Friday, February 4, 2011

JP Morgan Helped HIDE BERNIE MADOFF's FRAUD: JP Morgan, and BOTH Bush & Obama administrations, COMPLICIT in the DEFRAUDING of American savers, consumers, & investors....

President Barack Obama is in bed with the Jewish War Lobby and  Goddamn-Sachs + JP Morgan/Chase bankster gangsters... just like the Bush & Cheney administration was. 
 (Don't take our word for it:  as this list  at a very Jewish website - " -  reveals, to be a POLICY MAKER in the Obama administration, YOU HAD TO BE A Jewish disciple of Bob Rubin, Goddamn-Sachs, and the Larry Summers Harvard/IvyLeague/U.Chicago Neo-Con crazies.)

  (This holds true even today, although Chicago Protestant "WASP" appartchik Bill Daley has taken over from Rahm Emanuel as  Chief of Staff for the Obama White House    Emanuel was forced to run back to Chicago in disgrace due to the DISMAL popularity ratings Obama  and  the 'Democrat' Congress 'earned' over the past 2 years that Emanuel was directing Obama's presidency, as White House Chief of Staff.  Daley offers no change from Emanuel, though: he takes his marching orders from the same Jewish war lobby Neo-Cons, who still infest and saturate the Obama "Change? WHAT Change?" administration. 
    The proof is simple enough:  JP Morgan-Chase was COMPLICIT with the FINANCIAL CRIMES of Bernie Madoff, and the Neo-Con (Jewish war lobby) power apparatus could make Daley's life  (a former JPM exec.) MISERABLE if they wanted to.)  

"J.P. Morgan Abetted Bernie Madoff"
By Michael Rothfeld,  Wall Street Journal

J.P. Morgan Chase stood "at the very center" of Bernard Madoff's fraud, according to a lawsuit unsealed Thursday. Michael Rothfeld has details.
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. ignored or dismissed warning signs about the Madoff fraud even as it earned hundreds of millions of dollars from its relationship with his firm, according to a lawsuit unsealed Thursday. 
The $6.4 billion lawsuit, filed in federal bankruptcy court, claims that bankers at J.P. Morgan discussed the possibility that Bernard Madoff was operating a Ponzi scheme, worried that a firm of such size was audited by a storefront accountant and called his returns "too good to be true."
 Barack Obama's former White House Chief of Staff was  Neo-Con warmonger, Freddie Mac FRAUD scandal whitewasher, Israel lobby "fixer" and self-declared 'investment bankster' RAHM EMANUEL.

 Barack Obama's CURRENT White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley was a senior exec on the Executive Committee of JP Morgan, and was also on the Board of Directors of the NOW TAXPAYER SUBSIDIZED, which is to say SOCIALIZED  Fannie Mae... like George W. Bush, the Neo-Cons who control the U.S. goverment, PROMOTE you for FAILURE.

  In short, both Obama, and his new CoS, are SLAVE PUPPETS to the Neo-Con  Milton Friedman/Leo Strauss "Free Market Enterprise" economic hit men ideologues, the Jewish financiers who  SPOUT  "free markets" as they create monopolies, and go begging, screaming, and extorting to Congress for UNTOLD BILLIONS of taxpayer SOCIALIZED "bailouts" loot, as they delight in gutting the American economy (much less 100 year old American social safety net).


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   IS  Obama an ECONOMIC HIT MAN whose real constituents are  the CIA and Wall Street?    Was Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder, hired by CHIQITA (banana) corp. - among the Wall Street & CIA sponsors of the murderous DICTATOR COUP in HONDURAS last year - the COUP by an AMERICAN ARMY TRAINED GENERAL, which so-called "Democrats" BARACK OBAMA, Eric Holder, and HILLARY CLINTON have ALL SUPPORTED?

  FOR SHAME, America! Your entire government  (financial markets, press/media, and business lobbies) are now a  cabal of  "bailouts for rich" taxpayer extorting Extortionists, and Israel lobby warmongers!