription Drug negotiating to save American taxpayers & consumers billions of dollars; to Emanuel not only SABOTAGING the GENUINE Health-Care reform that was a CORE PLEDGE of Candidate Obama's 2008 presidential campaign...
... to Mr. Emanuel SO BOTCHING President Obama's Health Care 'reform' efforts, that MILLIONS of (genuinely) Democratic voters will be TURNED OFF from voting in 2010, a LOOMING FAILURE that could bring a repeat of the REPUBLICAN TAKE-OVER OF HOUSE AND CONGRESS in 1994!!

It has taken an entire page just to connect some very short, simple dots, those LINKING Dick Cheney to TREASON (Dealing with America's enemies in time of slow-burn war; the US embargo of Iraq and US bombing/enforcement of "no fly zones"); those LINKING Dick Cheney to the PNAC "" "FIGHT US WARS IN MIDEAST NOW" "think-tank"; those LINKING official ESTABLISHMENT big-government & big-corporate media to the WHTIEWASH of Cheney's treachery (INCLUDING not only the NEW YORK TIMES and WASHINGTON POST, but also the so-called "Democrat" Clinton & Gore administration, which COULD HAVE demanded federal government INVESTIGATIONS of Cheney's Halliburton-Iraq dealings treachery at any moment), and JOE LIEBERMAN's TREACHEROUS BETRAYAL of Democratic voters in 2000, REFUSING to DEMAND THAT CHENEY ANSWER for his HALLIBURTON/Iraq-dealing TREACHERY at any time during campaign 2000.
Since Mr. Cheney's treacherous double-dealings with Saddam's Iraq, the PNAC lobby, and America's Neo-Cons in press, media, government, industry, and in both political parties, have become THE DOMINANT FORCE in America.

One need look no further than RAHM EMANUEL, President Obama's Chief of Staff, who on pratically EVERY issue, has a policy P.O.V. (point-of-view) IDENTICAL with that of JOE LIEBERMAN, the treacherous "Democrat" VP candidate who not only ROLLED OVER for the Republican opposition in 2000; who not only RAN AS A "anti-war moderate Democrat" in 2006, and then immediately REVERTED to a PRO-WAR REPUBLICAN HAWK once he was re-elected to the senate in 2006, but in 2008 of course, "moderate 'Democrat'" Joe Lieberman WAS ACTIVELY CAMPAIGNING with REPUBLICAN Presidential candidate JOHN McCAIN !!

FOR EIGHT LONG YEARS, Joe Lieberman has had as his goal the DESTRUCTION of the Democratic Party's opposition abilities... SHEER TREACHERY & DECEIT from a politician who spent his career pretending to be a "liberal" Democrat

RAHM EMANUEL now SHARES that TREACHEROUS, INSIDIOUS AGENDA of JOE LIEBERMAN... IF the "Democrat" Party is DESTROYED in coming elections by President Obama's BLATANTLY RIGHT-WING Goldman-Sachs "economic" agenda, and Obama's BETRAYAL of genuine Health Care reform, EMANUEL WILL CELEBRATE a "job well done," for his FELLOW LIKUDNIK WAR-MONGERS, and the HANK PAULSON/Bush administration REPUBLICAN side of the Goldman-Sachs "economic policy," coin, will ONCE AGAIN BE THRUST BACK IN POWER.... AT THE EXPENSE of MILLIONS of Democratic voters.

The rest of this blog will merely be articles, policies, and ISSUE BETRAYALS that support and DOCUMENT the case, that RAHM EMANUEL, like JOE LIEBERMAN BEFORE HIM, is a RADICAL RIGHT-WING LIKUDNIK "concentration of wealth & power; police-state authoritarian, and expanding US wars" REPUBLICAN MASQUERADING as a "Democrat" -
- Mr. Emanuel CARES NO MORE for AMERICAN VOTERS, and American working-stiff taxpayers, and American families DRIVEN TO RUIN by health-care bankruptcy should a family member come down with a deadly disease; than GOLDMAN SACHS cares about FORECLOSED HOMEOWNERS, or than THE ISRAEL MILITARY CARED FOR Palestinian CIVILIANS bombed, burned, and blasted during the Israeli BOMBING of the Gaza ghetto in January of 2009.
What American commentators call the "Neo-Con" or "Neo-Conservative" agenda is ACTUALLY the LIKUDNIK radical Jewish Right-Wing agenda... the agenda & political ideology that WHIPPED UP a "Prime Minister Rabin IS A TRAITOR!" mentality in Israel that LED DIRECTLY to RABIN's ASSASSINATION BY A JEWISH (right-wing) GUNMAN in 1995 -
The essence of the Likudnik radical ideology is simplicity itself: JEWISH SUPREMACY, most certainly in Israel, but ELSEWHERE IN THE MIDEAST, in the United States, in Europe, and EVEN IN CENTRAL ASIA as well.

(Meet the new boss, just like the old boss)
"Look, Bubbi, once our bombs and fighters cleanse Gaza of all those subhuman Palestinian terrorists, MAYBE WE can get a condo on the beach with an ocean view" -

In towns and villages close to Nazi run DEATH CAMPS in WWII, so many human bodies were being incinerated, daily, that local townspeople could not help but breath the odor and inhale the smoke of the burning corpses.
This Jewish couple, watching the Israeli bombing and shelling of the Gaza ghetto in January of 2009, would likely have smelt the odor (sea breezes tend to move from ocean to land) of Palestinian bodies blasted and burned by Israeli bombs in the Gaza ghetto, wafting over their overlook position.
Just over 5 decades after the end of Nazi WWII death camps, it is now Jews who delight in the death & incineration of their enemies....

Israeli soldier lovingly prepares US supplied PHOSPHORUS artillery shells for firing on Gaza ghetto, civilians be bombed, blasted, burned, and damned -

The deadly product of all that above Jewish love: DEATH FROM SKIES, INCINERATES anyone it touches -


 his speech at the 2009 "CPAC" delusional, treasonous, anti-American Right-Wing "Conservative Political Action Committee" hoe-down in Washington DC, Mr. Bolton CONJURED UP the VISION OF _ANOTHER_ TERRORIST ATTACK ON AN AMERICAN CITY - this time a NUCLEAR ATTACK on Chicago - as "evidence" to justify his calls to SUPPORT USING TORTURE as official US government policy in the endless, open-ended US GESTAPO "war on terra" !

Keith Olbermann's MSNBC "Countdown" news show, goes where FEARFUL, COWERING Demorats, and the TREASONOUS RAHM EAMNUEL LIKUDNIKS refuse to go: Countdown EXAMINES the nexus, examines THE LINKS, behind the RIGHT-WING GUN-TOTING INTELLECTUAL TERRORISTS and mob-voices at Town Hall meetings, and the CORPORATE LOBBYIST FUNDED, GODDAMN-SACHS APPROVED anti- health-care reform movement: