Saturday, February 5, 2011

Federal Reserve's CREATION of TRILLIONS of dollars of Fiat Money to COVER BANK THEFTS, is causing SOARING FOOD PRICES - and revolutions - worldwide

Barack Obama is a Neo-Con appartchik:  he is allowing his blatantly REPUBLICAN Treasury Secretary, Timmy Geithner, and his blatantly REPUBLICAN Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, to LIE about the Fed's role in creating INFLATION in food prices world wide, as they  PRINT TRILLIONS of dollars of  Fed Reserve fiat money "FREE DOLLARS" out of thin air that land in the (electronic register) 'bank vaults' of Robert Rubin Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan-Chase, & Citi (et al) Wall Street bankster pals...
Clueless Obama's Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke, LIES his face off: denying that POMO (Permanent Open Market Operations = GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION = pumping in TAXPAYER money in to stock market to PUMP UP private stock prices,  = SOCIALISM for wealthy!) operations have ANYTHING to do with inflation, much less revolts and protests in "3'rd world" countries.   Bernanke (and Obama's entire Rubinite Neo-Con "economics team") are SUCH liars, that they DENY that INFALTION even exists!! - their cheap, dismal excuse for ROBBING Seniors of a Social Security COLA increase.  Anyone who thinks that Barack Obama, much less his "of, by, and for Goddamn-Sachs" 'economics team' are "liberals" IS DELUSIONAL...
 Bernanke's Fed MONEY PRINTING by the TRILLIONS $$  has a double-whammy effect on American households: 
 #1. obligating taxpayers to pay for that new "government debt"; and
#2.   forcing consumers to compete with the mega-bank & hedge-fund speculators who go on real asset and commodity buying sprees, then intentionally JACK UP food, oil, copper, and other commodity prices, in order to extort profits from hapless consumers in those de facto new commodity monopoly cartels financed with taxpayer debt.

  This is radical  RIGHT-WING "voodo economics," EXTORTING taxpayers and consumers, to enrich the already wealthy and connected, being pushed by a shallow and vain politician "law professor" president;   at the behest of his very Neo-Con "Goddamn-Sachs & JP Morgan/Chase uber alles"  (Rubinite) banksters and gangsters.

Both Barack Obama and the "Democratic" Party, and the  Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell (et al) Republican Party, are IN BED with the SOCIALISM FOR WEALTHY BANKSTERS        "bailouts," POMO,  Fed "liquidity injections,"  toxic asset buy-backs, 'Quantitative Easings', and other forms of   "FREE MONEY by the billions upon trillions $$  for rich, parasitic  bankers" schemes. 

portion of transcript:
"People are being strangled by soaring food prices....Guess who is behind the price spikes [in food prices worldwide] - Washington, Wall Street, and China... food prices expected to jump ANOTHER 20% this year."

    "The most sinister   driver of exploding global food prices is in the hallowed halls of our central goverment, hell-bent on covering up 2008's massive mega-bank theft.   The Federal Reserve's answer, to COVER UP THAT THEFT, was to turn on the money printing machine in overdrive, creating  trillions of of new dollars on their computers, pumping them into our economy to cover up the banks' losses.
The consequence, lowering the value of our currency.   And as we continue to do that,  investors and non-investors alike are watching commodity prices SOAR in corrrelation to that MONEY PRINTING.  Corn, wheat, copper, oil, you name it, and it's not just in those other countries.  So whether you're cursing food and gas prices at home this summer and wondering why, or you're  a stunned observer of the unrest in the Middle-east,  realize both are the direct  result in a     pay-cut from money printing, as your government remains hell-bent on  PROPPING UP  the mega-banks."
- The above - TRILLIONS of "FREE MONEY" fiat dollars that land in the vaults of FAILED, BANKRUPT, CORRUPT, Congress-bribing bankers,  is far worse than mere "SOCIALISM,"  this is COMMISSAR EXTORTION, by the Bernanke Federal Reserve very private banking cartel, of billions upon billions upon trillions of dollars of American household wealth,  from American taxpayers and consumers,   for the sole benefit of those at the very top of the financial heap.  

  And as to the notion that  "the BAILOUTS were needed to PROTECT PENSION FUNDS and small investors"???
  - well, your government, "so hellbent on PROPPING UP the megabanks" - has been turning a blind eye to the pension fund gutting "PUMP & DUMP" schemes of the GS & JPM "big boys"  - much less the outright "Leveraged Buy Out" of companies with plush pension funds,  "LEVERAGED" as in one group (the buyers) USING DEBT, to  gain CONTROL over another group (worker's)  CASH - those "overfunded pension funds"!
  And the big bankers don't even have to pay much for the FREE MONEY they get to go on those LBO & commodity, loot, plunder, rape, pillage, and destroy buying sprees - they're getting near ZERO interest dollars from the Bush/Obama/Bernanke  Fed!

  So called "Democratic" donor BRUCE WASSERSTEIN was a Clinton "big donor" LEVERAGED BUY OUT specialist, and he hired "Democratic" political fixer RAHM EMANUEL straight from the Clinton White House in 1998,  to help "fix" more LBO deals (with Emanuel's Congressional & Clinton admin. connections),  for which "work" Emanuel "earned" $18 million in less than three years:  "PRODUCING"  NOTHING but a paperwork transfer of control, stock from  one company, to Bruce Wasserstein's bank holding company.

President Barack Obama is either a liar, or grossly stupid: His Larry Summers, Tim Geithner, Ben Bernanke ( = Robt. Rubin) &  Golddamn-Sachs + JP Morgan-Chase driven "economic policies" are the DIAMETRICAL OPPOSITE of the "CHANGE" he promised hard-pressed American workers, consumers and taxpayers in his every waking moment of campaign 2008 - 

 Not only are Obama's Fed, GS, and JPM written policies identical with the "DEREGULATION" and "BAILOUTS FOR BANKERS" policies that culminated in the economy gutting market MELTDOWN under President George W. Bush in September 2008, but in Geithner and Bernanke - the two most important officials in his entire administration regarding America's economy - Obama stupidly and corruptly renominated Bush's FAILED Fed banking nominees Tim Geithner and Ben Bernanke to be his, Obama's own, economic 'leaders'....  =   more George W. Bush style economics, THE DIAMETRICAL OPPOSITE of the "Change" millions of American voters thought they were voting for! 

 INFLATION is the KISS OF DEATH for politicians (ask Jimmy Carter in 1980), and "law professor" Barack Obama either has NO IDEA  how much money his Bernanke/Geithner Fed & Treasury appartchiks   are dishing out  to their GS, JPM, Citi & etc. bankster gangster pals... or else Mr. Obama is aware of the neo-colonization of the American economy, and he is just waiting to get his payoff when he leaves the White House.